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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Expert Opinion on Peak Oil

I consulted a relative of mine about Peak Oil. He has a doctorate in geophysics and he worked for one of the oil companies in Saudi Arabia before retiring last year. His job was basically to look for oil deposits by analyzing seismograph data. So I think we can say he knows what he is talking about when he talks about finding oil.

He says that the Hubbard curve that predicts Peak Oil has held up pretty well, but there have been a lot of predictions about oil discoveries that haven't held up very well. Thus, most people are cautious about making real predictions about Peak Oil. He said that if he had to guess, we are at peak oil production right now or peak oil is very near. He doesn't think oil prices will decline significantly ever again.

I asked him about the possibility of oil being abiotic in origin, and he said the majority of industry scientists think the idea is ridiculous. He couldn't rule it out completely, and said that if it were true, it would be a revolutionary idea. Overall his opinion on abiotic oil was that it was very unlikely.

Perhaps most interestingly, he said that most the scientists in his field are in their fifties-- because of the depression in the industry in the 80's that wiped out the training of young scientists. But perhaps they are not recruiting new oil exploration scientists either.

So-- this all supports Mike Ruppert's view fairly well.

Thus, if Peak Oil is now, this makes the urgency of the US securing new oil supplies very urgent.

Hence, 9/11-- the New Pearl Harbor.


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