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Saturday, January 09, 2016

How Much Does Saudi Arabia Control the US?

There's a great deal of discussion in the conspiracy world about Israel, and how they control things, run things, do evil things.

The one thing about Israel though, is they are a very small country. They don't have oil, they don't manufacture that much. They don't really have that much money.

Apart from the US, you know who does have a shit-load of money and is allied with Israel?

Saudi Arabia.

It's kind of funny how little attention Saudi Arabia gets in the media or in the conspiracy world, despite how obviously evil they are*. Is this because they've controlled the debate so well by their influence and money?

This article says that Saudi Arabia "controls America": 

To boil it all down to the essence: The fundamentalist-Sunni royal family of the Sauds have bought the highest levels of the U.S. government in order to control U.S. foreign policies, especially the ongoing wars to take down the governments of Iraq, Libya, Syria, and ultimately (they hope) of Russia itself, which latter nation has allied itself instead with Shiia countries. The controlling entities behind American foreign policies since at least the late 1970s have been the Saud family and the Sauds’ subordinate Arabic aristocracies...

A little bit more of that control is mentioned here:
AMY GOODMAN: Ali al-Ahmed, what could the U.S. do? And what—how do you assess the U.S. relationship with Saudi Arabia? 
ALI AL-AHMED: This is a complex relationship that really is led and dominated by the Saudi ability to buy silence and support. If you look at the reaction of presidential candidates, for example, you don’t see any of them speaking out against these executions. It’s odd that, for example, Mr. Ben Carson would say that the Saudi government is an ally of us and we should support it, at the same time that the Saudi monarchy prevents black people from becoming diplomats or judges because they view blacks as slaves. So, really, here you see a contradiction of the—what we know as American values, is that the Saudis have been able to buy their way by giving money to a lot of politicians, to their foundations, like the Clinton Foundation, the Carter foundation, and shaping their opinion. And, unfortunately, because in America politics works on money, the Saudi monarchy has really broken that code and understood how to use it.  

Other facts that indicate Saudi control over the US:
-- George W. Bush kissing, holding hands with the Saudi prince
-- other US presidents kowtowing to Saudi despite their atrocious human rights record
-- the failure to release the 28 pages of the 9/11 report that supposedly discusses Saudi financing of the attacks/hijackers
-- bin Laden family members and other Saudi elites being allowed to leave the US after 9/11 with any questioning
-- Bush not going after the Saudi Osama bin Laden
-- we allow them to fund our "enemy" the Islamic State
-- the absolute demonization of Iran by the US, despite that Saudi is just as bad in every way on human rights, but Iran is a major enemy of the Saudis


It's clear that to a large extent, 9/11 and the global war on terror (GWOT) revolves around Saudi-sponsored Islamists. The GWOT is a MASSIVE enterprise that has greatly impacted US politics and the US economy. It has destabilized the Arab world and killed millions of people in the middle east. The GWOT is a great evil that has plagued the world, since 9/11/2001. Thus, this evil can be laid at the doorstep of the Saudis.

Of course the major reason Saudi Arabia is so rich is oil, and oil has driven the world economy for the past 100 years.

Oil companies are major power brokers in this world-- one of the big evil PTB-- and they are in bed with the Saudis.

Certainly, Saudis and Big Oil together have an HUGE influence on the US.  And of course these two must be intimately tied to Wall Street and the intelligence services.

Saudis, Big Oil, Wall St, CIA-- a nasty nexus of evil for the US.

The Saudi national oil company Aramco collaborates with Exxon Mobil, and are not real competitors. The state oil company uses the big companies for production and refining.

So for sure, the Saudis certainly have major influence over the US, with the complicity of Big Oil, Wall St, and the CIA.

US arms and weapons manufacturers get in on the act too, since the US sells the Saudis tens of billions of dollars of weapons, fighter jets, etc.

Weapons manufacturers also benefit massively from the GWOT.


One important question is -- how does Saudi Arabia benefit from the GWOT? Don't Islamic terrorists threaten the Saudi government?

To the second question-- to some extent, they do, but that's probably more of a shadow play, and those terrorists have never really threatened the survival of the state of Saudi Arabia.

To the first question--
One way the GWOT benefits the Saudis is by acting as a "release valve" for crazy and poor domestic Islamists.

Another way the GWOT benefits the Saudis is by pressuring/destabilizing governments that threaten Saudi Arabia, and disrupting their production of oil. The GWOT -- via the US military and funded terror groups-- is a way the Saudis can exert regional control and power.

The invasion of Iraq in large part was about oil, disrupting the production of Saddam's oil, and helping install US oil companies in charge of the oil.


The age of petroleum will end soon-- it MUST end soon if we are to survive-- and Saudi Arabia will fade as a power broker. 

This cannot happen soon enough.


But to answer the question posed in the title-- it appears Saudi Arabia has a great deal of influence over the US, BUT, the US is a willing partner in crime.... much like with the US and Israel.

But is it all about power and money?

Or something deeper?

*they have a horrible religion and are horrible on human rights. They produce a product -- oil-- that is damaging the planet by climate change. They are 9/11 perps, and they fund Islamists wreaking havoc in the middle east. They have been committing massive human rights violations in their war on Yemen. Saudi Arabia is also the home (i.e. Mecca and Medina) for the toxic religion of Islam.


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