Humint Events Online: ‘I Lost My Virginity To Alien Lover’, Claims Artist David Huggins

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

‘I Lost My Virginity To Alien Lover’, Claims Artist David Huggins

Awesome story here.

There's also a recent movie made about him.

It might be just laughed off if not for his hundreds of detailed paintings depicting alien sexual coupling and hybrid babies and other wild stuff.

A lot more of the paintings can be seen on google.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

""He also describes how at the age of 17, he lost his virginity to an alien named Crescent, who seduced him after haunting him in his sleep and they had sex regularly.""

ok. i would assume that aliens are smart enough to know when they are fertile. which would mean that his gal crescent should have conceived after their very first time.
since he is 72 his alien baby should now be all growed up at age 55. plenty old enough to oppose trump in the next election. the democrats are too stupid to endorse him and will likely foist pelosi or rachel maddow into the race, so alien baby would have to run on a third party ticket. huh. his dad is a U.S. citizen, does that make him one too?
it worked out for obama.
oh i wonder if his name is David Jr? hell i'll vote for him.
ray romano can be his running mate.


5:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if mr. david has any sense of proportion, then according to this/his painting:

his gal, crescent, must be at least 9 feet tall. so the shorter alien must be his son, david jr. hmm. he appears to be of average human height, making him even more suitable to be POTUS. just put an orthodox jew wig & yarmulka on him and he's ready to go.
oh will he be circumsized by election time? i wonder if his dick is bigger than trump's.
hey that can be his campaign slogan:
DAVID JR* 2018! "because my dick is bigger than trump's!"

*to make things easier for americans, henceforth he shall simply be referred to as JUNIOR

11:43 AM  

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