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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Does Anyone Dispute the Fakeness Here?

Check out when the astronaut gets up at 50 seconds in-- he is briefly lifted up while his feet scuffle underneath him as he tries to stand. Also, notice how long it take him to get up-- as if he is waiting for something. This pretty clearly shows the astronaut being suspended on wires, in my opinion.

Also, check this out:

Apart from the similar way to the above clip that the astronaut bounces around, check out the sound when the box drops. Should an object dropped and hitting the ground in a vacuum make a sound?
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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

UFOs Discussed as a Security Threat in the NYTimes

This is an extremely odd piece.

The PTB are definitely ramping up UFO awareness for some likely nefarious reason.
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Monday, July 28, 2008

The Powers That Be Are Fucking with India

India actually has been incredibly restrained about the horrendous and mostly anonymous terrorist attacks that have taken place there over the past few years.

But my guess is that the PTB will not stop the attacks until India does something dramatic-- e.g. start a new war or go under martial law.
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Missing Core Columns

At one point (before I moved to the mini-nuke camp), I counted up core columns in the north tower debris pile.

Almost certainly, there are hundreds of huge core columns "missing"-- perhaps even 90% of the expected columns are missing. The question is-- are the columns vaporized -- or is there some other explanation for where they went?

Other possible explanations:
1) many more columns are buried under the pile
2) the picture was taken 9/23/01 and many of these columns were taken away before then
3) upper core columns are smaller than the huge lower ones and are not clear in this photo.

None of these explanations are very satisfying as:
1) the core dropped last according to the videos, and core columns should have been on top
2) pictures from very shortly after 9/11 don't show hundreds of huge CORE columns in the north tower pile:

Also, these columns were massive and I would think that a crane lifting one would need to be closer in to the pile before attempting to lift them out
3) every WTC diagram I've seen has shown the core columns in the upper part of the towers as similar dimensions but with thinner steel

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Surge Worked! We're Winning in Iraq!

As discussed here, the so-called surge has had nothing to do with the lessening of violence in Iraq in recent weeks.

There are 3 main reasons why Iraq has gotten better:
1) much of the inter-sectarian killing and ethnic cleansing has been accomplished
2) the US has bribed the Sunni insurgents to not attack us
3) Muqtada al-Sadr has maintained a cease-fire against the US-- for a variety of reasons not directly related to the surge

There is also the likelihood that a good deal of violence in Iraq was manipulated by the US covertly, and that the powers that be decided to try to make Iraq look good prior to the presidential election, perhaps in part to help the Republicans. (Further, I have little doubt that they can make the violence flare up again, if they so choose.)

In any case, none of this changes the horrendous amount of death and human misery that has occurred in Iraq directly due to the US invasion-- and it doesn't change the fact that the key proponents of the Iraq invasion in the Bush administration are all war-criminals.
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Friday, July 25, 2008

U.S. Let bin Laden's Top Bodyguard Go from Gitmo

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American Terrorism

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Obama Is the New Hitler!!!!!!!!!!


Sadly, it really is part of the new conservative meme.

And further-- a sure sign of conservative desperation-- the "Obama death list".

Methinks the conservatives are getting ready to lose-- and getting ready to spend the next four to eight years throwing mostly ridiculous charges at Obama and his administration.
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Vote Manipulation Watch

Rove alleged to have threatened GOP IT expert for taking the fall for 2004 Ohio vote manipulation.

If true, WOW.

If only the Dems and the major media would go after this.
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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Update on Thyroid Cancer for Ground Zero Responders

A staggering number of FDNY firefighters are now reportedly suffering from a cancer that may be linked to their work at the World Trade Center site.

The New York Post reports at least eight firefighters have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer over the past five years.

The paper says another five have had their thyroids either fully or partially removed because of abnormal cell growth that could lead to cancer. Attorney David Worby tells the paper that many of the firefighters were 9/11 first responders.

Thyroid cancer is typically linked to radiation exposure.
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Bin Laden Thought Flight 93 Was Shot Down?

According to "bin Laden's driver".

In this article, the context of the shootdown remark is rather unclear, making it appear that the gov't is saying the flight was shot down. Intentionally, I think.

The disinfo about flight 93 never ends-- all hide the fact that the whole crash was faked!
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Govt Spying on Americans: Main Core and PROMIS

Main Core may be the contemporary incarnation of a government watch list system that was part of a highly classified "Continuity of Government" program created by the Reagan administration to keep the U.S. government functioning in the event of a nuclear attack. Under a 1982 presidential directive, the outbreak of war could trigger the proclamation of martial law nationwide, giving the military the authority to use its domestic database to round up citizens and residents considered to be threats to national security. The emergency measures for domestic security were to be carried out by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Army.

I wrote more about Main Core here.

PROMIS is search software that Mike Ruppert rambled on about quite a bit, in his book "Crossing the Rubicon". Interesting it comes up here in the Salon article-- they say they have the first confirmation that the NSA used PROMIS.
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Is Afghanistan a Narco State?

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Excellent Larry King Live Show on UFOs

This is part 1. All four parts are worth watching.

To clarify, the show is excellent for being on CNN, and King's open-mindedness on the subject. The actual info isn't really new-- these stories are in the UFO Disclosure Project-- though perhaps some of the footage is.
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Guantanamo War Crimes Trials Start

Whoops-- not exactly the ones I was hoping.

I *know* it's supposed to be "the war on terror" and all, but somehow it seems a stretch to me to call trials of terrorists "war crimes".

Besides the fact that most of these people were abused and any evidence they give is terribly tainted and that the real war crimes trials should be against the Bush administration (and other US leaders over the years), how exactly do you call people captured after fighting the USA when the USA invaded their land, "war criminals"?????

Granted, I've always had major trouble conflating terrorism with "war", but it just seems silly accusing even a real terrorist of "war crimes". I'm not saying there's no legal rationale for it; rather it simply sounds wrong. Even under the official precepts of al-Qaeda being a true separate hostile entity, war is usually a violent conflict with organized military, not rare and random acts of terrorism by a few sick people. THERE'S NO EVIDENCE THAT AL QAEDA EVER WAS A SIGNIFICANT THREAT TO THIS COUNTRY APART FROM THE COMPLETELY BIZARRE 9/11 ATTACKS.

But mostly, I'm just wondering if there's some subtle psychological operation going on here with calling these "war crimes trials"-- pre-empting this term for terrorists rather than US leaders.
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Monday, July 21, 2008

Thousands of Plastic Coffins in Georgia

Pretty creepy.

Wonder if it has to do with this:
A newly discovered and highly lethal virus strain begins with symptoms similar to that of a cold but can quickly lead to severe respiratory crisis.

"This virus has the capability of causing severe respiratory illness in people of all ages, regardless of their medical condition," said John Su, of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
CDC is in Atlanta, GA, of course.

Or, as discussed here, are these coffins to bury radioactive bodies from a nuclear attack?
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OMG, Obama's Birth Certificate Was Forged!

You've GOT to be kidding me.

Moreover, this comes from the same people who are convinced of the 9/11 official story.
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Defeating The British/American Gestapo Regime, Lessons From History, Part I

Stopping the Regime’s Killing & Chaos, The Amazing Hugh Thompson Vietnam Story

by the Anonymous Physicist

Hugh C. Thompson, Jr. was a U.S. Army helicopter pilot during the American War on Vietnam. Few people know of his crucial role in stopping the My Lai Massacre in Vietnam on March 16, 1968. Many people do know, however, about the massacre itself. The Vietnamese state the number of Vietnamese, mostly women, children and old men massacred at My Lai, that day, was 504. The U.S. Govt either states that the number is significantly less, or is unknowable. Thompson himself says the number is higher, because he says that the area was first shelled, and many died from this. Thompson also relates that many of these American troops tortured, mutilated and raped these helpless, innocent human beings, before killing them. Thompson has said that even though some of the few surviving Vietnamese have forgiven the Americans, he himself never could! He died two years ago of cancer. Some in-country vets have said that there was a My Lai virtually every day in Vietnam; but few such massacres ever saw the light of day, in the American media. Thompson’s equally courageous crew that fateful day were Lawrence Colburn, door gunner, and Glenn Andreotta, navigator.

In March 1968, Thompson and his chopper crew were flying reconnaissance missions. And this book (read here) details what happened on March 16, and the aftermath three decades later. A censored version, IMO, of the story is also available on Wiki. Briefly, Thompson, from his chopper, saw many dead Vietnamese bodies when he first arrived. He then saw American ground troops repeatedly massacre defenseless men, women and children. When he first landed and asked the commander in charge to stop, he saw that as soon as he took off again, the cowering women and children were massacred. He then saw another group, of women and children, about to be massacred again, and landed his chopper between them and the soldiers. He ordered his door gunner to point his machine gun at the American soldiers, and to fire if the Americans advanced on the helpless Vietnamese. They thus saved some of the Vietnamese people, as Thompson got two larger American choppers to land and take the survivors away, while Thompson’s helicopter took a little boy to safety. He also radioed in the massacre to higher ups, in such a way that his communiqué would immediately be known to many. An earlier communiqué was apparently ignored. Once the secrecy was blown, the higher-ups radioed to the ground troops to halt the extermination. Dozens or more of these remaining living Vietnamese people were thus saved. Thompson has indicated that he believes the entire massacre was ordered by higher ups in the American command. And that they have gotten off scot-free.

During the massacre, Thompson saw the ground commander Captain Ernest Medina (later court-martialed, defended by F. Lee Bailey, and acquitted), run after and murder a defenseless, already shot, young girl. This happened after Thompson had dropped a medical alert flare near her-- which is a request for medical assistance! He later landed and interacted with Lt. William Calley (later court martialed and convicted-- see below), who told him to leave, as he, Calley, was “just following orders.” Calley later said that Capt. Medina ordered all this.

Thompson later indicated there was an American soldier there, far more heroic than him! “The only American casualty on that day was a black soldier, Herbert Carter, who could not stand such mad killing. He shot himself in the foot so that he could not have to take part in the massacre. Herbert later related, “”I saw an old man standing in the middle of the rice field waving at us in a friendly manner, but they shot him. I saw no Viet Cong in the village, only poor farmers running away from their burning huts, and then they shot them dead.”” As far as I can find, this remarkable man who preferred to shoot himself, rather than murder innocent women, children, and old men, never received an award from anyone. But what if all the “order-following” American armed forces and intel agents suddenly got a conscience, and refused to follow orders; and brought the regime’s killing, torture, and evil to a halt, with similar actions?

