Humint Events Online: Lawyers Will Challenge the Ohio Vote!

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Lawyers Will Challenge the Ohio Vote!

Due to vote suppression and other irregularities, lawyers will challenge the Ohio vote.

This somewhat reassuring, but the article says nothing about the Democrats. Are they not involved in this, or they are involved and the article doesn't mention them, or they are involkved and they don't want to be publicly associated with this effort?

In any case, it is strange. Where are the Democrats in this?????

I can sort of understand why the "so-called-liberal-media" are picking up on this vote suppresison story-- they don't want to deny Bush his "very special victory" or even taint it in any way.

But where are the liberal bloggers? They have some power nowadays. At least a lot of people pay attention to them. Why aren't the Atrioses, the Kosses, the Talking Points Memos picking up and amplifying this story?

This story is truly a national disgrace-- and everybody of any note seems to be ignoring it.

Atrios in particular has been a major disappointment after the election. (He has either lost his motivation or has sold out completely to the bigs.)


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