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Monday, August 18, 2008

The New Paper from Steven Jones, et al.

The New Paper from Steven Jones, et al.-- A Pseudo-Masterpiece of Circular Logic and Inventing New Chemistry & Physics to Try To Hide The China Syndrome Aftermath of WTC Nuclear Destruction

by The Anonymous Physicist

Kevin R. Ryan, James R. Gourley, and Steven E. Jones have just published a paper titled, “Environmental anomalies at the World Trade Center: evidence for energetic materials”. As we shall see, this paper purports to reveal, in effect, new Laws of Chemistry and Physics in the desperate attempt to deny the actual nuclear source (China Syndrome) of the high heat at the WTC, for 6 months after the 9/11/01 destruction.

First I note that this paper was published in “The Environmentalist.” Curiously this is a Journal about environmental biology. Its two co-editors-in-chief are environmental biologists. And the journal itself says this about itself, “This journal acts as a catalyst for environmental education, identifying educational opportunities, and providing guidelines and the missing framework for defining the more viable management mechanisms useful to industry, governmental policy-makers and environmental professionals. The Environmentalist publishes the critical but constructive views of both industrialists and ecologists, through challenging guest editorials, in-depth articles, interviews and news and comments columns.” So it is pleasing to see that no journal of chemistry or physics was willing to publish a paper on this purported new chemistry or new physics; and it had to go into a non-relevant journal of environmental biology.

The article’s introduction begins with the admission that "For months after the destruction at the World Trade Center (WTC) on 11th September, 2001, the fires at Ground Zero (GZ) could not be put out, despite the following facts." Then it details that several inches of dust covered the entire area, millions of gallons of water were sprayed onto the debris pile, several inches of rain had fallen, and a chemical fire supressant, Pyrocool had been used on the rubble pile. Then it says, “The characteristics of these “un-extinguishable fires" have not been adequately explained as the results of a normal structure fire, even one accelerated by jet fuel.”

So we see that, unlike the other two Intel Hangouts of “DEW” and the O.C.T., the thermite hangout creators have not lied about the massively documented, great heat at the WTC for months after WTC destruction. However, the thermite hangout, of course, does deny the great heat from the nuclear destruction itself of the WTC, on 9/11/01. And the thermite hangout denies the well known actual cause of the heat in the rubble pile and underneath the towers for months after 9/11/01-- the radiation emitting [radioactive] fragments from the nukes used to destroy the WTC-- also known as the China Syndrome. Instead of admitting the well known China Syndrome phenomenon, here Jones, et al, desperately attempt to create new chemistry and new physics. Note that this is the equivalent of the ludicrous “cold molecular dissociation clouds” from the evidence-free DEW hangout. Except that these fictitious clouds are cold as was the WTC destruction, according to DEW hangout proponents. But we shall see that the thermite hangout paper at hand, claims “energetic nano-compounds” can release great heat indefinitely-- in violation of the usual laws of chemistry and physics.

I note that the authors use “fire” 37 times, while not once proving that the phenomena they write about came from any kind of chemical fire (as opposed to the nuclear phenomenon of the China Syndrome). Thus they prove once again how dangerous it is when one keeps yelling “fire” when there may not be one--at least not in the usual chemical sense. This is also very much like William Rodriquez inventing “fire” down the elevator shaft from the “jet fuel” to desperately try to hide Felipe David’s hanging skin which came from the thermal rays of a nuke-- as his own words state there was no fire that did that to him! I have cited three others who also had hanging skin without fire-- which was also a common occurrence for Hiroshima survivors.

Indeed Jones et al state that “fire” from “jet fuel” may account for some of the earlier findings in their article. This is particularly interesting because S. Jones very condescendingly writes how the “scientific method” must be used for any claims regarding 9/11. Evidence must be documented, and all that. So his claim of “jet fuel” needs to be substantiated. Obviously the jet fuel would have come from jets. And the authors must mean the jets seen on TV entering the two towers. But it has been massively documented that the purported videos of the two “plane hits” are merely CGI creations. S. Jones et al must explain how the plane’s wing blinks in and out of existence, how the plane made up of a plastic nosecone and aluminum body can pass through several inches of steel and even emerge through the other side through several more inches of steel unscathed, in violation of the Laws of Physics (Mechanics). Furthermore, they must explain how this pristine nosecone then instantly disintegrates after it has emerged through the opposite side, when no forces are acting on it (also a violation of Newton’s laws), and how there is no deforming shock wave passing down the fuselage at the moment of the “plane hit” that would have visibly, and almost instantly, deformed or destroyed the back of the plane-- the speed of sound in aluminum is 5,000 mph, as detailed in my article here. Now if the “plane hits” are just CGI, as is proven, it is highly unlikely that there were real jets, as real videos of real jets would have emerged by this time. (My articles also revealed at least one responder who called in a bomb after witnessing a flyby of a jet.) As one of the more famous videographers of the second “plane hit” himself said, they are just “bad special effects.” This was from Evan Fairbanks after the FBI took his video and “processed” it and returned it to him--minus all audio. So if there were no real jets, just explosions set off high in each tower, there was no jet fuel. And no “scientist” can write about “jet fuel” as a source of heat or energy until s/he proves the “jets” were anything but CGI.

