Humint Events Online: UPDATE on the "Mis-aligned CBS Video" of the 2nd Hit

Saturday, June 18, 2011

UPDATE on the "Mis-aligned CBS Video" of the 2nd Hit

As I posted here some years back, I always thought this video was the best evidence of conflicting plane paths. Then "Achimspok" put together his "tour-de-force reconciliation" of 2nd hit video plane paths (of course the work is suspicious from a technical standpoint), and I thought maybe I was wrong about the perspective.

Then I found this extended version of the "CBS" clip:

What I found is this video was actually taken extremely far from the WTC, as this screenshot shows:

I am sure Achimspok did not take this shot into account for his "analysis". It seems impossible that a last second upwards movement of the plane would be seen from such a distant vantage point (note, if one was very close in front of the tower, due to perspective, the plane would appear to go up as it got closer). Unexpectedly, this extended video really supports my original contention-- that the plane path was mis-aligned. There is audio in this clip, and they refer to the plane. It's hard to know how legit it is-- could very well have been added in after. All I really know is that the plane path is wrong, and likely all Achimspok did was try to fit the plane path to the video, rather than the other way around.


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