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Friday, October 27, 2006

Conflicting Plane Paths-- Clearest Example Yet?

The two videos in question are shot from opposite sides of the WTC, one about three miles to the EAST of the WTC, and one perhaps four to five miles WEST from the WTC. Importantly, one can see the towers lined up perfectly on north to south, indicating the camera angles are from exact opposite sides.

The first clip, the one from the east, has been around for a while, but the government released a longer version at the conclusion of the Moussaoui trial just this last August (video P200015, about 2:57 in).

The second clip, taken from the west, is what I've called the Japanese video, available here or here.

Here are screen shots showing the approach of the plane in the video from the east. Notice how the plane starts very small and then gets bigger and bigger:

Screen shot 1.

Screen shot 2.

Screen shot 3.

Screen shot 4.

Basically, the plane curves in from the west, with little apparent descent. Notice how far below the smoke trail the plane is, though I realize the perspective can be misleading, since the smoke is trailing to the east.

Now, here are screen shots showing the approach of the plane in the video from the west. Notice how the plane size barely changes during the sequence. Note screen shot 2 of this video shows the plane in a similar position from the WTC as screen shot 2 in the video above. From screen shot 2 to screen shot 3 here, if anything the plane gets biggers as it approaches the WTC, similar to above:

Screen shot 1.

Screen shot 2.

Screen shot 3.

Here the plane descends through the smoke cloud as it approaches, which is different from the first video (though again this may be misleading).

The point that should be obvious is that in the top video, the plane undergoes a huge change in size from beginning to end, consistent with the plane coming closer to the camera as it approaches. In the second video, the plane hardly changes size at all, consistent with an approach where the plane maintains a similar distance from the camera throughout.

Yeah, I know the plane image is tiny and the 2nd video is low quality. I'd love to have better versions. But you work with what you got.

Even with the resolution we have, it is clear that the plane does not change size in the 2nd video anywhere near the same extent as in the first video. According tot he video from the east, the plane came sharply from the west, and this should have been apparent in the second video, shot from the west. But it is not at all apparent.

At minimum it is very odd, and at most, it indicates one or both of the videos is a fake.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is so odd about it? If the field of vision from the second camera is parallel to the flight path of the plane, then it wouldn't change size at all.

The first shot is obviously much closer, and shot from a ground level camera. Trying to judge perspective from something like this is pointless, and in no way, shape, or form resembles anything other than the author of this post trying to read into the footage what they want.

I would liken this to a small child picking shapes out of clouds.

7:50 AM  

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