Then the bulk of the Ryan/Gurley/Jones paper deals with very high levels of several chemical compounds found at the WTC, in the six months after its destruction. Much of the data on this, Jones, et al, obtained, in 2004, via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, for environmental monitoring data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) WTC response. It is only available on CD from the govt, and I do not have access to this data. It appears, as noted by Spooked, that a selective set of five VOCs were used in this article for their hypothesis without any mention of other compounds that may not fit in with their hypothesis, that are in the FOIA data. But the authors make the valid point that their data show amounts of these VOCs that are thousands of times greater than the EPA has admitted to the public, to this date. This is criminal, on the part of EPA administrators and/or top govt officials who ordered the lying and suppression.

The authors focus on the levels-- up to 990,000 ppb (parts per billion) of benzene, styrene, toluene, propylene, and ethylbenzene, while the official EPA levels have maxima of only about 20 ppb. The high level spikes in the suppressed EPA data last for about a day each time, and are only found on several occasions with simultaneity for several of these compounds in the data the authors chose to include.

Then the authors delve into the fine particulate matter aspect, of which I am familiar from my research exposing the fraud and bogus physics and mathematics of Z.P. Bazant. The authors do not comment on what I have exposed-- that the smallest particulates were either not properly analyzed and delineated, or that data was suppressed. In particular, I-- unlike these authors-- showed that the EPA had instrumentation to test for particle size down to 10 nm (nanometers) and not merely lump together all particles with a maximum size of 2.5 microns (millionth of a meter). As I noted, proof of particles smaller than 2.5 microns virtually proves nuclear bombs were used, as the OCT of gravitational potential energy as source for the energy released during “collapse” fails when the smallest particle size is less than 2.5 microns. And nukes are known to create particles down to 10 nm size. Bazant flat out lied and said that the data said that 10 microns was the smallest size found. But here Jones et al, state that the 2.5 micron data show maximum readings ending three weeks after 9/11, while the VOCs show spikes into Feb., 2002. Thus they propose a new energy source other than “jet fuel.” They state that thermite is the cause of the “fires” that they say caused the short-lived spikes in the VOCs into Feb. 2002.

First they quote Thomas Cahill in his studies on the particulate matter and aerosol compounds. They include a July, 2002 quote from Dr. Cahill, “The air from Ground Zero was laden with extremely high amounts of very small particles, probably associated with high temperatures in the underground debris pile [notice he didn’t say “fire”].” Then the authors say that by September, 2002, Cahill appeared to change his mind and invoked a “new mechanism of anaerobic incineration.” The authors belittle this hypothesis of Cahill, but come up with their own “unique” hypothesis of “energetic, nano-compounds” that just happen to include the constituents of thermite! What it looks like is that the expert in these matters, Cahill, gave away the nuking of the WTC and the China Syndrome Aftermath (CSA), in the rubble pile; and the PTB then forced him to change his tune. All the while, the ludicrous Intel Hangouts push “new chemistry” or new physics” to try to hide the CSA. These authors say that the “jet fuel” is used up in about a month, so something else was going on.

The authors then spend a good deal of time on the compound 1,3 diphenylpropane (1,3-DPP). After noting its finding in the WTC studies, they claim that the usual sources for this compound don’t fit the WTC evidence. It then appears that an ad hoc search for a source of 1,3-DPP was undertaken that would match Jones’ longstanding claim that thermite destroyed the WTC. Voila! They have dug up some articles on energetic nanocomposites with compounds found in thermite. The desperate stretching to try to make things fit with their thermite “hypothesis” is all too evident in the last few pages of their article! At one point they mention molybdenum spheres. Is this the microspherules that Jones has written about as due to thermite”? But in reality are likely related to the fused sand phenomena well-known to occur ever since the Trinity nuclear test in 1945.

