Humint Events Online: Housekeeping and General Issues for this Blog

Monday, December 25, 2017

Housekeeping and General Issues for this Blog

1) I just published a lot of comments on old posts that the blogger site automatically flagged as spam but that weren't spam.

2) I don't check these flagged comments very often, so I'm sorry if your comment got held up for a while.

3) I hardly ever check my email anymore, so sorry if I've ignored your email. Best way to communicate with me is to comment on the top post.

4) I don't censor comments unless they are abusive or just obvious spam (flacking websites or products with no other value).

5) I try to post at least once a week here, but don't have the time for much in depth stuff, usually.

6) Thanks for reading and commenting!

7) I've heard rumors that blogger may shut down in the next couple of years... I will want to keep this site maintained in some form, and will keep you informed of any changes.


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