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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Trump Is a Deeply Disturbed Man


And a disturbing twitter thread centered around here.
Lincoln's Bible ‏ @LincolnsBible #SadistPOTUS 
Fox News cuts away from Trump roundtable after he describes human trafficking in grisly detail...
(((Nancyann Beveridge-Taylor))) ‏ @Nancyanntaylor2 
When I used to interview Sexually Violent Predators about their crimes, I did not let them go into details like that, because they found it Sexually arousing. He reminds me of those interviews, except that I would have cut the interview off. #DementiaDon
Lincoln's Bible ‏ @LincolnsBible 
Oof. What a job. Thank you for doing it. What do you make of his focus on blood, incl. watching hours of sharks hunting on tv in a hotel room with Stormy? In case you didn't know, he also put a memorial to a fake civil war site on his property & named it "River of Blood."
(((Nancyann Beveridge-Taylor))) ‏ @Nancyanntaylor2 
it's one of the aspects of his sadism. Very typical of Sexually Violent Predators who are MNPD/ASPD. Sadism is always a trait. Real sadism, sometimes combined w/ necrophilia. To see others in pain combined w/ humiliation exites them. His Gore Porn is a glimpse into his inner world. True sadists get off on blood & guts, horrific humiliating vicious bloody torture of their victims. Trump "glows" when he describes his imaginary "beautiful 15 y/o girls, raped & cut up by M13 gang members" he's fantasizing. When he does this, you are seeing a sadistic, MNPD/ASPD, Sexually Violent Predator, having a violent sexual fantasy in front of you. it's actually frightening to see. I have observed and assessed many. #DutytoWarn

Chris “Cal” Carnahan ‏ Replying to @Nancyanntaylor2 @LincolnsBible @voxdotcom 
Thank you. It’s something I and I think a good many folks have observed about Donald. He gets off on it though I didn’t know there were specific psychological jargon outside BDSM language for it. I called it his campaign of cruelty. It’s helpful to see it in clinical terms.
(((Nancyann Beveridge-Taylor))) ‏ @Nancyanntaylor2 
BDSM, involves consensual adults giving co equal agreed upon pleasure to each other, with safe words and other measures of respect. Role playing with mutual love. MNPD/ASPD Sadism is a whole other thing. it involves only the proto emotions of rage/lust and glee for the humiliation of the non consenting victim of the sadist. Sadists dont have layered, complex emotional structures. They have primitive "proto-emotions" Rage, Lust, Glee at humiliating their victims, "duping delight" when a lie is successful. It's an interesting population to work with, but ultimately they are, like trump, a one note song, they lack "mirror neurons, perhaps, we dont know really. they are truly hollow people. The closest we know of evil, and monsters. Read the collection of essays by the founders of #DutytoWarn. these are some of the top mental health professionals in the U.S. I belong to DTW, as I still carry my license, there are over 70,000 of us.

MNPD = malignant personality disorder
ASPD = anti-social personality disorder


Blogger the mighty wak said...


just in case anyone is still thinking that trump is some kind of white hat guy

12:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"President Donald Trump touted GOP unity for 33 days of a partial government shutdown. But by the 34th day, it was clearly gone — and so was the shutdown by the end of the 35th."

The numerology is interesting.

Perhaps (in the final analysis) we will find that this drama was primarily ceremonial in its design and nature if not function.

It has certainly served to captivate and distract the public.

11:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Can we build a wall to keep out the cheaper races?"

- Charles Davenport, one of the leaders of the U.S. eugenics movement, private correspondence, 1920

Source: "The Eugenics Crusade," PBS

The functions of the police state - present and to come are the result of plans devised many decades before their implementation.

1:56 AM  

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