The aftermath of My Lai is very telling. “Thompson refused to take a Flying Cross medal because he thought that the U.S. Army wanted to buy his silence.” The My Lai incident was first covered up by the military. Wiki says, “The first reports claimed that "128 Vietcong and 22 civilians" were killed in the village during a "fierce fire fight". General William C. Westmoreland, congratulated the unit on the "outstanding job". As related at the time by the Army's “Stars and Stripes” magazine, "U.S. infantrymen had killed 128 Communists in a bloody day-long battle." All lies, of course, from the American regime, as unbiased sources indicate that 504 civilians were massacred that day by the American troops. The My Lai Massacre was covered-up for six months, until Seymour Hersh wrote about it.

Also in the cover-up, Gunner Lawrence Colburn was awarded the Bronze Star. Even Wiki says that “An account of the action was fabricated for the document accompanying the decoration, and Thompson's signature was forged on the eyewitness report.” Those who have read all my articles have seen how common such forgery by the Regime is. It occurred many times with the Warren Commission, and I have cited how radiation badges were doctored regarding American soldiers’ exposure to radiation during atomic tests.

Now it is little known, but upon arriving back in Georgia (to face charges) Lt. William Calley was given a parade by no less than the supposed “liberal” Governor, and future President, one Jimmy Carter [Ref.: The book cited above.] Calley was court-martialed, and a military jury convicted Calley, on March 29, 1971, of premeditated murder of 22 civilians. He was sentenced to life imprisonment, at hard labor. President Nixon ordered him transferred from prison to house arrest at Fort Benning, Georgia, pending appeal. On August 20, 1971, the convening authority--the Commanding General of Fort Benning-- reduced his sentence to 20 years. The Secretary of the Army reviewed the sentence and findings and approved both, but in a separate clemency action commuted confinement to ten years. Calley petitioned the federal district court for habeas corpus on February 11, 1974, which was granted on September 25, 1974, along with his immediate release, by federal judge J. Robert Elliott. Ultimately, Calley served only three and a half years of house arrest in his quarters at Fort Benning.

The lead My Lai Massacre investigator, General Peers, had 26 officers and soldiers initially charged for their participation in the My Lai Massacre, or the subsequent cover-up. Only Calley was convicted.

The My Lai massacre caused at least one American soldier (Marine) to go AWOL, and avoid going to Vietnam and partaking in the senseless killing. (It also caused an increase in Conscientious Objector applications.) Ernest McQueen (aka Ernest Johnson Jr.) went AWOL in 1969 after learning about My Lai. McQueen was in hiding for 36 years, in the U.S. until, in 2006, a family member of his alerted the military, who then had police arrest him. After being held in jail for about two weeks, and after this was widely reported, the military decided not to press charges, and gave McQueen an “other than honorable discharge.”

Thompson was brought back to Washington, D.C., and had to testify before Congress. Several Congressmen wanted him court-martialed for ordering his gunner to point his machine gun at American troops. Nixon also considered this, but decided against it. Nonetheless Thompson, for years, feared this, and suffered much abuse and death threats. He did not receive any awards for many years. It was only after a Norwegian Air Force Major, Terje Lund (also an attorney, who writes that indifference must be countered in the field) began teaching about Thompson in his military ethics course, and publicized this, that changing opinion and renewed publicity about Thompson led to the Pentagon finally giving him an award. “Thirty years after the massacre, Thompson, Andreotta, and Colburn were awarded the Soldier's Medal (Andreotta posthumously), the Army's highest award for bravery not involving direct contact with the enemy. "It was the ability to do the right thing even at the risk of their personal safety that guided these soldiers to do what they did," then-Major General Michael Ackerman said at the 1998 ceremony.” Then for several years, Thompson was invited to speak about military ethics at military academies. All these lectures were apparently “lost,” as we have seen the actions of American troops, CIA “interrogators”, etc. in Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo, and “special rendition” planes, ships, and overseas jails.

Lesson #1. The British/American Gestapo Regime’s killing and mayhem may only be halted when its servicemen and women point their weapons at their fellow killers, and fire if necessary. Remember that Thompson had ordered his gunner to actually fire his machine gun on the massacring American troops, if they did not stop their killing, of defenseless innocents. If we only had more of these incidents, the British-American regime wouldn’t be able to conduct its wars, and mass murders, and tortures, of innocent human beings. People have to learn that it is preferable to shoot themselves, or those who order the killing of innocents, or of War itself, rather than harm or kill innocent human beings. Likewise American agents and soldiers who “follow orders” and torture captives--many of whom are either completely innocent or who actually have knowledge of American guilt for what they have been imprisoned for--need to be stopped by other soldiers or agents who witness such torture, by means similar to that employed by Thompson and his crew.

Lesson #2. All of us can play a role in educating everyone we know who is part of the British American military, or “Homeland Security” forces. We must help them to acquire a mind of their own, and especially a conscience. Then we must help them to overcome their cowardice, and ACT, and do the right thing, regardless of consequences to themselves.

This tale of great courage by Hugh Thompson Jr., Lawrence Colburn, Glenn Andreotta, and Hebert Carter must be promulgated far and wide.
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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Brahms Ballad, Opus 10, Number 4, B major

This is one of my favorites-- very beautiful and meditative:

There are some faster versions on Youtube, but I prefer it slow.
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ET's Met with Bush?

Federal Aviation Administration radar appears to confirm the presence of unidentified aircraft on Jan. 8 over the Stephenville-Dublin area, with at least one appearing to head toward President Bush’s Crawford Ranch, the same night that dozens of people reported seeing UFOs...
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Outbreak of Highly Lethal Adenovirus Strain

Yikes, this is scary:
The virus was discovered by infectious-disease expert David N. Gilbert, who noticed that otherwise healthy patients were being stricken by pneumonia so severe that they would die without oxygen treatment. The dangerous symptoms developed within only one or two days of initial cough and fever symptoms.

Since Gilbert's discovery of the virus in Portland, Oregon, outbreaks have been identified at military bases in Washington, Texas and South Carolina.
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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Funny LOL Conservative Comedy!

Courtesy of The Poorman. Be sure to read comments.

I like this "Yacht Rock" series too.
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Good Example of Newton's Third Law

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Friday, July 18, 2008

9/11 Flight Numerology

flight 11 = 11
flight 93 = 9 + 3 = 12
flight 175 = 1 + 7 + 5 = 13
flight 77 = 7 + 7 =14

giving 11, 12, 13, 14.

These can be compacted down further (e.g. 1 + 1 = 2)--

giving 2, 3, 4, 5.

Don't know what it means-- symbolism or chance?

There is also the fact that flight 11 = the day, and 93 could represent 1993 when the WTC was bombed first (one of the flight 93 passengers is told by his wife of WTC2 going down before the takeover attempt). I'm sure there's more.
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Thursday, July 17, 2008

WTC Destruction Theories: "DEW" versus Thermite/Thermate/Super Thermate versus Milli-Nukes/Micro-Nukes

In theory, all of these may have been used in combination with conventional explosives (e.g. C-4) -- and each of these may also have been used in come combination together. But let's discuss the PRIMARY mechanism used for the WTC tower demolition, since there still is apparent controversy over this.

DEW = directed energy weapons; typically described as a powerful beam weapon; type of energy has not been specified; originally proposed by Judy Wood and Morgan Reynolds

Thermite/Thermate/Super Thermate = high temperature incendiary mixture (thermite) and hypothetical explosive variants (thermate and super-thermate); originally proposed by Steven Jones

Milli-Nukes/Micro-Nukes = explosive nuclear fusion or nuclear fission devices; proposed by several different people: Finnish Military expert (advanced fusion devices only), Ed Ward, Bill Deagle, Anonymous Physicist

The complete massive destruction of the WTC towers was characterized by several key features:
1) incredible pulverization/"dustification" of all building contents in a matter of seconds
2) pulverized debris violently bursting outward during the destruction
3) a consecutive series of "explosive" waves traveling down the towers during the demolition
4) disappearance/vaporization of large numbers of interior core columns
5) various odd phenomena-- likely EMP effects on vehicles and some electronic devices, odd holes in the ground and in surrounding buildings, early basement explosions, "hanging skin" in some surviving victims
6) extreme high heat in the ground zero rubble (widely-reported/well-substantiated)
7) large number of sicknesses/cancers in ground zero responders
8) suspicious treatment of remaining WTC steel-- washing, extreme security on trucks taking it away, rapid sale to China

I will now go over pros and cons of these hypotheses, focusing solely on the WTC evidence, without any discussion of the character or reliability of the proponents of the various theories. I am taking for granted that the towers were demolished by added energy devices -- not by fires and gravitational collapse. Further, I am assuming that there has been some sort of active cover-up of the demolition on the part of the official agencies and the media.

1) malleable nature of the "DEW" can explain everything associated with the tower destruction except the lingering heat at ground zero
2) towers did not need to be pre-loaded with devices

1) type of DEW-emitting device and what type of directed energy was used on the WTC is completely unspecified
2) no DEW technology known that can explain the vaporization of steel and the extreme pulverization of concrete and the majority of inner building components-- all in seconds
3) huge amounts of energy required for DEW that can dustify the towers but no source of energy has been specified
4) needs to make the major assumption that the extreme heat at ground zero is a massive lie
5) does not explain the sicknesses/cancers in ground zero responders as easily as radiation from nuclear devices
6) does not explain the suspicious treatment of remaining WTC steel

Paper-- I do not think the presence of unburnt sheets of paper in the WTC dust can be construed as evidence for DEW, as the towers were undoubted filled with paper, and it's not at all clear what percentage of paper was destroyed. Paper is also light and some paper would thus would be expected to be blown out and away by explosive blasts, ahead of the highest energy wave.

Aluminum versus Steel-- I do not find the argument convincing that aluminum cladding intrinsically avoided destruction whereas the steel columns were vaporized.

