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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

In These Times...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Criminal Cartels which run these Shitholes would like to be welcomed into the soft liberal countries who refuse to smell the shit.
Welcome to Mexico. A Narco State Shithole which supplies the USA with its drugs. It is a Narco State Shithole. This is just one decent cop and his son. The Law is utterly useless to take the Shithole Narco Gangs. Remember the CIA and Mafia run ALL the drugs into the USA. We know that.

Other Toxic Narco Shithole States are available. But the closest Shithole to the USA is the USA's Drug Supplier... Mexico.

Welcome to your worst nightmare... imagine your neighbourhood gone shithole...

5:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

did yalls know that the leading cause of tooth decay in U.S. is heavy metal music?
guess what the number one cause of heavy metal is?
you guessed it; global warming!
ok bow guess what the actual cause of global warming is...
correct, donald trump! so there is a direct correlation between donald trump and tooth decay in the U.S.
yes folks, donald trump is absolutely the devil! just ask the record number of women who marched in protest against the trump/devil. and who not incidentally left behind a record amount of trash and filth in their wake. for men to clean up.
no surprise really that countries where little brown people live (haiti, india, central america, etc.) are shitholes.
i guess the real outrage is in actually pointing out that they are indeed shitholes.
i wonder if any norwegians are planning to emigrate to mexico.

5:44 PM  

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