Humint Events Online: WTC & Nuclear Waste Cleanup

Sunday, December 09, 2018

WTC & Nuclear Waste Cleanup

Interesting find here after I saw a tweet about the "Manafort brothers" being involved in the WTC cleanup after 9/11. I was curious if the Trump/Russian operator Paul Manafort was connected to these guys (turns out he is) but then I found this:

An established reputation has led to us being called upon for unique and first of their kind projects. One occasion that stands out occurred shortly after 9/11 when our involvement was requested at Ground Zero in New York City in 2001 to assist in the demolition and removal of the World Trade Center buildings. Unique and highly specialized also were the decommissioning and demolition of the Connecticut and Maine Yankee Nuclear Power Plants. The Maine Yankee Plant became the first nuclear power plant to be decommissioned in the U.S.
Quite the coincidence that the same demolition firm that cleaned up the WTC is also experienced in cleaning up nuclear waste!  It's also quite odd that they mention the WTC cleanup back-to-back with the decommissioning of two nuclear power plants.

This blog's review of nuclear demolition of the WTC can be seen at

Also, keep in mind Paul Manafort of Trump-Russia fame is a deeply corrupt political mercenary, so it certainly wouldn't be surprising if his family's demolition firm was quite corrupt and mercenary.

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