Humint Events Online: Does This Like the Crash of a Plane That Was Shot Down?

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Does This Like the Crash of a Plane That Was Shot Down?

Flight 93 Crater near Shanksville, PA Posted by Picasa

One of the "milder" 9/11 conspiracy theories is that flight 93 was really shot down and that the government is lying about it.

Please give me your opinion: does this look like the crash of a plane that was shot down? Or does it look more like some sort of faked plane crash?

The long skinny marks going left to right are apparently where the wings went into the ground.

(Note, supposedly the plane both blew up spewing small plane debris and passenger remains all over the vicinity of the crash site AND the bulk of the plane supposedly went into this hole in the ground. There are no large pieces of plane anywhere on the ground. No tail, no wing pieces, no seats, no luggage, no bodies. The only large piece of the plane found outside of the crater was a large chunk of an engine roughly one quarter mile from this crater. Also note the plane supposedly came in from the bottom right of the picture, and the engine piece was found in the direction the plane was traveling off to the top left of the picture. At least according to one account, the plane was flying upside down when it crashed. You may be able to see a mark on the ground where the vertical stabilizer of the plane supposedly imprinted the ground on the lower edge of the crater.)

If this was shot down, how was it shot down to create this overall crash pattern?


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