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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Northwest Airlines flight 710, Redux

I posted on this flight previously, which has some similarities to flight 93 in the way it crashed. Now, this old documentary about the crash, from the 1960's is on Youtube. It's quite interesting and kind of fun to watch-- it is such a perfect time capsule from that time and place.

So in this crash, both wings broke off from the plane in mid-air, the plane plunged thousands of feet, and went almost straight down into the ground, basically breaking up in the ground and leaving a giant crater with little outside debris (except for the wings that broke off).

Here they say they used a bulldozer to scrape away 8 feet of soil, to get to the wreckage. Most bodies recovered from deeper in the hole, in large pieces-- they show bags of body parts. They show police looking for human remains outside the hole, but don't say anything about finding such pieces. They say one propellor shaft was found at 50 feet down in mud.

There's now a wikipedia page on the crash. The accident report is here.

Overall, the crash scene here makes some sense and is clearly legitimate. The key question is whether it tells us about the flight 93 crash being more real.

Certainly, the NWA710 crash can explain, to a certain extent, how a plan can crash and leave very little external debris.

Still, flight UA93 is very odd in that NO visible plane debris was in the crater, among other problems with the story.

Finally, as a conspiracy theorist, it's hard not to wonder if the NWA710 crash was used as a model for the apparently faked UA93 crash scene.


Blogger anonymous wak said...

flight 93 never crashed, it landed safely in ohio, maybe cleveland or cincinati or however the fuck those idiots spell their stupid ass towns.
9.11 was a total inside job HOAX.
we all know it.

4:38 AM  

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