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Saturday, January 16, 2016


This interview with Mike Clelland, about the symbolism of owls and their relationship to ETs and UFOs was quite interesting and worth a listen. Warning, the second hour is only for paid members, but it's like $2  month or something cheap.

There was one idea from the interview that was quite profound.

This is the idea that anyone who is on a spiritual journey is bound to encounter more synchronicities in their life.

The spiritual journey does not have to be religious of course-- it is just something that you become deeply involved in and that transforms you in some way. Becoming aware of the conspiracy world and recognizing deeper truths can be a type of spiritual journey.

Why there is this connection with synchronicities, I cannot say. But I feel like this is true.

One explanation may simply be that someone who is in a spiritual journey is more in tune with the world, and picks up on oddities and coincidences.

The more intriguing explanation is that somehow being on a spiritual path connects you with the universe in such a way that you encounter more connections relevant to your journey-- synchronicities.

One clear example of synchronicity is when I started researching the number 33, and I just found it popping up all over the place-- too many places to be random chance-- and found it even in very intimate places of my life.

I don't want to get too far out there, but since I have had a number of synchronicities recently, as well throughout my life, I thought this idea was interesting.


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