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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

UFOs in the News

Good interview here, author/reporter Leslie Kean on CNN:

Her remarks on how other countries are not really interested in the UFO subject, in contrast to the US military, which publicly minimizes it & ignores it & mocks it, makes me think that the US military and US intel services knows damn well what is going on with UFOs/ETs.

This fits with the idea of the evil alien PTB working with our military and struggling against the ET quarantine of our planet, and our leaders wanting to keep this secret.

But it's certainly interesting that this is coming out now... is it because some people in the know are freaked out by the possibility of a quarantine escape event by the Trump admin? Also this post.

Here's the full-length video -- US military video-- of a UFO. Quite amazing this came out, at minimum.


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