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Saturday, December 24, 2005

A Determined Enemy????

If we assume as many Bushbots seem to, that Al Qaeda is an existential threat to the US, and that thousands of Al Qaeda sympathizers and operatives are within the US and so deserve to be spied on, the question becomes: WHERE'S THE FUCKING BEEF?

If Al Qaeda is so deadly, and our intelligence services are so inept, where are the successful attacks since 9/11?

Or if our people have gotten their act together, where are the the reports of hundreds of foiled attacks and the hundreds of arrests and hundreds of prosecutions made?

What are the plots we've heard busted up? An Al Qaeda-linked mentally disturbed truck driver who wanted to destroy the Brooklyn bridge with a blowtorch. Anything else?

What exactly have we gotten for these grave assaults on our constitutional freedoms?

In truth-- it's kind of hard to escape the conclusion that the war on terror is bogus.


Anonymous farang said...

hang in there brother, our time is patient, all comes to those who wait (for the exactly right time).

nice to see another fearless American....ever wonder what motivates some to don uniform, and clucth automatic weapons, ready to "smite" the evil enemy their leaders point out to them?

Paranoid 'fraidycats.

12:18 AM  

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