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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Collapse of the South Tower-- Explosive Evidence

9/11 Skeptics Unite! (or Ewing2001 aka Nico Haupt) put up the latest news about 9/11 truth yesterday. Although Nico is not a great writer (English does not appear to be his primary language), the site is always worth a read. Here is an article I found from the site that I thought was particularly noteworthy (actually I looked at this article a long time back, but haven't looked at it recently).

This page gives in my view the most compelling case for explosives being used to bring down the WTC towers. In particular, look at the middle of the page, where they use a red box to outline the large chunk (about 30 floors) that is the top of the tower breaking off just before the collapse. Notice how in frames 227, 241 and 255, the box is much longer than the top section of tower that is visible. The bottom half of this broken-off top section (some 15 floors) has completely disintegrated very early on in the collpase sequnce. However, there is no clear reason for this to happen (if one doesn't believe explosives were involved). This 15 floor lower section of the broken-off section was not hit by the plane and was barely affected by fires. There is no clear reason why the whole 30 floor chunk of building shouldn't remain intact as it falls down. In the pancake collapse model, you might expect this top section to drive the collapsing of the lower floors, but what is exerting pressure on this top section for it to cave in so severely?

If the force from the upper 15 floors being pulled down by gravity is causing the lower 15 floors of this broken-off section to collapse, what is exerting a counterforce beneath this lower 15 floors, since the lower part of the tower below the break-off point is also collapsing?

Or put it another way-- what is exerting such a collapsing-strength force on the part of the tower BELOW the break-off point if the lower part of upper broken-off chunk is disintegrating at the same time?

Thus-- how can it be that the floors both above and below the break off point are collapsing and disintegrating at the same time by a gravitational collapse model? The only way you would see this pattern of collapse is with explosives that would cause equally distributed disintegration.

Basically, it is as if the collapse is going both upwards and downwards-- and both collapses are originating from the same spot in the building!

This simply makes no sense-- unless you invoke explosives!

(Related note-- NIST still has not returned my two e-mails asking about explosives in the WTC collapse and if they tested for the presence of explosives.)


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