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Friday, October 27, 2017

David Talbot on JFK File Release by CIA

"One day after the CIA blocked the full release of JFK documents, in defiance of the law, it's more clear than ever who's running the Trump administration. Your lawful right as an American citizen to your own history has been "denied in full," to use the bureaucratic language of the spy agency that tells the president of the United States what he can and cannot do. Trump's tweeted explanation for why he caved to CIA pressure said it all: "I have no choice — today — but to accept those redactions rather than allow potentially irreversible harm to our nation’s security.” 

 Wow...."I HAVE NO CHOICE." Ponder that one for a moment. The president of the United States has no choice when the CIA makes its will known to him. 

Trump still insists that after six months -- or maybe another 25 years -- the American people will be granted full "transparency." But Roger Stone, the Trump advisor who's been courageously pushing for full release of the Kennedy records, has been around the block in Washington too long to have much faith in this:

“If the data dump that the National Archives did in July of a small amount of JFK-related material is any indication, the fallback of the intelligence agencies appears to be redact and withhold as much of this information as possible,” Stone stated yesterday. “They’ll use the broad rubric of national security. If the censorship is so great to make the president’s order meaningless, it’ll get litigated in the courts.”

When it came to this defining moment in American history -- over whether we are a closed or open society -- it was the CIA's authoritarian director Mike Pompeo, not Stone, who prevailed in the Oval Office.

What exactly is the CIA still hiding by blocking the full release of these papers? Here's a partial list:

1. The travel records of key CIA suspects in the the Kennedy assassination, including William Harvey, Howard Hunt and David Morales. Were they in Dallas shortly before or on Nov. 22, 1963, as evidence suggests?

2. Did Allen Dulles -- the embittered former CIA director fired by JFK -- go to the top-secret CIA facility in northern Virginia known as "The Farm on Nov. 22, 1963, as his own calendar indicates? Why was he there -- despite having been pushed out of the CIA two years earlier? With whom did he meet and speak with on the phone?

3. A tape of the William Harvey interview conducted by the Church Committee behind closed doors on 4/10/75 -- long withheld by the CIA. By the mid-'70s, Harvey -- a Kennedy-hater who ran the CIA's assassination program -- suspected that he was being thrown to the wolves by the agency to which he'd devoted his life. He might very well have had some interesting things to say about his former colleagues.

4. A 338-page file on J. Walton Moore, the head of the CIA office in Dallas at the time of the assassination. Moore assigned George de Mohrenschildt -- a Russian speaking, globe-trotting oilman and CIA asset -- to babysit Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas. This file is certain to add to the overwhelming evidence that "the fingerprints of U.S. intelligence were all over Oswald," as Sen. Richard Schweiker of the Church Committee famously said.

5. An 18-page dossier on Gordon McClendon, a Dallas businessman who conferred with Jack Ruby just before he shot Oswald. McClendon was a CIA-connected media entrepreneur who ran a right-wing radio network in the Southwest. As Ruby was arrested, he shouted out for McClendon.

6. Withheld -- or destroyed: Oswald's "201" file compiled by the CIA's Office of Security, presided over by the ghostly James Jesus Angleton. According to Judge John Tunheim, former head of the Assassination Records Review Board, "I have no doubt Angleton destroyed (JFK) files," when he took control of the CIA's internal investigation of the assassination.

Despite any agency purging and tampering that has occurred over the years, don't believe the "experts" who are telling us there's nothing in these JFK files of any significance. There's a reason that the CIA is still hiding this material...because it points directly at the agency itself in the killing of President John F. Kennedy and the coverup.

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