Humint Events Online: Further Proving The 9/11 Plane Hits Are Bogus: The Missing Deformation/Shock Wave In The Plane

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Further Proving The 9/11 Plane Hits Are Bogus: The Missing Deformation/Shock Wave In The Plane

by The Anonymous Physicist

Extensive research, by many researchers, including Spooked, over the last few years, has proven that the so-called “plane hits” into the WTC towers are impossible, computer generated images (CGI). If there really were plane hits, would the regime, and its lackey media, have to put out these bogus plane videos? Of course not.

Now many have noted that all the videos of the “second plane hit” violate the Laws of Physics in many ways. Basically the simple CGI shows the plane slicing through the building like a knife going through butter. The outer structure of the towers was hard steel that supported 40% of the weight of the towers, while the alleged Boeing 767’s fuselage was composed of aluminum with some composite material. As many have noted, the simple Physics of Newton’s Third Law means that the “hit” is the same as a steel tower moving at the alleged 500 mph into a plane whose fuselage is mostly aluminum, and empty space. The plane would crumple and not make it into the tower in any appreciable sense-- except possibly for parts of the engines. Even the alleged speed of about 500 mph has been shown to be impossible at the near sea level altitude it was “flying” at that time. Experts have said that less than 300 mph would be the top speed at that altitude.

We should also never forget that the WTC tower architects have stated that the towers were designed and built to withstand direct impacts of jets that were nearly identical to the planes that are claimed to have impacted the towers on 9/11. These architects have said that the outer structure would have contained such jets similar to how mosquito netting stops those bugs that fly into it.

Also the massive explosions seen, start at the opposite side of the building and on the side, before the plane hit side has a large explosion. Of course, any massive explosion would have occurred first at the hit side. No properly documented debris from the plane was found, and the alleged engine “found” [read placed] a few blocks away has been shown to be from another type of plane. Of course, the bogus plane hits were used as a “plausible” ruse for the impending “collapse” of the towers. I have numerous times here shown that basement nuclear bombs were exploded to coincide with the “plane hits.” I have also detailed that the smoke emanating from the “plane hits” could not have been from hot, burning fuel, and other matters.

It was cold, and indicates smoke machines may have been employed. The later CGI put out by the regime merely indicates even more impossibilities. This includes the Purdue University Simulation. Purdue also claims to have Moon rocks, and is the alma mater of several Lunar Astro-Nots, including Neil Armstrong, who I would call the first man not to walk on the Moon.

When I first delved into the 9/11 matter, I quickly realized that the “plane hits” were bogus simply by two things. In some of the videos, the wings blink in and out of existence, and there was no deformation of the plane as there must be from such a devastating impact. Let me elaborate. When the front of the plane first contacted the steel tower structure-- and at the alleged 500 mph-- a great shock wave would immediately travel down the plane towards the rear. The speed of this traveling deformation wave is very telling. That speed would be approximately the speed of sound in aluminum. As noted by Wikipedia, the speed of sound in Aluminum is 5000 meters per second, or about 11,000 mph. This is much greater than the speed of sound in air because of the much greater density of metals as compared to air, and sound waves are vibrational energy transferring waves between adjacent molecules. Now 11,000 mph is some 22 times faster than the alleged speed of the “plane” at the moment of impact. Thus an intense deformation/shock wave would travel down the plane at this speed, and would likely cause visible crumpling, or complete detachment of the fragile tail, just after the “impact” of the front. There are more than enough frames extant to have seen this effect, if it were a real plane impacting a real steel tower. See the frames of the “impact” at this blog of Spooked’s.

You might not realize it, but you already know that the speed of sound in metals is vastly faster than it is in air. One example you know is how people used to put their ear to the iron or steel tracks of a railroad, so as to hear an approaching train well before the sound was carried by the air. Now the back or tail of the plane would likely be the place of greatest deformation or complete falling off, because of boundary conditions. The traveling deformation wave would have no place else to go, and the wave components would likely build up and cause great, near-immediate damage to the fragile, tail section. This build-up of deformation shock wave energy is also seen in the tower destruction videos. Spooked has noted that at the very onset of “collapse” of one of the towers, the corner of the tower starts to deform before any floors break apart. The massive (nuclear) explosions inside the tower sent out shock waves that traveled along the outer structure, at about 13,000 mph-- the speed of sound in steel-- as steel is more dense than aluminum. The boundary conditions and resonant frequencies involved apparently caused a build-up of immense energy in that corner first. The outer steel tower structure was briefly, literally vibrating like a bell or drum membrane, at the onset of destruction.

This is similar to what would happen to the tail of a plane upon impact of the front into steel--at 500 mph. As always, the regime’s own extreme exaggerations hang it out to dry. For more on sound waves in metal, see this Youtube on “Chladni’s Plates”. Various, vibrational patterns-- from sound waves traveling in the metal plates-- are shown. Different sets of sound waves are apparently used in the video causing different sets of patterns to appear. They have different nodal regions, where the sand stops moving, and settles.

To sum up, the CGI plane hit videos are impossible for a new reason. The missing deformation wave that would have traveled down the plane at about 11,000 mph, and would have been seen to deform, and likely detach, the tail of the plane, almost immediately after the front hit the steel towers.The lack of any such visible deformation in the back of the plane, is just one of many proofs that the videos we have been shown of “plane hits” contain only “bad special effects,” because they are CGI, that was created from programs that left out many of the Laws of Physics. This is due to the immense complexities of something called...REALITY.

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