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Monday, August 08, 2005

Possibilities for the Flight 93 Crash

See the previous post for a picture of the putative flight 93 crash site.

I think the "official" scenario of the crash is basically impossible: that the plane flew upside down into the ground at a 45 degree angle, blew up into millions of tiny pieces that spread for miles leaving no large pieces anywhere above ground YET most of the fuselage burrowed into the ground and the plane still left a head-on profile-shaped imprint on the ground.

I think there are five basic possibilites to explain the crash site:

1) the plane dove straight down at a 90 degree angle, mostly going into the ground and also exploded such that the fuselage acted a bit like a rocket tube-- plane parts and human remains blew out the back end. The problem with this scenario is that there was no tail section seen anywhere, no wing pieces and no seats. Overall, the explosion seems too violent for an ordinary plane crash, no matter how fast the plane was going. Note also, a 90 degree angle of impact would conflict significantly with the official story, since the plane was supposedly going very low to the ground and could not have had room to go into a head-first 90 degree dive.

2) the plane crashed as described in (1) but there was a bomb on board the plane that blew everything to smithereens when the plane hit the ground.

3) the plane crashed as described in (1) but jet fighters came along and bombed the crap out of what was left of the plane on the ground. This could explain the crater, the explosion, the extreme fragmentation of the human remains and why no large plane parts were visible. The problem with this scenario is the timing is tricky and they had to be lucky that no one saw this.

4) the plane was going at a higher altitude (1000 feet?) than reported (100 feet) and was shot by a missile that blew off the front of the plane, immediately causing the plane to plummet head-first into the ground. It was reported that the front section of the plane was smashed on the ground while most of the rest of the plane went underground. This scenario might account for that. The wide-spread debris could be explained by the plane being smashed apart in mid-air. This could explain the pattern assuming that it was just "luck" that the rest of the plane disappeared into soft ground, though it doesn't explain why not even the tail was visible at the crash site. Perhaps the tail section was blown off by a second missile? Then just the middle fuselage and wings would have created the crater. This is possible, and seems to be the only way a true shoot-down scenario could have gone. Certainly there are abundant rumors that there was a shootdown.

5) the crash site is a hoax-- there was no plane crash, the site was merely seeded with a few plane parts and made to look like a plane crash, much like the Pentagon site looked like a plane crash but if you look in detail it doesn't add up. Fighter jets may have bombed the site to create the crater. The problem with this scenario is that it involves a large cover-up and planting of human remains.

I think 4 and 5 are most likely, though I can't completely rule out any of the five. Perhaps number 4 fits all the evidence best, if we assume there were two hits on the plane.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11:45 AM  
Anonymous Rob said...

I remember reading that the Flt. 93 Crash site is actually a strip mine. And it's owned by crony of the Bush Cabal. What an AMAZING COINCIDENCE...HUH!?? LOL

4:23 PM  
Blogger batcave911 said...

one of the first guys on the scene owned proerty that some of the body parts" were found. the coroner also owned proerty nearby at least.
the DNA was sent off cos the coroner (W Miller) didnt have experience with that.

the Coroner (W miller) was one of the first on the scene...

"It was as if the plane had stopped and let the passengers off before it crashed," Miller said.

He was stunned at how small the smoking crater looked, he says,
"like someone took a scrap truck, dug a 10-foot ditch and dumped all this trash into it." Once he was able to absorb the scene, Miller says,
"I stopped being coroner after about 20 minutes, because there were no bodies there

Miller said the lab is continuing to test DNA material to verify the deaths of the last six crash victims.
He said DNA tests won't be able to identify the four hijackers on board.
"To make a DNA identification we need something from the victims or their family members
-- personal effects, or blood samples -- to match," Miller said. "We don't have that kind of information about the terrorists."

The impact of the crash left a crater estimated by authorities to be about 10 feet deep and 20 feet wide. It appeared the plane first hit on the downward slope of a hillside and then slid at least 200 yards, scorching a dense area of trees and corn fields. Officials would allow reporters no closer than 300 yards to the scene. From that vantage point, that crater appeared to be barren. Little debris could be seen and there were no signs of victims.

"We haven't seen anything bigger than a phone book, certainly nothing that would resemble a part of a plane," said Capt. Frank Monaco of the Pennsylvania State Police.

an update on the proerty...
The 70-acre expanse will be returned to the six original land owners and eventually purchased by the National Park Service.
During the last four years, Miller became something of a celebrity in Somerset County.

maps, and photos...

several articles with oddities highlighted...

11:36 PM  
Blogger batcave911 said...

this is and EPA document for Pa

3 names stick out to me....
Tim Lambert

Mike Svonavec, Casselman Enterprises,

barry hoover

Southwest Region: Environmental Cleanup Program Manager, 400 Waterfront Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15222-4745.

United Airlines, Stoneycreek Township, Somerset County. Steven P. Lewandowski, Environmental Resources Management, Inc., 1176 Perry Highway, Suite 3300, Wexford, PA 15090 (on behalf of Tim Lambert, 2012 Forge Drive, Aliquippa, PA 15001; Larry Hoover, 6677 Glades Pike Road, Somerset, PA 15501; Mike Svonavec, Casselman Enterprises, 150 West Union Street, Somerset, PA 15501; and United Airlines, 1200 E. Algonquin Road, Elk Grove, IL 60007) has submitted a Final Report concerning remediation of site soil and groundwater contaminated with the Department Short List of COPCs for Jet Fuel. The report is intended to document remediation of the site to meet the Statewide Health Standard.


11:44 PM  
Blogger batcave911 said...

dont meant to be spamming the board, but heres some info on Mike Svonavec, Casselman Enterprises,
i just found....

(DEP) 1997 strip mine,,,,

Gov Ridge, and Gov G W Bush are mentioned as well here


12:30 AM  
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