Lack of bathtub damage and intact shops and tunnels beneath the WTC-- any sort of extreme pulverization of the towers from the top-down would lessen the overall impact on the ground of the towers' destruction; it's not clear where the intact shops and tunnels seen in pictures were in relation to the two main destroyed towers, thus this is inconclusive

Lack of large explosive sounds-- I do not think there is completely convincing case that can be made for lack of explosive sounds

DEW Pro/Con = Negative 4

PROS for Thermite/Thermate/Super Thermate
1) can explain some of the loss of steel as thermite can melt iron
2) might explain the lingering high heat and reports of molten steel

CONS for Thermite/Thermate/Super Thermate
1) difficult to imagine an incendiary chemical mixture being used to rapidly demolish a building
2) difficult to imagine how explosive thermite/thermate could be used to vaporize steel columns if the incendiary mixture is being dispersed by exploding at the same time
3) not clear that super thermate can account for the pulverization of the towers or that it even exists
4) not clear that residual thermite/thermate/super thermate can account for the extreme heat that lasted for at least six weeks at ground zero
5) requires massive pre-loading of the towers with large incendiary/explosive devices
6) does not explain the sicknesses/cancers in ground zero responders as easily as radiation from nuclear devices
7) does not explain the suspicious treatment of remaining WTC steel

Thermite/Thermate/Super Thermate Pro/Con= Negative 4

PROS for Milli-Nukes/Micro-Nukes
1) can easily explain all the features of the destruction of the towers
2) powerful, well-known, well-established destructive technology
3) small but extremely powerful and so do not require massive emplacement of devices in the towers

CONS for Milli-Nukes/Micro-Nukes
1) cover-up required for radiation at ground zero

One common argument I have seen made against nukes is that extremely bright flashes from nuclear explosions are not seen in videos. However this is not a definitive contrary argument as it is not clear what kind of flash would be seen from a very small nuke going off in the middle of steel tower-- especially once the first explosion has occurred and there are massive dust clouds that could shield the flashes of further explosions. Further, for tower 2, definitely, a few small bright flashes can be seen going off coincident with the tower going down.

Milli-Nukes/Micro-Nukes Pro/Con= Positive 2

Does anyone have a reasonable argument, based on the evidence, not on personalities, to add here?
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The Lawless Eavesdropping, Torturing, Murdering State

Welcome to the US of A!
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The Media Are Criminals, Part 3,098

God DAMN I am sick of the media's endless attempts at down-playing/ameliorating Bush's toxic legacy.

It's not just this Newsweek column, of course. It's everyone in the media who minimize what has been done RIGHT ON THE SURFACE regarding terrorism and the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. You don't even have to get into deep politics or conspiracies-- ALL THE SHIT-- the deaths, the torture, the illegal spying-- IS RIGHT THERE!!!
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The “REMASTERMIND” Needs to Reveal His Timeline for Nov. 22, 1963

Further, He Must Relinquish Any Attempts at Revisionist Re-Mastering of the Truth of the Kennedy Assassination

By Spooked and The Anonymous Physicist

This blog has recently had the opportunity to interact with someone in a way that may have historical significance. The chronology of this must first be detailed. For several years there was a frequent commenter here who used the moniker, “Early Wynn.” His comments were those of a liberal, and then gatekeeper of someone’s version of history. After Anonymous Physicist (A.P) began posting articles and comments here, Early Wynn became quite vociferous in denouncing A.P.’s articles and comments, especially if the assassination of President Kennedy was mentioned. A.P. had presciently accused “Early Wynn” of being posted/ordered to be at this blog, as a gatekeeper because he himself had some role in the Kennedy Assassination, and/or the cover-up of it, from the beginning! Similarly were “Early Wynn’s” strong reactions to A.P.’s articles on the assassinations of Rev. King, and Robert Kennedy. After Early Wynn was caught in numerous lies, including accusing Spooked of “blocking him” (all the while he was posting), this commenter dropped the “Early Wynn” moniker, and continued to post anonymously. However, Spooked recalls that three years ago, someone with the same style as “Early Wynn,” contacted him via email, and told him (without being asked) to go to the JFKLancer forum for “truth” of the JFK assassination. This person’s email had the name of Bill McWilliams.

More recently, A.P. began to reveal how he has suffered greatly because years ago he revealed the Ultimate Truth of the JFK assassination; namely that Secret Service Driver William Greer not only fired the fatal head shot to Kennedy, but Greer also first shot Connally (accidentally). A.P. has revealed how he has been brutally assaulted, heavily wiretapped, and attempted murder, via mercury poisoning of his entire house which he breathed in for two years before nearly dying, was perpetrated against him by what he calls the Gestapo (intelligence) agencies of the USA. A.P. revealed that all this occurred after he had obtained a version of the Zapruder film whereby, in the late 1970’s the House Committee on Assassinations added a motorcade policeman’s dictabelt recording (that was on during the assassination) to the Zapruder film. This audio-added version of the Z film shows, and tells, that at the apex of Greer’s two head turns, first Connally is hit, and then Kennedy’s head is partially blown off, and his body is slammed straight back in the limo. Others have said this beginning in the 1960’s, with researcher Fred Newcomb. and his extensive eyewitness interviews, and his book that all publishers refused to publish. Bill Cooper became famous in the 1980’s and 1990’s for showing that Greer had shot Kennedy, and was himself assassinated just two months after 9/11. Millions have read Cooper’s book, “Behold A Pale Horse,” and seen his videos, as well as being able to see the above actions for themselves on the Z film. A.P. has written that virtually everyone at the scene knew that Greer had completed the deed, and that the regime manufactured the mystery; and the intel agencies controlled that “mystery” with the industry they then created of bogus hangouts, authors, “researchers”, books, articles, museums, websites, forums, etc., all being run by the intel agencies.

A few weeks ago, after A.P. again cited the audio-added Zapruder film as proof of Greer’s two hits, an anonymous commenter (in the same style as the earlier “Early Wynn”) wrote this: “I think that's just terrible. Your donkey had an "audio-added Zapruder film" - an impossibility, since the Z film was made on a camera that didn't record sound - but wait, it gets curiouser and curiouser….” This despite it being historical fact that the House Committee’s audio experts added the Dictabelt audio to the video of the Z film, in the late 1970’s. As this commenter himself wrote, it did get curiouser, when this person himself put up a link to this article:

It is about none other than a person named Bill McWilliams, and his role as the “Remastermind” of this very same dictabelt recording, that the person cursed out A.P. for citing! When A.P. wrote that this commenter was himself Bill McWilliams, his reply was, "Regarding your interest in the dictabelt research: no definitive conclusion is expected anytime soon… Most importantly, JFK was killed by a shot that originated on either the North side GK or, as more and more of us have come to believe, perhaps from the South side (near the triple underpass). The thinking is that shot(s) may have been fired from the North GK as a diversion. The sound and the observed gunsmoke + the smell of rifle fire may have been used to divert attention away from the South side of Elm street.” Note how that paragraph says in effect. “It’s too early to tell what the results will be, but here’s what happened anyway…” His response can also be construed as saying, “ANYONE BUT SS AGENT GREER DID IT.” The last sentence, of course, is the reason for the creation of the JFK assassination industry, and what it has always been focused on. But the above response from the anonymous commenter can only be construed as tacit affirmation that he is Bill McWilliams, as who else would know where along in the remastering (with Lawrence Livermore Labs’ computers), the “project” was? Furthermore as his style matches “Early Wynn,” this was highly likely the moniker Mr. McWilliams used for several years at this blog.

The newspaper article on Bill McWilliams/The Remastermind was posted at many blogs, and newspapers, around the country. It details that Bill McWilliams worked for Dictaphone for 33 years, and retired in 1989. It states that Mr. McWilliams both heard the assassination, and saw the JFK hospital “admission”, on Nov. 22, 1963, and is currently working with Lawrence Livermore Labs (whose main job for the last 60-odd years has been to manufacture or design nuclear bombs), to “remaster” the dictabelt recording. The Democrat Herald article was written by a reporter (Steve Lathrop) who claims he directly interviewed Mr. McWilliams and his wife, as they live in that area of Oregon. Now there are numerous “facts” in the article that are both incorrect, and are of great historical and legal importance. Again, it was almost certainly Bill McWilliams who himself posted this article here, and he is obligated to provide the truth of these matters herein. The article claims that Mr. McWilliams both heard the assassination, and saw the bringing in of JFK into Parkland Hospital, just minutes after the assassination. Some of the article’s more obvious false statements include its saying that an ambulance brought JFK to Parkland Hospital, and that “the hospital, which was located directly behind the Dallas Police Station...” Now much of the world has seen (some version of) the Zapruder film whereby the limo driver--and NOT any ambulance--speeds up (only after the job is done) and races to Parkland Hospital, some miles away from Dealey Plaza. A commenter, “Yeuhd” [not vetted by either of us], to the article itself posted that the distance between the two is 4.6 miles (a google map search of modern Dallas shows Parkland Hospital is over 9 miles from the downtown Dallas Police Station). Now Mr. McWilliams apparently did partially respond to some of this, at comments at this blog, and wrote that the reporter, Steve Lathrop, “got it wrong.” He admits that JFK was taken in the limo to Parkland, and that Parkland was “near” Dictaphone headquarters, not Dallas P.D. headquarters. Notice that in addition to getting the buildings wrong, “directly behind” has morphed into “near.” How near these two places were needs to now be explicitly stated by Mr. McWilliams! Please provide us with all the street addresses, from 1963, of Dallas PD HQ, Dictaphone Office (where you worked), and Parkland’s address. These errors are remarkable on several accounts. First that such few and simple statements supposedly made directly to a professional reporter would be so erroneous, and that this reporter did not either know anything already about this momentous event, or bother to check these historical “facts” with another readily available source.

But there are crucial questions posed by A.P. to "Bill McWilliams" that were ignored, or were met with runarounds and insults. So we will re-pose these questions, or issues here. The article claims that “It was McWilliams who serviced the now-famous Dictabelt #10 at the Dallas police station the day of the assassination.” Yet the website of Mary Ferrell has an article by D.B. Thomas that states that a female technician did that: “The DPD technician with the responsibility for operating the recorders in 1963 was able to identify the writing [on the tape] as hers.” (emphasis added) Mr. McWilliams is not mentioned in the article by D.B. Thomas, at the Ferrell website. Neither does Mr. McWilliams name show up in any search relating to the JFKassassination, despite the overwhelming amount of online material on this event.

So, Mr. McWilliams: Did you or did you not, in any way, process, service, or alter the dictabelt assassination recording, in 1963, or at any other time? And if so, where and when did you do this? And why does the D.B. Thomas article not reference you?

Next crucially how could Mr. McWilliams be at both events--the assassination, and the Hospital “admission”--that were miles apart, yet so near in time. Only the racing Secret Service should have been able to be a part of both events! The article includes: “I heard it all as it happened,” McWilliams says.” So Mr. McWilliams, your complete timeline is absolutely needed here, and we eagerly await your posting this. Or, Mr. McWilliams, were you listening in live to the assassination, at some other location? And just “happened” to be at Parkland a bare few minutes later? If this is the case, a lot of explaining needs to occur, as only the “perpetraitors” would be listening in live-- knowing what was about to unfold, and then knowing where JFK would then be taken.

