Humint Events Online: Various Gobsmacking and Upsetting Things from 2017

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Various Gobsmacking and Upsetting Things from 2017 no particular order:

1) Republicans passed a gigantic tax cut that strongly benefits the wealthy, despite the extremely wealthy Trump never releasing his tax returns.

2) Trump referring to a group of white supremacist marchers as containing "very fine people".

3) Trump’s massive delusions/lies about his election (that he would’ve won the popular vote without fraud), inaugural crowd (largest ever when it wasn’t), that he understands tax and healthcare policy better than anyone else (he doesn’t), that he has one of the all-time great memories (he doesn‘t), that he is making America more respected again (he isn’t), he’s signed more bills already than any other president (he hasn’t), and various and sundry items showing that he is mentally ill.

4) Normally pro-law enforcement Republicans (the party of law and order) repeatedly attacking the FBI and CIA.

5) Seeing the Republican base swallow Trump’s lies and nonsense, or at least tolerate it, and furthermore get upset when people criticize him.

6) Trump’s insane tweets (announcing military policy as if it was an order; childishly mocking everyone he doesn’t like including the leader of a nuclear armed enemy; attacking the media; other various and sundry idiotic things that no president should be bothering with).

7) Trump supporting and actively promoting a Republican Senate candidate accused of child molestation (Roy Moore in Alabama).

8) Trump going golfing for almost one-third of his first year in office, particularly after his criticism of Obama for too much golfing (and Obama golfed much less)

9) The blatant, shameless lies from the Trump administration—all of them. Also the ineptness, the greed, the racism and the chaos. The huge turnover of the Trump White House showed all of these traits.

10) the blatant kleptocracy of the Trumps, failing to divest; clear failures of basic government ethics.

11) the clear evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to manipulate the election in return for favors to Russia, and the endless lie that there’s no evidence of collusion.

12) Republicans in power COMPLETELY refusing to hold Trump accountable, falling in line behind Trump’s insanity and protecting him from criticism.

13) the shocking partisanship of the Republicans to shove through as much unpopular legislation and judges as they can, by shutting out the Dems. The endless violation of political norms. Basically Republicans actually doing what they screamed about endlessly and dishonestly when the Dems were in power.

14) the upending of American leadership in the world and the gutting of American diplomacy.

15) Trump acting very much like Putin's puppet and even the former US Director of National Intelligence saying so.

16) Trump withdrawing the US from the Paris climate agreement for idiotic reasons, when the climate agreement was probably the last best chance to save the planet from catastrophic climate change.

17) Trump's FCC overturned Net Neutrality, thus likely ruining the freedom of the internet 

18) Trump greenlighted the KeystoneXL pipeline, allowing the dirtiest lowest energy tar sands oil to flow freely into the US, probably nailing the coffin of climate change shut if the tar sands are fully utilized.

19) In an interview, Trump acted as if he should have complete control over Justice Dept investigations, letting him cover up crimes, showing corrupt intent and violating a key norm of executive justice.

20) Trump signs executive orders shrinking two national wilderness "monuments" by almost 90%, opening them to oil and gas development.

21) Republicans passed a massive taxcut bill that greatly helped the rich, and will lead to massive deficits, despite years of their complaints about the national deficit and national debt.

22) Republicans repeatedly trying to gut the US healthcare system and taking away healthcare from up to 20 million Americans (and thankfully failed, though barely)


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