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Sunday, November 05, 2017

More Evidence of Bogus Islamic Terrorism

So... another day, another horrible mass shooting in the US.... in Texas, in a church, by a white guy with a semi-automatic weapon.

Isn't it clear that these domestic shootings represent a larger threat to the US than Islamic terrorism? Why exactly hasn't ISIS figured out that the best way to kill lots of people in the US is to use readily available semi-automatic weaponry???

As far as I know, there is no law saying guns can only be sold to WASPs.

The ready availability of guns in the US has been known since forever, and Muslim terrorists don't know this? Does this make any sense?

My guess would be the PTB don't want Islamic terrorists using guns, since that would make a better argument to ban guns, which the NRA does not want.

So Islamic terrorists run stupid attacks like using a truck to run down pedestrians and cyclists. Still terrible, but clearly a far lower body count than recent mass shootings.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ask yourself who provided him guns when his discharge status prohibited him from possessing them.

Ask yourself who paid for his "frequent travels."

Any "coincidence" that Kelley served in the USAF from 2010-2014 at Holloman AFB, where CIA trains drone pilots?

Or that this latest shooting attack coincides with the release of the Paradise Papers and with the announcement that *another* witness connected with the massacre five weeks ago - the lawyer for the music venue - "died unexpectedly" at 66?

2:37 PM  

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