Also, Mr. McWilliams, the article quotes you as saying, “I don’t deal much with the computers…I don’t really trust them.” How and why exactly then did you set up the arrangement with the massive computer system at Lawrence Livermore Labs?

For the record, from the beginning of the use of the dictabelt audio, there has been an insidious form of doctoring employed. Microphones were set up at various locations in the route and surroundings to try to match the gunshot sounds that are supposedly on the dictabelt recording. But inside the limo has been excluded, in these re-enactments with microphones. Mr. McWilliams-- is the LL Labs once again excluding this possibility from the getgo? If so, then it is clear the process you are involved in is merely re-master(mind)ing the recording, and will have no validity. Note that the Thomas article states that the LL labs re-mastering of the dictabelt recording, is a laser re-mastering. And it concludes, “the advantage of the Laser copy is that it will be an authentic copy of the evidence recording in the sense that it will be an untampered copy, which is not necessarily the case with the recordings available on E-Bay.” Thus the best that can be hoped for is that Lawrence Livermore will produce a copy that is better than those “available on E-Bay.”

Another issue is that the two of us saw that this article was briefly online with the photo of Bill McWilliams removed from it! This occurred shortly after "Bill McWilliams" released the link to himself at comments here. Who has the power to remove the photo? After being down for a few hours, the picture was subsequently put back up.

In conclusion, it is essential that Bill McWilliams reply here with the following, as he himself put up the link to the article on him and his role during the assassination of President Kennedy.

1. The Nov. 1963 addresses of your Dictaphone Office, the Dallas Police Dept, Parkland Hospital, and any other locations where you were on 11/22/63. Please include approx. distances of each from the others, and from Dealey Plaza. Most importantly, according to the article, is the distance from Dictaphone HQ and Parkland Hospital, and from Dealey Plaza, as your correction to the article, implies that you could hear the assassination occurring (at Dealey Plaza) from your location at Dictaphone HQ; and that from Dictaphone HQ, you could also then see the JFK Hospital admission. This appears to be impossible if some location is say 2 miles or so from each. In addition to the distance stopping the sounds of the assassination, buildings would block the sight of the hospital!

2. Your complete timeline of where you were at every moment of 11/22/63.

3. Your complete set of interactions with the Motorcycle Cop’s dictabelt recording of the assassination beginning on 11/22/63.

4. Your explanation of how you could possibly have heard the assassination “as it happened” and then seen JFK brought into Parkland Hospital just a few minutes later, when only the Secret Service men racing him, to Parkland, should have been able to do both.

5. Relatedly, were you listening in on the assassination live? And if so, why? We note that the article on Bill McWilliams says he “heard” the assassination, and “saw” the hospital admission.

We thank you in advance for direct answers to these simple but crucial questions, and for not offering any runaround or insults. If however, all these crucial issues, in this paragraph, and the entire article here, are not addressed, the reasons why will also be clear, as will be the “reputations” of any site or person, etc. that you proclaim as “truthful.”

Finally why didn’t Mr. McWilliams IMMEDIATELY post corrections himself to these errors, of historical importance, at that article? The person who apparently is Bill McWilliams, who posts here, and who used to post as Early Wynn, repeatedly proclaims here that all he is doing here is putting out the truth, especially about the assassinations of JFK, RFK, and MLK. Yet he did not immediately correct the serious errors in the article about him in regards to the assassination of JFK. (Only a couple of corrections in general are up, posted by “Yeuhd”.) Indeed the article STILL has serious errors remaining, including Mr. McWilliams (allegedly) saying the article should say he was at Dictaphone HQ, not DPD HQ. Why did Mr. McWilliams not correct the errors, and why is he still not correcting the errors HIMSELF at the Democrat Herald online article? He is often here day after day, sometimes minute after minute, posting his “rebuttals” and "corrections" to what Anonymous Physicist’s research or direct involvement has revealed. All the errors, in that article, must be corrected, now by Mr. McWilliams. Likewise, the crucial historical, and legal, questions and issues, cited here, need to be answered-- by Mr. McWilliams.

He's had 45 years to get his story straight.
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Recent Changes in Wiretapping Laws Related to Electronic Vote Rigging?

One possible use of the power handed to the Bush administration as a result of this law would be for election fraud. This would be done through manipulation of vote counts as they’re transmitted over the phone lines, under the guise of attempting to intercept communication between terrorists.

They may have already done it, too-- which is they were so set on giving retroactive immunity to the telecoms. The fact that the Dems were in on this too, suggests it is a bipartisan game.
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Fake Opposition Democrat War Criminals

Why haven't the Democrats investigated and prosecuted the Bush administration torture ringleaders?

Because they are complicit in the crimes!

The Dem leadership was drawn into the whole program early on and never raised objections.
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Monday, July 14, 2008

Poor People Help Save Rich People-- How Touching

Some well-placed outrage from Dean Baker:
Apparently the government is going to hand Fannie and Freddie bucket loads of taxpayer dollars, no questions asked. The NYT reports that they will be given access to $300 billion of government loans at below market interest.

That's nice. Shareholders who would have lost all their money if matters were left to the market, may instead walk away with billions of dollars. Similarly, the top executives of these companies, who earn salaries in the millions and tens of millions of dollars, will keep collecting their paychecks.

We should all be thankful that the government intervened. After all really rich people and investment fund managers can't be expected to be able to handle their investments on their own. They need the helping hand of the government when they really screw up.

Similarly, we don't want the fate of highly paid executives to be left to market. If this happened, some might lose their vacation homes and private jets.

Some people say that we had to hand tens of billions of dollars to the country's richest people to prevent a financial collapse. This is simply not true.

We had to keep Fannie and Freddie in business, but we could have done this by putting conditions on the bailout. The government uses conditions all the time when it offers help to low and moderate income people. Unemployment insurance, TANF, food stamps, and even student loans come with all sorts of conditions.

It is only when it comes to giving money to extremely rich people that we find it impossible to impose conditions. Again, we could have told Fannie and Freddie that no executives will get more than $2 million a year in total compensation. We could have told their shareholders that they are out of luck, because that is what is supposed to happen when you invest in a bankrupt company.

Instead, we told the people who work as truck drivers, school teachers, and fire fighters that they will have to pay more in taxes to help some of the richest people in the country escape the consequences of their own stupidity. While kicking the poor is always fun for politicians, neither the Bush administration nor Congress are prepared to tell the very rich that they are on their own.
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Cheney Thought He Was Lethally Infected with Anthrax and That Made Him Cross the Line on Terrorist Interrogrations?!?

I call bullshit.

This is new info though, if true: "On Oct. 18, 2001, a White House alarm went off indicating that sensors had detected dangerous levels of radioactive, chemical or biological agents. According to Mayer, anyone who had entered the White House situation room, including Cheney, had been exposed."

Hmmm... who POSSIBLY could have set off that alarm? Was this ever investigated? If not, why not? If so, what was found out?
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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Heavy War-Crimes Talk Goes Mainstream

This is pretty serious stuff-- even a dash of LIHOP in there for good measure:
Mr. Bush’s 2005 proclamation that “we do not torture” was long ago revealed as a lie. Antonio Taguba, the retired major general who investigated detainee abuse for the Army, concluded that “there is no longer any doubt” that “war crimes were committed.” Ms. Mayer uncovered another damning verdict: Red Cross investigators flatly told the C.I.A. last year that America was practicing torture and vulnerable to war-crimes charges.

Top Bush hands are starting to get sweaty about where they left their fingerprints. Scapegoating the rotten apples at the bottom of the military’s barrel may not be a slam-dunk escape route from accountability anymore.

No wonder the former Rumsfeld capo, Douglas Feith, is trying to discredit a damaging interview he gave to the British lawyer Philippe Sands for another recent and essential book on what happened, “Torture Team.” After Mr. Sands previewed his findings in the May issue of Vanity Fair, Mr. Feith protested he had been misquoted — apparently forgetting that Mr. Sands had taped the interview. Mr. Feith and Mr. Sands are scheduled to square off in a House hearing this Tuesday.

So hot is the speculation that war-crimes trials will eventually follow in foreign or international courts that Lawrence Wilkerson, Colin Powell’s former chief of staff, has publicly advised Mr. Feith, Mr. Addington and Alberto Gonzales, among others, to “never travel outside the U.S., except perhaps to Saudi Arabia and Israel.” But while we wait for the wheels of justice to grind slowly, there are immediate fears to tend. Ms. Mayer’s book helps cement the case that America’s use of torture has betrayed not just American values but our national security, right to the present day.

In her telling, a major incentive for Mr. Cheney’s descent into the dark side was to cover up for the Bush White House’s failure to heed the Qaeda threat in 2001. Jack Cloonan, a special agent for the F.B.I.’s Osama bin Laden unit until 2002, told Ms. Mayer that Sept. 11 was “all preventable.” By March 2000, according to the C.I.A.’s inspector general, “50 or 60 individuals” in the agency knew that two Al Qaeda suspects — soon to be hijackers — were in America. But there was no urgency at the top. Thomas Pickard, the acting F.B.I. director that summer, told Ms. Mayer that when he expressed his fears about the Qaeda threat to Mr. Ashcroft, the attorney general snapped, “I don’t want to hear about that anymore!”

After 9/11, our government emphasized “interrogation over due process,” Ms. Mayer writes, “to pre-empt future attacks before they materialized.” But in reality torture may well be enabling future attacks. This is not just because Abu Ghraib snapshots have been used as recruitment tools by jihadists. No less destructive are the false confessions inevitably elicited from tortured detainees. The avalanche of misinformation since 9/11 has compromised prosecutions, allowed other culprits to escape and sent the American military on wild-goose chases. The coerced “confession” to the murder of the Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, to take one horrific example, may have been invented to protect the real murderer.
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Books are Better Than Bombs

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Prosecuting Bush Administration War Criminals?

A pretty amazing discussion here on MSNBC, with Jonathan Turley and Rachel Maddow:
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Anthrax Follies

Patrick Leahy sounds like someone has him by the short hairs here.
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Ballistics and Planes Hitting Buildings

In my continuing quest to find examples of collisions where an object penetrates (more-or-less) indestructibly and then breaks apart once inside, I found some articles on bullet fragmentation inside bodies.

There are a few articles on this topic. For example:
Am J Forensic Med Pathol. 1998 Dec;19(4):299-302. Centerfire frangible ammunition: wounding potential and other forensic concerns.