At one point, the authors write, “but the pores of an energetic nanocomposite are also filled with a mixture of fine aluminum powder, and one or more finely dispersed metal oxides…” Are they here claiming that all “energetic nanocompounds” must contain the elements of thermite? This appears to be nonsense. In fact on the previous page, the authors use the word “often” in their description of the creation of thermite-like nano-compunds. In other words, they appear to claim-- on the next page-- to have dropped the “often” and try to imply that ALL energetic nanocomposites are thermite or thermite-like, when this is not true. (Here they go too far with their circular logic, as well.) But where do the authors state that “much of the work” on “super-thermite” energetic nanocomposites was done?

None other than Lawrence Livermore Labs--where they do everything from designing massive nuclear bombs to “remasterminding” the audio tapes of the Zapruder film. The authors then claim that these “energetic nanocomposites” were “somehow [their term] ignited” on the specific dates, into Feb. , 2002 and so led to the spikes in VOCs found. No discussion on the energy source needed to ignite these alleged “energetic nanocomposites” is included. This leads me to ask the following questions: Is not an energy source needed for igniting these compounds? If not, i.e., if they are so “ignitable”, why didn’t they “go off” during the highly energetic, explosive destruction of the WTC, five months earlier, or at any point in between? The authors’ conclusion includes, "...Thermite, discussed briefly above, is such a pyrotechnic mixture that cannot be easily extinguished..." Really? Why then does this video show thermite cooling down in about 5 minutes? Note that it stops glowing and appears that its container can be briefly touched at about that time. What about this experimental evidence?

Well maybe these authors would then claim that the nanocomposites of “superthermite” can do anything required of them to fit whatever data are ever released about the WTC destruction and its aftermath. But physically and logically we must realize that if any variation of thermite was used as the explosive to destroy the WTC, it was used up at that time. There is no energy left, if it were used up as an explosive. Furthermore if Jones et al are claiming that thermite or “superthermite” “cannot be extinguished”, and therefore is the first chemical reaction to go on forever, they are claiming new laws of chemistry and physics. They also thus appear to be claiming that they have found the equivalent of a perpetual motion machine. They have also used circular logic by citing hypothetical “fires” to prove unextinguishable “fire” without any evidence or proof of a chemical fire. So Jones’, hypothetical superthermite “capabilities” allow it to both explode when his theory needs it to, and it also burns “forever” when his theory needs it to do that! How convenient, but how impossible. Note to Steven Jones: How do your superthermite molecules, when ignited, know when to explode, or to burn forever? Or are the very same molecules used up in the explosions, then resurrected for their later need to burn “forever”?

Now I have cited proven phenomena that readily explain everything that occurred on 9/11/01 and its aftermath. My archived articles demonstrating that numerous small nuclear bombs were used to destroy the WTC on 9/11 are here: Those articles also demonstrate that the multi-million degree temperatures of the nukes vaporized nearly half of the nearly 3,000 people killed in the WTC, so that no DNA could be found from them, just like the missing furniture and other contents from the WTC buildings. But these great temperatures also readily provide for the creation of chemical compounds, in high amounts, that would not ordinarily be found in “structural fires.” Short-lived spikes could easily occur from agitation and/or uncovering, and collection of these fragments, and surrounding, affected material, during the six month long process of WTC clean-up. Due to the long half-life of Uranium-235 (700 million years), it was releasing high heat, in the spots where it was left over, until the fragments were removed. Again I have cited that a nuke only uses up 1-6% of its fissile material during its explosion, and also the likelihood of redundant nukes that were “fratricided.” There is no need to try to invent new chemistry or new physics, or a perpetual motion machine. My other articles on the China Syndrome Aftermath are archived here:


The above paper by Ryan, Gourley, and Jones uses ad hoc and circular logic to reach an unproven and untenable conclusion. No jet fuel is proven, no presence of “energetic nanocomposite superthermite” is proven. No statement of the temperatures attainable by these alleged compounds was provided. No proof was provided that these compounds can yield new laws of chemistry and physics, and cause “unextinguishable” and indefinite “fires,” and thus act like a perpetual motion machine in violation of the Laws of Thermodynamics. All the evidence indicates that small nuclear bombs caused the WTC destruction, and the China Syndrome Aftermath. It is well known that the radioactive fragments in a China Syndrome event yield very high heat for up to 700 million years (or until they are removed from a site). The phenomenon is called “China Syndrome” precisely because these radiation-emitting fragments create heat high enough and for long enough time (eons), so that, in theory, they could eventually melt their way through anything, and reach the center of the Earth.

I don’t expect that the creation of desperate articles like the one examined here will ever stop, unless and until the People re-take the USA and indict the perps who destroyed the WTC with numerous, fission micro-nukes, and thus created the China Syndrome at the WTC. Likewise those who follow orders and continue to cover-up these facts are also liable for obstruction of justice and conspiracy after the fact.

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