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Sunday, November 21, 2004

The New Al Qaeda Legend

Osama wants to hit the US with a nuke.

I suspect we'll be hearing more and more about this story in the next couple of years.

The problem right now is that Osama just can't seem to get his hands on a small "suitcase" nuke.

I really fear somehow, one way or another, this crazy dream WILL become reality-- just like his crazy dream of hijacking commercial airplanes and flying them into major US targets.

Wait-- I know what will happen.

In order to prevent this threat, the US will stage drills with a planted agent who has a fake nuke bomb somewhere, and US agents have to "get him" before it goes off.

And then one day, they'll decide in order to make the drill truly realistic, they will do the drill with a "real Al Qaeda" terrorist (that they've recruited just for this job) who is hiding a real nuke.

And then something will go wrong. Something terrible and tragic.

The CIA will have given all these warnings, but the president (whoever it is) will have not responded appropriately because he doesn't know exactly what to do. But the CIA will be proven correct in predicting the threat. And despite hundreds of thousands of people dying, no one will lose their job.

And the US will go under martial law, and will start nuking countries it deems as threats.

Your basic nightmare scenario.

How do I know?

That was basically what happened on 9/11. Except next time it will be a thousand times worse.

(maybe this is how they intend to bring down the population of the world to contend with "peak oil"-- See Ruppert's "Crossing the Rubicon")

Grim thoughts, but better to have them in the open than this be a huge surprise to everybody.


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