The basic idea is that a bullet can break apart once inside the body, producing small lead fragments that can produce further damage to the tissues. The fragmentation depends very much on the type of bullet and what it hits. For instance, the bullet might hit some metal object on the outside of the body and fragment before it penetrates the body. Standard ammunition will not easily fragment inside the body, but there is "frangible" ammunition that is designed to fragment. Frangible ammo has much less penetrating power, as you might expect. Frangible ammo could be considered analogous to the plane that breaks apart after penetrating.

I have not been able to determine if frangible bullets deform or fragment at all as they first make contact with the tissue, or if this occurs only after penetration. This could possibly address the issue of the lack of plane deformation/fragmentation as it hits the tower. I'm sure there are slow motion videos/high speed photos of frangible bullets hitting targets, but I have been unable to find them.

In any case, one point to all this is that an object CAN break apart after it penetrates another object.

But the other point is the distance traveled of the bullet before it breaks apart completely-- as a function of its length.

I have a hard time seeing a fragmenting bullet going 125% of its length into a body and losing all momentum and not exiting. For example, picture a fragmenting bullet fired from a handgun hitting someone's hand from the top-- and the bullet essentially staying contained in the hand-- with only a couple of fragments exiting and with a smaller exit hole than an entrance hole.

Hard to imagine this-- right?

Yet this is what we are expected to believe happened with UA175 hitting the South WTC tower: a 160-foot long plane hitting a tower 200 feet wide, making a large silhouette-shaped entrance hole, without any pieces breaking off and with no detectable deceleration, then disintegrating, with only a few small fragments of the plane exiting, and a very small exit hole.

In other words, this:

How on earth does this conform to any earthly physics?

And how on earth do professional scientists show this with a straight face????
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Real-Life Consequences of the New FISA Bill

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World Bank President Says Food Prices Will Stay High Until 2012

How interesting he would use that date.

Some interesting things about 2012:
2012 is sometimes claimed to be a great year of spiritual transformation (or apocalypse). Many esoteric sources interpret the completion of the thirteenth B'ak'tun cycle in the Long Count of the Maya calendar (which occurs on December 21 by the most widely held correlation) to mean there will be a major change in world order.

# NASA's new Orion spacecraft will become fully operational for International Space Station support flights.
# Freedom Tower in New York City: Construction will be finished
# The sun will reverse its own magnetic poles during 2012 as result of reaching the end of the current 11-year sunspot cycle.
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Thursday, July 10, 2008


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Tired? Lazy? Criminally Corrupt? Complete Fucktards?

What exactly IS the fucking explanation for the congressional Democrats and their incredible lack of action on every fucked up thing the Bush administration has done???
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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Raw, Painful No Plane Emotion? Or Something Else?

This is interesting on a few levels. It's hard to listen to for sure. But the most important thing is how this guy stays on the line! I have to think he's tacitly agreeing with the drunken Jeff Hill. Why else wouldn't he just unplug or not answer the phone-- or just tell the drunken foul-mouthed lout to get lost???????? There something seriously wrong with the call recipient.

UPDATE: One explanation is that these people are both shills, playing a game, staging a late-night conversation. This makes the most sense, since the whole recording is so ridiculous. Clearly, though, if this is staged action between shills, it's creepy as hell. Either way, this crazy video itself helps prove 9/11 was an inside job.

UPDATE 2: Jeff Hill emailed me and says he's not an agent. He says he doesn't know why these people talk to him like they do. I will take him at his word.
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Endless Surveillance

FISA is just the beginning of the spying.

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There's No Doubt Obama Sucks

But in every way imaginable, on every issue, McCain is simply AWFUL. He's a joke.

He's quite possibly the worst candidate from a major political party in the modern era (which is saying a lot given Bush in 2000 and 2004 and Reagan in the 80s).

The only reason he's in the race at all is that the media love him.

But WHY, exactly?

Because he's a war-monger??? Or he has such a great sense of humor?
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Felipe David, Hanging Skin and Nuclear Demolition

(Originally posted 7/8/07)

he "hanging skin" of Felipe David following exposure to a blast in the basement of the WTC almost certainly indicates a nuclear explosion.

Where in the World is Felipe David-- and Did He Survive Exposure to Nuclear Radiation?

by The Anonymous Physicist

On 9/11, Felipe David, employed by Aramark Corp., was checking or replenishing vending machines in one of the basement levels of WTC1. The following is supposedly Felipe David’s account of what happened beginning just before the first plane “hit.” "That day I was in the basement in sub-level 1 sometime after 8:30am. Everything happened so fast, everything moved so fast. The building started shaking after I heard the explosion below, dust was flying everywhere and all of a sudden it got real hot. I threw myself onto the floor, covered my face because I felt like I was burned. I sat there for a couple of seconds on the floor and felt like I was going to die, saying to myself 'God, please give me strength.'

"When I went in, I told them it was an explosion," said David, who was then helped out of the WTC by Rodriguez and eventually taken by ambulance to New York Hospital. "When people looked at me with my skin hanging, they started crying but I heard others say 'OK, good, good, you made it alive. [This ends the extract from the first URL above.]

Now I would like people to note that nowhere in the above quote, allegedly direct from Mr. David, does he mention fire. He states that he felt and heard explosion(s), and then “it got real hot.” He never says he saw any fire. This may be crucial. However when you read of his story through the words of William Rodriguez, “fire” is added into the story. "He had been standing in front of a freight elevator on sub-level 1 about 400 feet from the office when fire burst out of the elevator shaft, causing his injuries."

Reports, as we shall see, differ greatly as to how he got to the vicinity of other workers for help, including keymaster William Rodriguez, of whom we have already seen much “coincidence” and strangeness. We have the “most official” story (always the one to be most wary of for those in the know) that he staggered into Rodriguez’ office or area, and Rodriguez helped him outside, and into an ambulance. Some earlier reports even stated that Rodriguez carried Mr. David. The following site no longer works, but I copied the following from google: “Rodriguez carried Felipe David out of the building and re-entered it to rescue two men trapped on the elevator who were in danger of ... ”

But this Christian organization’s website quotes Mr David saying he ran six blocks for help! "I asked God to give me strength. And I was able to get up and run six blocks to find an exit," Mr. David says. Then we have this remarkable TV interview that morning with Kenny Johannemann. Mr. Johannemann states that he was the one who helped David, “I dragged a guy off. His skin was hanging. I helped him into an ambulance” Note that there is no mention of Rodriguez. Wise individuals have suggested that perhaps no one interviewed on TV on 9/11 was genuine. Notice how the camera angle changes and zooms in on him, just as he is asked about “terrorism.” The regime had long range plans, and a carefully crafted script. Note how Johannemann’s arms flail just like another 9/11 witness that morning who has been shown to be bogus. He, of course, could be telling the truth (and each of you will have to draw your own conclusions), but I cannot find anything on him in recent years.

So we have at least four accounts as follows:
Rodriquez helped David to an ambulance.
Rodriquez carried David to an ambulance.
Johannemann helped David to an ambulance.
David ran six blocks to an ambulance.

Of course, in the shock and excitement of such events, we know that accounts can differ, and we cannot make any definitive conclusions in this regard.

Now, let us return to Felipe David’s “hanging skin.” What caused this? It is always possible that some conventional fire or explosives caused his burns and the hanging skin on his face and arms. But we saw that David himself did not mention “fire.” So we may conclude that it wasn’t any direct fire that caused this. A conventional explosive blast could have done this. But this too may not be so likely, as such blasts may be expected to cause different types of wounds deep into the face and arms. But that is still a possibility, as is a fire that he just didn’t see.

That brings us to one possible cause of his hanging skin, that indeed he couldn’t possibly have seen! That is radiation from a mini-nuke, which may have just exploded, at that time, in one of the sub-basement levels. One is not capable of seeing the radiation (gamma rays, neutrons) emitted by a nuclear blast. One will just feel the heat, then pain and then the skin will be damaged, and may either be vaporized, charred or hanging—depending on the flux intensity (distance, wavelength/type of the radiation etc. are factors here). This eyewitness account on the survivors of the Hiroshima nuclear attack describes how common was damaged, hanging skin amongst them. (You can use your “find” function and search on “hanging.”)

I assert my following interpretation of Mr. David’s words is the most likely account of what happened to Mr. David. He hears and feels explosion(s). He doesn’t see any fire coming at him, but is surprised to feel great heat on his skin, and goes to the floor. He then is further shocked to feel and see his skin burned and hanging. All this is very much like what the burn victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki reported.

Now radiation exposure to the skin should result in significant swelling. But we have no photos or videos of Mr. David, until this Youtube video (in Spanish) allegedly three months later, when Mr. Rodriguez visits Mr. David. David’s face does look (still?) a bit swollen, but not much. But this is allegedly three months later, without any allowed record of what his face, arms and legs looked like until that point in time. Why do we not have any photos or video of Mr David until that point in time? Could he have had massive skin swelling, beginning almost immediately after his skin was damaged by “something,” possibly radiation from a nuclear blast? Could they have only trotted Mr. David out after his swelling had come down to a “normal” level?

Finally I note that there seems to be nothing in the public record on Felipe David for the last five years or so! Even though he “too” could be regarded as a “hero.” Why do we not know where he is, and his status? Hopefully Felipe David is OK. Hopefully he did not get cancer, or other medical problems, or suffer a strange “accident.” Hopefully truly independent researchers will find him, and get his story direct from him, when he wouldn’t be surrounded by any public media, or “handlers” from the government, or any other interference. With the dearth of information forced upon us, we may ask: Where in the world is Felipe David? What has he been doing these last five years or so?

And is Felipe David the (only?) radiation survivor of a mini-nuke at the World Trade Center on 9/11? Does he share a kindred experience with those who were in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in those early days of August 1945 that marked the dawn of a new, horrible age? We must recognize that just like the World Trade Center on 9/11, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were also called ... Ground Zero.
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Monday, July 07, 2008

Tavistock Square Bombing Anniversary

Nothing odd about this at all, is there?
A bomb tears the roof off of a diverted number 30 bus, at the junction of Woburn Square and Tavistock Place, splattering blood over the frontage of the British Medical Association’s front door. A ‘van belonging to Kingstar van is photographed near the rear of the bus (Kingstar is a firm specialing in controlled demolition), while top floor passengers are standing about, looking rather unharmed. On the side of the bus, the remains of an advert for The Descent, a horror film that was to be released the following day, proclaims: 'Outright Terror! Bold and Brilliant'.

