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Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Nine Circles of Conspiracy

Circle One
Power; Money; Wealth Inequality; Religion; Jesus Christ; Judaism/Israel/Islam; Nationalism/patriotism/jingoism/racism; Immigration; Evolution; Communism/Capitalism; Homosexuality; Natural disasters; Entertainment industry; Internet; Government; Education; Science; Big business; Legal system; Corruption; News; Pornography; Sex; Political parties; Censorship/Cover-ups; Medical system; Abortion; Nazi Germany/Hitler/Holocaust; CIA; Mossad; Military industrial complex; Big oil; Big pharma; Banking/Financial industry; Corporate controlled media

Circle Two
Propaganda; Media distractions; Controlled limited hangouts; Control of Banks; FEMA; Powers that Be; Illegal drugs/trafficking/abuse; Terrorism; Assassination; Pollution/environmental destruction; Global warming; Control of alternative medicine; Psychology; Control of politicians; NSA/massive governmental spying; COINTELPRO; Organized crime; Catholic church/Jesuits; British Royalty

Circle Three
Rigged elections; Covert operations; Psychological operations; Patsies; Limited hangouts; Disinformation; Torture; Sex abuse/rape; Mind control; Control of energy sources; Double Agents; Ancient secrets; Pyramids

Circle Four
Intelligence agencies; Police state/fascism; False-flag terrorism; Genocide/culling of humanity; Control of the masses; UFOs; Reptilian aliens/ET's; Crop Circles; Mysticism; Symbolism/numerology; Humans enslaved; Poisoning of humanity via drugs, pollution, vaccines, radiation, genetically modified foods, nuclear waste

Circle Five
Secret societies; Knights Templar/Knights of Malta; Puppet masters/elites; Perpetual engineered war; Humans held hostage

Circle Six
Nuclear weapons; Human interfacers with the EQOCCC; Human Origins; Fake moon landings

Circle Seven
The Quarantiners; the Quarantine

Circle Eight
The Evil Quarantined Ones/Cosmic Criminal Creators (EQOCCC)

Circle Nine
Quarantine Breakthrough; The Apocalypse


Credit should be given to Anonymous Physicist for his seminal contributions to understanding the ultimate conspiracies.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Spooked.

Although I am not sure how your first four levels of conspiracy are distinguished unless via arbitrary criteria?

In my book, I noted interfacers and degrees of separation as it is commonly called.


7:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And Knights Templar and particularly Knights of Malta should be stated.

Sherman Skolnick wrote that they were at the top of the secret society heap in control. Of course, he didn't know or believe in Q matters, but still his research is almost always very valuable.

Knights of Malta, aka:
Sovereign Military Order of Malta
Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta

Even Wiki notes it is viewed as a sovereign country.

So the most foul perps can flee there if humans wake up??


8:04 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

The first four levels are supposed to be something like progressively deeper conspiracies, but certainly there is some degree of arbitrariness. Overall the idea was to mimic Dante's nine circles of hell, if that wasn't clear.

I thought about adding Knights Templar, so obviously I can edit this to add those, as well as the Maltese Knights. Thanks.

I should rewatch "The Maltese Falcon", to see if there are any interesting conspiracy tidbits in there, or at least a 33.

6:03 PM  

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