Humint Events Online: Sexism and Hillary's Emails Led Us to Trump

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sexism and Hillary's Emails Led Us to Trump

Good points here:
When one looks down the lengthening list of prominent male journalists who have been credibly accused of sexual harassment, one thing that sticks out is that they were all obsessed with those godforsaken emails.
Charlie Rose, Glenn Thrush, Mark Halperin, Bill O'Reilly: Besides being apparent sleazeballs, they were all big fans of the idea that the thousands of Democratic emails, some released by Clinton herself and some stolen by presumed Russian agents and leaked on WikiLeaks, would somehow turn into an earth-shattering scandal.
WikiLeaks is, of course, an operation run by Julian Assange, an accused rapist who spent the election leaking emails that somehow never had the shocking revelations he insinuated readers would find.
Rose went after Clinton on emails like a dog after a bone. O'Reilly seemed certain that all these emails would somehow prove Clinton was guilty of something. Halperin could barely wipe the drool off his face, so certain was he that emails would be the end of Clinton. Thrush spent years of his career making sure that the public believed that "Clinton emails" was a scandal, despite the fact that all that work produced no actual information of value.
All this faith that Clinton had some deep, dark secret that her emails would eventually reveal proved for naught. Lots of chatter in the emails about TV shows and pasta sauces, but no scandals. Some grousing about Bernie Sanders dragging out the primary, but no evidence of illegal or unethical behavior. It was a big nothing-burger, but the relentless media drumbeat about "emails" meant that the American public was convinced there was a scandal — even as many were entirely unaware of the many corruption scandals surrounding Trump.
Now we find out that many of these journalists who seemed convinced that Clinton had a deep, dark secret were likely harboring guilty secrets of their own. Their baseless campaign of persecution led, directly or otherwise, to the election of a man so full of deep, dark secrets that he's under federal investigation and still won't release his tax returns.
It may not be obvious at first glance, but the email non-scandal was fueled by sexism, which was evident even before these sexual harassment accusations. At its heart, the whole story -- which often verged on conspiracy theory -- was rooted in misogynist myths about the inherently deceitful nature of women.
This paranoia is why women are usually subject to more chaperoning and control than men. It's why religious conservatives have spent four decades in a rage because the Supreme Court found in Roe v. Wade that women have a right to privacy. In the 19th century, fear about what women might get up to if shielded from prying eyes led to widespread condemnation of letting women use the postal system.

Because of their sexist obsession, we have President Trump, a clearly unhinged racist in office.  You might even call him a madman.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hillary Obama ruined any chance of NKorea destroying its nuclear weapons by causing the destruction of Libya & n=murder of Ghadafi - after GWBush agreed not to try to depose MGhadafi in exchange for him destroying Libya's supply of weapons of mass destruction.
That was in 2003.

Only a fool would think that Kim Jon Un would ignore that lesson.

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Thanks for a great article. :D

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