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Thursday, November 25, 2004

The Main Problem with 9/11 Truth

It all rests on somewhat vague assumptions, and nothing has been proven definitively.

While the official story is clearly wrong in important respects, it is almost impossible to completely disprove any aspect of the story in a definitive manner.

While my best guess is that the 9/11 hijackings were some sort of CIA-run covert operation, I think it will be impossible to ever truly prove this. Almost by definition, there is no way that there is any evidence that could ever be used to definitively prove CIA involvement in 9/11 in a court of law.

So we are left with circumstantial evidence. Oddities about the official story. Enticing evidence that the WTC towers were blown up by explosives. A military training exercise with eerie similarity to what happened.

What of this could ever be used to convince the media or the mass public about the 9/11 cover-up? (Because they simply won't believe what we have collected so far, as compelling as it may be to us.)

I think the only thing that could really change this dynamic is if there was some sort of whistle-blower who came forward with clear evidence of a cover-up.

-- Someone at NIST who knew they found evidence of explosives on the WTC steel, and yet they covered it up.
-- Someone who was involved with planting explosives in the WTC
-- Someone who would testify in court that the black boxes were found for the flights that hit the WTC (there is a firefighter who claims they were found but he isn't talking).
-- Someone in the military who knew the details about the live-fly hijacking exercise being run on 9/11.
-- Someone from American or United Airlines who could testify about what the airlines knew about 9/11, such as the real flight manifest, and why some of the 9/11 flights weren't listed.
-- Someone from the FBI who could testify about how they determined who the hijackers were and where they got the hijakcers photos.

I'm convinced these people are out there, and they are being silenced by various threats and coercions.

We NEED these people badly.

Otherwise, we are just pissing in the wind.

Because all our evidence so far is circumstantial.


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