Humint Events Online: Election Questions Starting to Echo Louder

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Election Questions Starting to Echo Louder

Although I tend to have problems with some of the editorial opinions of What Really Happened, the site IS good for finding a lot of interesting articles and they have had fairly comprehensive coverage of the post-election questions about the vote.

In any case, here are some pertinent articles I found there relating to the election:

CNN actually has an article dealing with election concerns and fraud, and discusses academic research into election analysis. They don't really draw any major conclusion, but of course say there's no sign of a stolen election.

Keith Olbermann on his blog, discusses the Berkeley analysis of the Florida vote. The most interesting bit was Olbermann says the Berkeley group analyzed Ohio and didn't see e-vote discrepencies.

Truhtout discusses the vote suppression story I have been upset about of late. Thankfully, someone else has picked it up!

This article discusses election fraud theories in general, focussing on the internet angle, and actually talks about Atrios, who I dissed in my earlier post.


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