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Monday, December 18, 2017

9/11 -- Still Unreal and Bizarre

I haven't done any significant 9/11 research in several years now, but I still think about it all the time as we navigate the current strange and disturbing political world of full GOP rule and President Trump.

I just updated my current views on 9/11 here, and yes, my views are pretty far out there still. But based on the current available evidence, I have no choice.

Here's something that I have softened on in the past few years, however: I think there is enough wiggle room and fuzziness over what happened in NYC and at the Pentagon so that it's POSSIBLE that the official story of flights 11, 175, 77 and WTC collapses is true. Given the right evidence (i.e. more views of plane crash debris and building debris and hi-res videos, if these existed and supported the official story), I MIGHT be able to buy the official story. That is, the official story of flights 11, 175, 77 and WTC collapses is still far-fetched-- but I can't rule it out completely, in part because the conspiracy involved in the no-plane hoax and mini-nukes scenario is so massive and mind-warping.

Now I am referring here to the physical aspects of the attacks themselves, and not whatever conspiracy may have been involved in the hijacker story, which is a whole separate ball game. For instance the hijackings could have been done as a planned govt/intel covert op, while the official story for the crashes of flights 11, 175, 77 and WTC collapses is still true. This would be the old spy-game version of the attacks espoused by people like Mike Rupport and Peter Dale Scott and Daniel Hopsicker and Jeff Wells.

In any case, I think it's important for all of us to be open to new evidence and accept that we could be wrong, and I do accept this possibility.

BUT-- the crash of flight 93 near Shanksville, PA is what I always get stuck on.
The crater just makes no sense for a real Boeing 757 crash*.

The official story holds that the plane hit the ground upside down at a 45 degree angle, broke up partly, so that the cockpit and one engine flew off into the nearby woods, whereas the rest of the plane just disappeared in the ground. There is no mention of what happened to the wings, though supposedly a piece of the tail was also found in the woods (IIRC). We've never seen pictures of these parts.

This story is preposterous given the size of the crater (above, you can see a person standing next to it) and lack of any significant debris nearby. If 3/4 of the plane went completely into the ground, I do not think for one second buy that the crater would look like that. I think it would be much bigger-- really huge and there would be some large debris in it and nearby. We are talking about a very large plane just disappearing here.

As I've mentioned previously, the crash of Northwest 710 back in the 1960's has some similarity to the flight 93 official story of the plane basically disappearing in a crater.

HOWEVER there are many problems with that explanation:

1) flight 710 was a somewhat smaller plane, a Lockheed Electra. The Boeing 757 has a 25 foot wider wingspan and is at least 50 feet longer.

2) The wings and engines broke off of flight 710 so that it was basically a fuselage falling straight down at free fall, whereas officially flight 93 went into the ground at an angle. Curiously, the flight 93 crater makes somewhat more sense if the plane dove straight into the ground, perpendicularly. But that is NOT the official story for flight 93.

3) there were major plane parts sticking out of the flight 710 hole and not for flight 93.

Bottom line is that the flight 93 crash site make no sense. It's basically either a bad fake job, where they just didn't have large plane parts to spread around but still wanted it to make it look like a plane crashed there, or something really really weird happened (like something supernatural).

On that note, I should finally add that a new theory I have for 9/11 involves that there was some strange alternate reality, inter-dimensional shift, and/or supernatural force that made the various weird things that happened on 9/11 happen. This theory might actually make the most sense of all, because OVERALL, 9/11 DOESN'T MAKE MUCH FUCKING SENSE.

*the link goes to my site, but also Killtown has a lot of similar info and this page has some good stuff.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

""I think there is enough wiggle room and fuzziness over what happened in NYC and at the Pentagon so that it's POSSIBLE that the official story of flights 11, 175, 77 and WTC collapses is true.""

is that really you saying that?
c'mon S - obvious cartoon planes and almost total rendering of WTCs into dust.
don't forget that all 7 WTC buildings were destroyed that day, not just the 3 big ones.

7:16 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

Don't get me wrong-- I think it's very very unlikely that the official plane and collapse story is true. I'm just saying there's some chance we are wrong and that there's better evidence that shows what happened. We unfortunately have to rely on a lot of unverified and low-res evidence video for our evidence, as well as incomplete views of the WTC debris. Another way to put it is that I'd stake a lot of money (say $5000) on no planes and nukes but not my life savings.

2:32 PM  

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