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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Follow-Up on the Pentagon Theory

I posted my theory for what happened here.

First off, a couple of people in comments said there was a missile involved. I think a missile may have been used as part of the attack, but I think the overall damage pattern cannot be explained simply by a missile. The smoke trail in the Pentagon security camera videos may be from a missile, or it may be fake. It's hard to know.

I do not think a missile would penetrate so deeply and produce the completely linear damage that was seen through three rings of the Pentagon. A beam weapon could do this more easily.

A missile cannot explain what happened with the generator, with the fence in front of the generator and with the light poles. A beam weapon could. (A 757 might be able to explain the light poles but a 757 cannot explain the generator and fence damage.

Also, a properly targeted beam weapon could have produced the rough plane outline seen on the Pentagon facade. A missile can't. (A 757 would have left far more debris outside the building if it went through the official Pentagon hole).

A high-energy beam weapon can explain the toasted cars near the entry hole. A missile can't.

Finally, the beam weapon, as poorly characterized as it is, represents a reasonable grand unified theory for 9/11-- it produced those physics-defying plane-shaped holes in the WTC, it produced the odd Pentagon damage, it produced the bizarre debris-free plane-shaped hole in Pennsylvania, and ultimately it was used to destroy the WTC twin towers (and possibly even WTC7).

There's no doubt the Pentagon has high-tech "Star Wars" weapons they do not talk about, and there's no doubt some sort of microwave beam weapon exists. The idea here is that some type of beam weapon like this could knock down (the lamp poles), toast (the generator and the cars) or blow apart all steel and concrete (Pentagon walls) in its path.

Interestingly, those cable spools in front of the damaged Pentagon weren't affected-- probably because they were made of wood, and the cable was wrapped in plastic which also wouldn't have been affected.

Lastly, it's amazing we have so much information about trivia like the knocked down light poles at the Pentagon, and precious little information about what happened to the huge plane that supposedly crashed at the Pentagon.


Anonymous pinch said...

Serious question, here Spook ol' buddy (I can't believe I put "Spook" and "serious" in the same sentence).

If we DO have these sooper-secret energy death-ray laser beam weapons, why aren't we using them in Iraq or against Iran (since all Bush wants is to start a never-ending global war) or against North Korea or against the Democrats or against ANYONE?

I knwo you'll say something brilliant like "How do we KNOW they aren't being used?" which ignores the fact that Iraq is teh most open, televised, recorded, internet and otherwise war this globe has ever seen (kind of like you ignoring the fact that the second impact on the World Trade Towers was arguably THE (if not ONE of the) most photographed event in the history of the world).

Seems to me if this SOOPER SECRET ENERGY laser-death-ray-beam did exist, we'd see more of it around the world.

Guess not.

4:58 PM  
Anonymous wftgawhth said...

Iraq is teh most open, televised, recorded, internet and otherwise war this globe has ever seen
Kind of funny, kind of pitiable.
I have no confidence in the beam idea, but the dimness of your critics is encouraging.

7:37 PM  
Blogger Spooked said...

The idea that we know exactly what is going on in Iraq is ludicrous. But here is one quick example of what you ask:
"The Gulf War veteran observes that occupied Iraq has become a “saturation environment” of electromagnetic radiation. Potentially lethal electromagnetic smog from high-power US military electronics and experimental beam weapons is placing already hard-hit local populations–-particularly children—at even higher risk of experiencing serious illness, suicidal depression, impaired cognitive ability, even death."

It's also not entirely clear how or on what they would use a powerful beam weapon in Iraq. They're fighting insurgents, not guys in tanks.

12:17 AM  
Blogger Spooked said...

Here's more for you, PINCH--
Laser weapons in Iraq

You know, it might be good if you expanded your horizons a little.

12:23 AM  
Blogger Spooked said...

Here's another and another for you, Pinch.

12:28 AM  
Anonymous jha said...

it's not as if pinch is simply uninformed - he knows full well what did not happen on 9/11.:
there was absolutely no real 757 wreckage at the pentagon or shanksville, and there was absolutely no real 767 wreckage at the wtc1&2.
also pinch knows full well that the wtc2 fully disintegrated in 10 seconds - in fact the 9/11 commission report states: wtc2 collapsed entirely in 10 seconds. that is an astounding rate of 11 floors per second. the same rate that a bowling ball dropped from the same height would reach the ground falling unimpeded thru only thin air. (what's up with that pinch, will you ever address even a single one of the 100's of fallacies in the official govt/media 9/11 fairytale?) as well, he knows that several dozens of cars for a radius of several blocks around the wtc complex were unexplainably spontaneously combusted.
pinch you are as full of shit as they come.

1:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spooked, they may have used beam weapons, but I think you don't need them to explain the light poles. The light poles are probably just planted there. They don't look all melted and fried. The car on the lawn on the pentagon could have gotten legitimately toasted from the conventional fireball.

Remember that the "goal" of all this is to shock and awe and launch a global war (on terror). So they didn't just use beam weapons. They used patsies, media propagandists, explosives, on and on. There's no reason that you would have a covert op and use ONE kind of weapon. You use the whole bag of tricks. Silly Rabbit!


4:54 PM  
Anonymous j said...

The car on the lawn on the pentagon could have gotten legitimately toasted from the conventional fireball.

which car on the lawn? photos taken mere minutes after the explosion show a white car on fire and a green suv not on fire.
white car & green suv

but photos taken at a later time show that the white car has been replaced with a black car and the green suv is now white.
white is now black/green is now white

fuckin pentagon morons.

1:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, there's a lot of photo fakery at the Pentagon. Guard rails are old and rusted in some photos, nice in shiny in some other photos.

That in itself is evidence of a media hoax. Then again, rusty guardrails are a lot less sexy than beam weapons and holographic planes. It's hard to do any real analysis when the media are distributing fake photos without and stories of "passenger strapped into rows of seats."

4:56 PM  
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