Humint Events Online: "The Other Zapruder Film"

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

"The Other Zapruder Film"

Rich Dellarosa: The Other Zapruder Film - Black Op Radio 2-26-09 

Such a fascinating story, and just a reminder that anyone who relies on the famous Zapruder film that is widely available on Youtube, is making a big mistake, because that "official" film is greatly altered.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

seems comments are dead on old blog so figured id put this here so it wouldn't be missed


[comment moderation? lol whatever]

anonymous (6:33 PM) sure is upset. and its been weeks, possibly months!

i had to ask around to remember what killtowns archive was. some truther/anti-truther blog? and you think that's where i got my facts? twoofers fail forever.

many of us knew who killtown was, a long time ago at sceptics(JREF). we thought it strange "unsecured coins" was friends with lazo's girlfriend and were disappointed to discover uc had been actually enabling kkkilltown's conspiracy activities under a pseudonym and at facebook. uc is persona non grata to some, while others make excuses. did webfairy/grable vomit confirmation of kt's girlfriend on a public board? if so, beside the point. mods confirmed the connection with ip addresses.

lazo's identity became public at sceptics in 2010:

"You didn't point out any facts. And yes... your blaming the jews when there is no evidence they are involved (aliong with your support of Holocaust denier Craig "Killtown" Lazo) makes you an anti-semite."

there was a whole thread dedicated to the nazi troll, but it's been locked and hidden by the mods.

information about fetzer and bollyn come from the adl website. haupt's we live in public is on imdb:

the mark humphrey lunacy is discussed here:

" The Harley Guy has been positively identified.
The twoof tards have made extensive use of the now-famous clip of the "Harley Guy" talking to a Faux News reporter about what he witnessed on 9/11. They have even tried to claim that he was an actor named Humphries. "Real people don't talk like that," the twoofers whine.


His name is Mark Walsh and he is a freelance reporter of some sort for Faux News."

there's nothing i wrote connected with this ksa nonsense, unless you're talking about the russian/cypriot connection? and ksa covered this? if so, pure coincidence. maybe you'd like to show what exactly i wrote you think comes from this anti-killtown blog that can't be found elsewhere?

since you bring up mentally ill conspiracy theorists, there is this guy who was institutionalised for making the same conspiratarded accusations that lazo and company engaged in:

so you're right about one thing: there are unhinged cts out there.

spooked/wak: my apologies for assuming you were socks. ironically it was a twoofer blog that gave me that idea. i should have known better.



10:50 PM  
Blogger the mighty wak said...

10:50p - i am the mighty wak, as of late. spooked is a different guy entirely, i merely comment on this, his blog, for many years now.
no need for apology as i wasn't aware that y'all considered me to be a sock in the first place.
hey how 'bout those mets? ha

4:15 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

@10:50 PM-- thanks for the comment. I never quite understood the fascination with Killtown's identity or what the controversy was. I concur there are a lot of apparently mentally ill people in the CT field, assuming they aren't agents meant to act crazy. Of course we can't rule out they started out honest and were driven crazy by some govt psyop campaign or even drugs.

I try to maintain my sanity as best as I can... one reason I haven't dug too deep into the 9/11 researcher personality circus.

10:03 AM  

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