The bus explosion also happened to occur right in front of the headquarters of two Israeli-based security firms, Fortress GB and ICTS UK Ltd, both based in Tavistock House, and having Underground-line security contracts (14). Also not terribly far away in Tavistock Square are the the British Transport Police headquarters. The BTP had three officers driving behind the bus when it exploded - the first officers on the scene (15).

The Tavistock Institute, of course, is famous for brain-washing people and manipulating events. According to "Hitler Was a British Agent", The Tavistock Institute was where Hitler was programmed to be a British agent -- he was programmed to start WWII and to eventually lose.
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Proving the Point: Communications Among the Perps

by The Anonymous Physicist

Now I have detailed here numerous times, that the number 33 is both a Freemason code, and often a code used by them regarding hidden nuclear matters. Likewise I have herein revealed the true meaning of Orion and its belt stars, as relates to human origins and enslavement, by others down here, throughout Mankind’s terrible, manipulated history; and what 9/11 really means, and what is coming-- which must be fought.

Now I have also stated that the virtual entirety of both general conspiracy, and “911truth” websites, blogs, and especially forums, are run by the intel agencies operating out of Langley, Ft. Meade, London or Rome. Let us look at what a “poster” put up at one of these obvious “forums.” (Note that “poster” is close to “imposter.”) Take a gander at the post, 4th down from the top here. This forum and its horde of intel agency [im]posters generally conclude, either that there was no conspiracy, or provide an approved Limited Hangout. The topic being “discussed” here is molten metal in the aftermath of WTC destruction. The post in question claims that thermite was the cause of the great heat at the WTC weeks and months after 9/11. I have exposed the absurdity of this on numerous physical grounds. Thermite cools off in minutes or hours, and not weeks and months later. Indeed most of the thermite would have been used up during its hypothetical use. This is opposed to nuclear bombs that only use up 1-6% of its fissile material, the rest being left over for causing the great heat for so long-- the China Syndrome. Thermite is the 9/11 destruction method claimed by the physicist Steven Jones, PhD. He, of course, is well known to be intel, after his bogus destruction of Cold Fusion as a great new energy source.

But look at both the moniker used by the poster, and the time s/he makes sure to post at: respectively these are “OrionStars”, and 03:33 AM. So we have both Orion, and the 33 used here. I have asserted that this likely was a message to others, say at other forums/blogs/sites, and any media, even MSM, that they should promote, far and wide, the thermite hangout, and S. Jones. It also tells others that that hangout, and that person are part of an op. Furthermore, we must analyze the use of the double. That is, either the “Orion” moniker, or the “33” was sufficient to promote this guy, and his hangout. The double likely was used to promote two bits of info. The other being that the actual cause of WTC destruction was nuclear!

So we see that in very recent times, there is no need for agents in the media, or in the field to “phone home to Langley” for instructions/clarifications-- all they need to do is log on to the forums run by the intel agencies, to get the “word.” Of course, now that you have learned all this from the Anonymous Physicist, all I ask is that you counter this, each of you, in your own way. These nighttime crawlers abhor the light of day, and the truth. There are so many more of you, than of them!
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Civilians Going to a Wedding or "Militants"?

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Sunday, July 06, 2008

NIST Uses Lame Floor Collapse Mechanism to Explain the Fate of WTC7

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WTC7 Rubble Had Extremely Hot Spots-- Like WTC1 and WTC2-- Evidence of Nuking

This is the AVRIS (Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer) map for Sept. 16th, 2001-- WTC7 is at the upper right, with several orange/yellow spots (yellow being most hot in the scale here):

These spots of extreme temperatures are almost certainly indication that nuclear devices were used to level the WTC towers. And the most eastern (rightward) spot of WTC7 is at least 1000 Kelvin-- one of the hottest spots they recorded. Ironically, this is the area where NIST now seems to be blaming a floor collapse for the fall of WTC7 (as if!).

More evidence of nuclear-scale temperatures are the statements of Dr. Bernett, Fire Engineering Professor relating: "steel members in the debris pile that appear to have been partly evaporated in extraordinarily high temperatures".

The most and most intense hot spots are at the eastern base of WTC2 -- perhaps this is where the most redundant nukes were placed?

Certainly, the corners of the structures had the most hot spots-- area where there would be the most necessity for extreme demolition.
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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Seven "Solved"!!!

The final mystery of 9/11 will soon be solved, according to US experts investigating the collapse of the third tower at the World Trade Center.

The FINAL mystery? Puh-leeze.

SOLVED? Somehow I think their definition of solved is different than mine.

This part is funny:
With no steel from Tower 7 to study, investigators have instead made four extremely complex computer models worked out to the finest detail.

No steel? No problem!!! They can use their highly rigged computer models to explain everything!

Because they sure don't want to be forced to explain "steel members in the debris pile that appear to have been partly evaporated in extraordinarily high temperatures".

So, definitely, it was a good thing that "all of the thousands of tonnes of steel from the skyscraper were taken away to be melted down."

Because, if there's no evidence, then clearly there's no crime!!!
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Friday, July 04, 2008

Did Two Nuclear Reactors, not Nuclear Bombs, Destroy the WTC on 9/11?

Review of William Tahil’s Book, “Ground Zero: The Nuclear Demolition of the WTC”, and of his Reactor Hypothesis

by The Anonymous Physicist

Tahil’s book is now downloadable for free here: I welcome Tahil’s comments and corrections, if any, to this review and analysis of his work, via email to Spooked, who will forward to me. Tahil was one of the very first to write and publish on the nuclear demolition of the WTC on 9/11. Also, other than myself, he is the only other scientist, or person, to write about the China Syndrome aftermath. As my illness prevented me from writing on 9/11 until 2007, his 2006 book was the first to correctly attribute the great heat and molten metal that existed at the WTC for months afterwards, to the China Syndrome of still-fissioning material. While I discovered that independently, he was the first to demonstrate this in public writing. He deserves much credit for this. The Finnish military expert, Tahil, and myself, are the three people who have written proposed nuclear demolition schemes. My articles on the nuclear destruction of the WTC are here and my articles on the China Syndrome are here The Finn believes a single nuclear bomb was used on each tower, via a focused, nuclear shape charge in the basement. I have stated that numerous mini- or micro-nukes were employed in the towers, and in all the other WTC buildings. I have further highlighted that great redundancy was employed, and that numerous nukes either were sabotaged, fizzled on their own, or were impacted (without being triggered themselves), by other exploding nukes. And so many nukes did not go off as planned, and their unused fissile material later gave rise to the China Syndrome. My article on the early attempted nuking of WTC7, which failed, is good evidence of fizzled, or sabotaged nukes. Thus there were many nukes available, whose fissile material was not employed in the destruction, and which gave rise to the China Syndrome, in my hypothesis. Please read all my articles, including the one on "fratricided" nukes here.

Now Tahil is unique among the nuclear 9/11 proponents, in that he alone believes that two nuclear reactors-- not nuclear bombs-- were employed to demolish the two towers. While my 9/11 nuclear scenario is different from Tahil’s, and I have explained in lesser detail before why I think mine is correct, and his is incorrect, I have always stated (and still do) that his work should be read by all, as I could be wrong, and he could be right, or possibly there are elements of truth, where we may both be right. Looking at the different nuclear 9/11 scenarios, the Finn, and I, believe the evidence points to nuclear bombs. The Finn believes a single, fission-free, 4th generation thermonuclear device destroyed each tower. This is based on the govt’s Tritium finding. Tahil does not mention the Tritium evidence, and goes with pure fission at the WTC. I have written several things chronologically as the evidence, and my thinking evolved. First I went with both sets of evidence, namely that either fusion (tritium) enhanced fission bombs, or a fission-triggered fusion bombs, were employed. Later I noted the way the regime has total control of all scientific data, and could block release of the most damning data. I stated that it is possible that the Tritium finding was a red herring to divert people into looking for the fission-less fusion bomb, precisely because this would stop people from realizing there was a "China Syndrome" aftermath, at the WTC-- which the regime wishes to hide at all costs. (Presumably only fission can yield the China Syndrome.) So I have stated it is possible that all nukes employed on 9/11 were fission bombs, and the tritium data is spurious.

One of the nuclear 9/11 proponents, William Deagle, M.D., further lends support to my redundant nuclear bomb hypothesis with his direct knowledge of a Fort Collins U.S. Army Forensics Team member who was immediately sent in to the OKC bombing site in 1995. This man told Deagle (his physician) directly, that he and the team brought out two unexploded micro-nuclear bombs, and one unexploded C4 pineapple bomb, from the 10-story Murrah building, after its destruction. This Army man said that the nukes were emplaced by ATF and FBI personnel. He further stated that his Army team was under armed supervision by Wackenhut guards, who tested that they did not remove any radioactive evidence. We can see from this, that great redundancy (extra nuclear bomb emplacement) was employed at OKC. Remember that Murrah was only 10 stories tall, and nowhere near as wide as the towers or WTC7. Consider the total volume of the WTC towers, the 47 story WTC7, and all the other buildings, and you can see how dozens of redundant nukes may have been employed in the nuclear destruction of the entire WTC. If the matter is linear, given the relative volumes, we might even conclude that 50-100 micro-nukes were emplaced, and they gave rise to the China Syndrome, in my hypothesis.

For now, let’s examine what Tahil has to say particularly on the subjects of his nuclear reactor hypothesis, and the China Syndrome aftermath. Much of Tahil’s hypothesis rests on his interpretation of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Dust Analysis data here. Tahil seems to view the USGS data, and all govt data/studies at face value. He does not seem to realize the possibility, or likelihood, that errors of omission, or commission, were utilized in various Gov’t studies, whereas I have highlighted this in my articles. Tahil particularly mocks those who state that the Seismic records were doctored-- which includes me. I base my view on several things, including eyewitness testimony of those at Ground Zero, and a friend who lived a mile north, and who described books falling off shelves, at the moment of the first CGI “plane hit,”-- or WTC1 basement (nuclear) explosion. Also we know that the Gov’t actually asked one Seismic Lab to “re-do” their calculations.

Let’s get back to the USGS dust study that Tahil uses for much of his hypothesis. I have stated that this study is heavily flawed in many ways. Some of my criticisms, I will now list:

-- Did not test for (or report findings on) Plutonium.

-- Did not look for anything smaller than 2.5 microns, or did not delineate this, when labs had, for years prior, equipment that would have quantified dust down to 10 nanometer size.

-- Only looked at a small area, mostly within 0.5 Km from the towers, when the dust settled much further away, and

-- A good deal of the dust went up in smoke! Thus the smallest particles ended up far away. See my articles again.

-- Samples were taken 5-6 days later, after a rain/wind storm on day 2.

