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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Authoritarian Criminal Treasonous President

Trump certainly has an inept side and he's extremely ignorant, BUT he knows how to control people like a true sociopath and authoritarian. He’s consolidated complete power over the Republican Party and is in the midst of purging the FBI. It’s disheartening that such a clearly sick person is president, but the key is that no one should underestimate him or his evil intentions.

That being said, Trump is still a criminal at heart and Seth Abramson writes here how Trump's erratic, crazy behavior indicates his guilt, particularly regarding Russian collusion.

It's also interesting to consider that one way that Trump has control over the GOP is he has damaging info on them courtesy of the Russians. So Russia is blackmailing Trump, and Trump is blackmailing the GOP with the help of Russia, all with the goal of weakening US influence in the world.

Oh, and our former DNI James Clapper came out and just said Trump is a Russian asset. 


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russia must be controlling the comments of the guy @ 11:58pm

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