Humint Events Online: At Least Seven Different Military Exercises

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

At Least Seven Different Military Exercises

... were being run (or were supposed to run) on 9/11:

1) Northern Vigilance (NORAD)
2) Nothern Guardian (NORAD)
3) Vigilant Guardian (NORAD)
4) Vigilant Warrior (NORAD)
5) "Simulated" plane crash in to National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) exercise

6) "Timely Alert II," a force protection exercise located near the WTC
7) Unnamed counterterrorism 'game' exercise at the Pentagon

Additionally Tripod II , a biowar exercise was being set-up in southern Manhattan on 9/11, and was supposed to run on 9/12.

Granted that many different agenices may coordinate their exercises into one giant exercise, the fact that all these were going on 9/11 just seems to be WAY too much of a coincidence.


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