-- Did not differentiate differing isotopes of a given element. (Differing isotopes have the same number of protons, but differing numbers of neutrons in their nuclei. Isotopes behave very differently regarding nuclear processes including radiation release, and further fissioning.)

I have highlighted the reason the regime prevented, or perhaps more likely ALTERED the data on the smallest sized dust particles. It requires far greater energy (only nukes) to create the tiniest dust particle size.

Now Tahil concentrates on the USGS dust study, and in particular its findings regarding the elements Strontium, Barium, Zinc, and several others. He uses the 12-- out of 35-- sample sites that yielded Strontium. He has made some very good findings regarding the near total correlation of Strontium and Barium in the dust samples. This shows a common origin, he asserts, and is likely right. This, he says virtually proves fission occurred as Strontium and Barium are two common “daughter” elements in the fissioning of Uranium. This is likely correct as well. But he also states several things that are not correct. He makes these mistakes throughout the book. He only considers the buildings’ concrete or steel as sources of the dust. This is a serious flaw. The buildings’ entire contents-- from people to furniture, etc., etc.-- must be considered! He also at times, assumes one particular isotope for an element, e.g. Strontium 90, and not its other four naturally occurring isotopes, and its other 15 artificially created isotopes.

On page 24, Tahil states, “These elements [Barium and Strontium] simply should not be present in building rubble or building materials in even a valid trace amount, which would be less than 10 ppm…” In succeeding pages, he elaborates that very high levels of Strontium and Barium in the dust study could only have come from the fissile Uranium in two nuclear reactors, very deep underneath the two towers. But, we shall see that Strontium, Barium, and Zinc are NOT to be unexpectedly found in the vaporized rubble, as Tahil states. Thus their source need not be from massive amounts of fissioned Uranium, as Tahil claims. There are many common, known sources of Strontium. A Strontium compound can make up as much as 10% of the mass in toothpaste for “sensitive teeth.” Strontium is a normal component of everyone’s bones and teeth. And Tahil does not take into account the total vaporization of half of the nearly 3000 human victims, and partial vaporization of the others. Other Strontium sources include pottery, color TVs, aerosol paints, drugs for osteoporosis, and other sources. However there is one source of Strontium that has overarching importance here.

Tahil ignores the fact that Strontium occurs in Limestone. And Limestone is often the major component of concrete. How much Strontium might there be in the 100,000 tons of concrete in each WTC tower? Let us look at one type of limestone called oolite limestone.

Strontium in oolitic limestone can occur at up to 10,800 ppm (parts per million)! This study found a range from 230 to 10,800, with an average of 414 ppm. But is oolitic limestone used in very large structures? Some of the largest buildings ever built have indeed used oolitic limestone. This includes the Empire State Building and the Pentagon!

Then there is the issue of Barium. Wiki notes that Barium is a "getter" in vacuum tubes, is used in glassmaking, and is used in a coating for the electrodes in the ubiquitous fluorescent lamps. Furthermore, Wiki says, “Lithopone, a pigment that contains Barium Sulfate and Zinc Sulfide, is a permanent white that has good covering power…” Here wiki indicates that Lithopone may be commonly “used in interior paints and in some enamels.” Thus we see that if this pigment was used in the WTC, we have a Barium/Zinc linkage, without resorting to Uranium fission. But on page 30, Tahil shows that if one sample site were left out, Barium and Zinc have nearly a 100% (96%) correlation. Tahil speculates that this correlation could only be from nuclear fission, and in particular, lesser known “ternary fission.” He might be right, but you see from my Lithopene example, this one correlation could be explained without fission. The Lithopene example does not disprove fission, but it shows that any one of these correlations is not conclusive of anything. They have limitations.

Also Barium, some analysts assert, is one of the main ingredients in the ubiquitous, and notorious, Chemtrails. These trails have been seen in the skies for the last 15 years or more. As they stay up for great lengths of time, they may be nanoparticles. It’s even possible that by now, their contents have mixed with the atmosphere, and the entire Earth has been saturated with their contents. Of course, ongoing regions getting this “treatment” will have very high doses for some time. The Hair Mineral Analysis, done on people, has shown a great increase in the levels of Barium, over the last 10 years. This means that some Barium compound has gotten into people. Regarding the USGS dust samples, the relatively large percentage of Barium, in the USGS study, could even have come from the vaporized people, or from significant mixing of the WTC dust with atmospheric Barium, or from some local Chemtrail spraying within the 5-6 days of the WTC destruction, before the samples were collected. If the Barium were ubiquitous, say from the atmosphere--and its adherence to the smoke from the WTC, the WTC dust might come down with much Barium in it. Thus there may have been a significant base level of both Strontium and Barium from common, non-nuclear sources.

Zinc is also cited on page 143 when Tahil extrapolates and concludes that a massive amount of Uranium was fissioned on 9/11-- from two reactors. But Zinc is also not rare, as Tahil claims. Zinc is the major metal in pennies and is in batteries, steel, paint pigments, and many other sources.

But again Tahil may be right, because I have not proven that Lithopene was used at the WTC, unless it is/was ubiquitous. Nor have I proven what the level of Strontium in the limestone in the concrete was. However, Tahil’s body of evidence, in this book, which includes several correlations of daughter products of fission, his analysis of the dust from the girders whereby Tahil concludes that elements were blasted onto the girders, and were still fissioning when collected on the girders, and all his other findings, indicate that there was fission in the WTC on 9/11/01. But the amount of fissioned Uranium is impossible to find by extrapolation of the dust, because the amounts of Strontium, Barium and Zinc may have been large, in the WTC, as I have shown above. But thanks to Tahil, we can conclude that the search for the “holy grail” of fission-free fusion (as the Finnish Military Expert has done), is likely a fruitless hangout, or red herring, and should be abandoned. The proof of the fission is in the China Syndrome, and the sum of the findings in Tahil’s book. More strongly put, be wary of any alleged Nuclear-9/11 proponents who do not proclaim the China Syndrome Aftermath of 9/11! There are only four proponents of the China Syndrome: Tahil, myself (the “Anonymous Physicist”), Spooked, and recently Deagle.

The following is the crux of Tahil’s nuclear reactor hypothesis. On pages 144-145, Tahil claims that there were massive amounts of Strontium and Zinc as radioactive fallout, and that then indicates there was a massive amount of Uranium (nearly 500 tons) that had fissioned. And then that this claim of nearly 500 tons of fissioned Uranium implies to him that only a reactor or two could have been the source of the Uranium. All this rests on the USGS dust study, and Tahil’s extrapolations of its data. Now while I think his earlier near 100% correlation of Strontium and Barium, goes a long way toward proving nuclear fission occurred on 9/11, his calculations leading to 500 tons of Uranium-- and subsequent hypothesis that implies two massive reactors were sent critical is flawed. On page 144, Tahil-- via extrapolation of the amounts of these elements in the USGS dust study-- arrives at the estimates of 60 tons of Strontium and 100 tons of Zinc, per tower, in the fallout from the destruction of the WTC. From this, he further estimates that there must have been at least 470 tons of Uranium in each of two reactors deep underground in each tower, that was somehow sent critical, and exploded in nuclear fashion, and caused the destruction of each tower, and gave rise to the China Syndrome. While I, of course, agree with him that the HEAT GENERATION, of up to six months, at the WTC, leaves only the possibility of a China Syndrome, his assumptions and math need scrutiny.

1. I have already pointed out that the USGS is greatly flawed, and likely doctored with numerous errors of omission and commission. See above.

2. He apparently assumes all the Strontium was Strontium 90, and ignores the other isotopes of Strontium, while the USGS study did not differentiate isotopes.

3. He assumes the origin of daughter elements is Uranium, when they could have been fissioned from Plutonium, which was not tested for by the USGS--or else not published

4. He ignores non-nuclear sources for Strontium and Zinc, and assumes all Strontium and Zinc came from nuclear fission. See above where I have strongly disproved this.

So for all these reasons, we arrive at the conclusion that we cannot use the USGS data for a simple weight ratio analysis. Furthermore, Tahil compares his nuclear reactor hypothesis to only one micro-nuclear bomb per tower, and ignores the possibility/probability that

1. Many mini- or micro-nukes were used per tower

2. That the other buildings also were nuked

3. He incorrectly says that a fission nuke has all of its Uranium used up in its use. This is very curious since he cites Peter Vogel’s book, "The Last Wave From Port Chicago." And this book is one source that describes the efficiency of a fission bomb. On page 13-13 Vogel writes that the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb used only 1.14% of its contained fissile material. More recently, 6% efficiency for updated nuclear bombs is cited here. This means that instead of 100% of the U-235 being used up when it goes critical in a bomb, only 1-6% is used up, and thus 94-99% of its U-235 is left over for the China Syndrome!

4. Tahil does not realize other possibilities that I have made original hypotheses on; namely that many redundant nukes were also likely emplaced. And some, or many, of these may have been either sabotaged or fizzled because of various reasons.

5. The actual tower destruction scenario observed, fits the use of numerous small nukes much better than a deep underground set of two massive reactors.

6. Officially physicists have claimed that a fission reactor cannot even yield a nuclear explosion. (However, we must take this with a small grain of salt. If a nuclear reactor could yield a full nuclear explosion, like a fission bomb, the PTB would never let this be known.)

So from this last list, it is clear that not one, but numerous nukes per tower could have been employed, and the scenarios I have described, could have led to a large amount of still-fissioning Uranium or Plutonium fragments, “left” (after WTC destruction) both near the surface, and deep underground.

Now we must analyze the geometry and dynamics of the WTC destruction, to see what fits better: the use of a deep underground nuclear reactor per tower, or numerous small nukes. One problem is the early sub-basement explosions that were timed to go off at the same time as the alleged “plane hits” way above. I have written extensively and cited much evidence, that these were nuclear devices that were exploded and even that EMPs (Electromagnetic Pulses) were yielded at those times. Tahil agrees that these explosions were nuclear. He cites an article that I have cited numerous times written by WTC Engineer Mike Pecoraro. Pecoraro was below the sub-basement C level (presumably at the D level, but not described explicitly), when his colleague saw “flickering lights” (EMP?) and they ascended to the C level. He says, "There was nothing there but rubble, we're talking about a 50 ton hydraulic press gone!" Pecoraro and a co-worker then “made their way to the parking garage, but found that it, too, was gone…” As they then ascended to the B Level, one floor above, they “were astonished to see a steel and concrete fire door that weighed about 300 pounds, wrinkled up like a piece of aluminum foil" and lying on the floor. Now I have asserted, the only thing that could have done these things is neutron bombardment and/or million-degree temperatures, both from a nuke. Tahil says his nuclear reactors were well below the seven known sub-basement levels of the towers. And the reactors were sent critical at WTC destruct time. But he also says he believes the earlier “Pecoraro explosion” was nuclear.

Thus we have several problems with the nuclear reactor hypothesis:

1. How does a reactor go critical for the earlier Pecoraro basement, nuclear explosion, and still be capable of being used again--in any coherent fashion? And the destruction of the towers was very well controlled.

2. In this light, how can any reactor being melted down, and going critical, be used in such a controlled, coherent, relatively precise and symmetrical fashion, so many floors below what it is to destroy, when a reactor gone critical implies much chaos? As opposed to numerous, strategically placed small nukes.

3. How can Pecoraro have survived a nuclear explosion from a reactor below his level (and not know that that was what happened), and then go above him to two floors that were nuked? Unless small nuclear bomb(s) were utilized at those levels.

4. Now I can see how the observed deep underground flowing metal, weeks and months later, might possibly be from this deep underground reactor, but what about the hot rubble pile and its fissioning material not far from the surface?

5. What about the possibility of breaking through to the Hudson (if not directly underneath, then just a bit West of the WTC) if the reactor were so far down, and made to explode, nuclear-wise?

My “Many Nukes” hypothesis, which includes my “Many Nukes fizzled/sabotaged/impacted/fratricided” hypothesis, that I have authored-- remember the Finn said only one nuke per tower, which thus has some of these same flaws-- seems to fit all that happened to the WTC, on 9/11, better. Numerous redundant, fizzled or sabotaged nukes, higher up may have given rise to the large hot rubble pile. Larger nukes in the sub-basement gave rise to the flowing molten metal seen there months later. There may have been many nukes emplaced in the sub-basement that led to events that appear “reactor-like.” Why compare a reactor only to one nuke? And given that only 1-6% of a fission nuke’s fissile material is used in its explosion, and there were many nukes that did go off, this too allows for a China Syndrome at the WTC, even if there were not any redundant nukes present.

There are numerous other matters that are incorrect. On page 153, Tahil virtually states that Chernobyl was a nuclear explosion when it was not. It resulted from heat from nuclear fission causing steam expansion, which caused an explosion and the China Syndrome of blasted radioactive fragments releasing great heat where they landed. Earlier in the book, he has it right, that Chernobyl was not a nuclear explosion, but not on page 153. Tahil apparently believes that the “Plane hits” were real, instead of the impossible CGI, they clearly are. He believes that the earlier 1993 WTC explosion was conventional, when I have highlighted the eyewitness testimony of engineer Phil Schneider who said he saw proof that it was nuclear-- I guess things like Pecoraro described. (See my articles.) Tahil often cites new, or hypothesized Physics for some of the phenomena, when this is precarious at best, and makes it look like the ludicrous DEW hangout. E.g., he states that Koenig’s sphere was involved in the WTC destruction as a “neutron reflector/focuser”. After seeing the documentary on Koenig’s sphere, and its maker, and its creation, and how it was moved, and is still there in a nearby public park, I seriously doubt this speculation, if not also on Physics grounds. His website cites a sewer steam explosion in NYC, miles North of WTC, several years after 9/11, as some proof of a massive nuclear reactor underneath Manhattan. But NYC has had such stream explosions for 150 years.

Tahil seems to want to think there were massive neutron fluxes all about the WTC during or after the destruction. He states that the strangely damaged cars are proof of large neutron fluxes at those spots. But I have amply demonstrated that the evidence fits EMPs, vastly better than anything else. These are the cars whose boundaries of doors caused only part of the car to have heated up, and caught fire. In my analysis of this, I revealed how only an EMP would cause part of a car to intercept the EMP, which becomes current, and then great heat. But this is only in metal, and the boundaries (air), between car doors, prevents said current from flowing across to the other car door. See especially my analyses of EMT Ondrovic’ experience of EMP causing a car door to explode onto her, and the flickering lights in WTC6, before it was nuked. Neutron fluxes would NOT have caused this, as neutron fluxes would not show a distinction with car door boundaries, as we see with several cars! So Tahil appears to try too hard to see neutrons all about, because he wants to fit this to massive reactors under the WTC, and that area of Manhattan.

I think his analysis of his Figure 52, on Page 123, is incorrect. This is not quite like a volcano. Look at the height of the smoke at top, compared to the height of the other extant tower. It has not shot way into the sky yet. Rather it shows that the top part of WTC1 was vaporized. So this could have been from a nuke at the top to start things off. He has, or had, some connection to Alex Jones. His website had said that if you can’t reach him via email, it was NSA interference, and to contact Alex Jones. I have no problem with the NSA inference, but Alex Jones? He has been vehemently anti-nuclear-911, and anti-NPT (the planes were merely CGI). Jones would never have Tahil’s work on his site. Jones was sent in to head the 911truth movement, after the regime assassinated true conspiracy expert Bill Cooper, within two months of 9/11. Why does/did a Nuclear-9/11 proponent have an anti-nuclear-911 person be his contact?

On the other hand, numerous things Tahil says are very intelligent and revealing, even bold. First credit goes to him for his finding of near 100% correlation between Strontium and Barium, on page 26. This indicates nuclear fission occurred at the WTC, but is not proof. His ignoring the Tritium finding may ultimately prove to be both bold and wise. While others, like the Finnish military expert, considered only a pure fusion bomb, this then could not have given rise to the China Syndrome of which the HEAT GENERATION evidence is massive and conclusive. I wrote that the Tritium finding-- or more correctly, its release may have been a red herring to get people to look only for nuclear devices that could not have caused the China Syndrome. So Tahil as I indicated, may be both bold and brilliant here. Tahil also reveals, on page 115, evidence of birth defects after 9/11, in NYC, that I have not seen before.

His motto on the cover is also good: Salus populi suprema lex esti or "The welfare of the people shall be the supreme law." Tahil, of course, asserts that the American regime has the opposite view. He asserts that there was massive radiation, at the WTC, and he makes the bold assertion that Manhattan should still be evacuated! If he is right, how many American cities may have reactors placed underneath them? Now I still think that if this is the goal--and it wouldn’t surprise me if you have read my “Ultimate Truths” series ( could more easily just place nuclear bombs underneath edifices in big cities. Sadly, for reasons my readers may know, I think there is a fair possibility that this could be the case, as above-ground nukes are more easily gauged and intercepted by OTHERS. The Rockefeller owned or controlled WTC land area is far from their only land ownership in this country. Could the Rockefeller-donated United Nations land be next? In this light, and in cohesion with what I wrote above about the OKC bombing, I ask did a China Syndrome result there, if it was nuked? Deagle says his Army agent/patient said that Wackenhut guards measured and prevented anything radioactive from being removed. I trust that means that the regime’s agents removed all things radioactive. How many cancers have there been in OKC responders, or OKC residents, subsequently? How many more buildings or skyscrapers must be nuked before the People wake up?

Then Tahil’s analysis of this photo also appears to be very astute, as far as demonstrating the PTB’s desire to hide the China Syndrome. The photo is of the so-called Light Memorial. This was the extremely bright, double-blue lights, that were turned on for weeks, a few months after 9/11, from dusk to 11 P.M. Tahil surmises that this began when they finally reached the reactor remnant areas, or large areas of fissioning Uranium. And while they were doing something to it, or carting it away, its blue light of the Cherenkov radiation (from nuclear fission) would have been visible. I have written about this in regards to one photo that Steven Jones “orange-ified,” when responders were peering into something underground at the WTC. I related this to the blue light seen when nuclear fissioning elements (cored out sphere and cylindrical insert) were erroneously kept together for too long a time, during the “tickling the dragon’s tail experiments,” at Los Alamos, that killed two nuclear scientists. Tahil asserts that the reactor remnant was uncovered at that time, so they needed to do the light trick. I would say that large areas of fissioning fragments must have been uncovered, for them to do this. But need it have been a reactor, or its remnants? There could have been many nuclear bombs in the sub-basement area that led to a large area, with much fissioning going on. But perhaps this is one item of evidence where his reactor hypothesis may fit better than my many nukes hypotheses. Or could a much smaller reactor have been there, and elements of both hypotheses be true? The blue lights are strictly not proof of anything, we must remember. But this regime does almost everything it does, for a sinister reason. Another photo Tahil uniquely has (page 101) is that of a rescue dog with his responder master walking the WTC grounds. Even the dog is wearing protective boots because of the great heat there and then! Also on page 101, Tahil has a photo of the large congealed mass of bullets from WTC6. He states that 43 days after 9/11 the heat was still so intense, an injury to the face of a responder occurred when at least one of the bullets in the mass discharged. Here is more proof of this great heat weeks and months after 9/11, which the intel agents for “DEW” and the O.C.T. laughably continue to deny.

Thus I conclude this review of Tahil’s book and hypothesis with the following. Tahil deserves much credit for his statistical analysis chapter, which helps demonstrate the likelihood that nuclear fission took place on 9/11 at the WTC, and for first exposing the existence of the China Syndrome at the WTC. His hypothesis that this had to be from two massive, deep underground nuclear fission reactors that were sent critical, and exploded akin to a nuclear fission bomb, is much less compelling, and more evidence fits my “many nukes” hypothesis, with possibly one evidentiary exception. Therefore it is possible that he may still be right, at least in part. For that reason, and other things cited above, I recommend everyone who is not an intel agent, and wishes to know what might have occurred on 9/11, read his book, as well as all my articles. The case for two huge reactors that were made to undergo nuclear explosions has not been made. Neither can we completely rule out that the China Syndrome that existed at the WTC for several months after 9/11/01 was, in part, from a much smaller reactor present. I am not saying I believe this, but that it cannot be excluded. Furthermore, I can even perceive one reason why it would have been there. A breeder reactor could even have produced the fissile material for the coming nuclear bomb destruction of the WTC. Or there could have been both many micro-nukes used, and a fission reactor was also exploded with a micro-nuke at the end. I throw these ideas out for completeness. In conclusion I remain unconvinced that the evidence indicates a large nuclear fission reactor was underneath each of the towers, and suffered a nuclear explosion, as my “Many Nukes” hypothesis appears to better explain the details of the WTC destruction, and the China Syndrome aftermath. I welcome feedback and genuine criticism from Tahil on this review, or of my own nuclear-911 hypotheses, and also the same from any non-intel agent. As Tahil wrote, Salus populi suprema lex esti.
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