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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Thanks to Rob

"Rob", who frequently comments here, was kind enough to send me 4 DVDs (8 hours) of original network footage from the day of 9/11. I have only watched a little so far (30 minutes, from about 9:56am to 10:26am EST), but I did learn some interesting things already.

First the " blue plane" video that I have talked about a lot here is not some obscure video from some documentary. This video was one of the very early clips of the second plane, shown by CNN and CBS. The very striking deviation of the plane approach to the tower from other videos is therefore all the MORE striking.

I remember on the day of 9/11, watching CNN, and they played a clip of the 2nd hit over and over, and I was never quite sure which clip it was. But now I am fairly sure it was the "blue plane" clip. It IS very captivating video, showing the incoming plane very dramatically, with a great view of the ensuing explosion.

The blue plane video must have been taken from a helicopter from the angle, and this brings up another interesting point. ALL the early news footage of the second plane is from helicopters; I think there are four major 2nd hit clips that were shot from helicopters. Somewhat oddly though, none of these helicopters were got footage from the south of the WTC, and thus none of them got footage showing the plane directly stirke the building. The clips of the plane going into the building only showed up later-- such as Evan Fairbanks' video.

Interestingly, the clip of the guy in the street saying no plane hit the building, it was a bomb, was in this first 30 minutes. Actually, that makes sense as there was so much chaos early on, and the news wasn't as tightly controlled as it was later, no doubt.

Most amusing was the segment from the Pentagon, where they were saying "there's three different versions of what happened at the Pentagon-- a plane crash, a helicopter crash and both a plane and helicopter crash", then they go on to say "military counter-intelligence is now confirming it was a plane that crashed".


Gotta love it.


Anonymous Rob said...

VERY welcome Spooked!


8:41 PM  
Anonymous Rob said...

One mo' thing.

MORE proof this Second Hit "plane" is a CGI insert...can you see any of the several powerful Strobe Lights that are normally on jetliners on ANY of the second hit videos?

Answer: You DON'T.

Thing is, I see REAL commericial airliners every day flying here in NYC, MUCH further away than any of the video shots of the second CGI plane, and I STILL SEE THIER STROBES FLASHING, IN BRIGHT DAYLIGHT....EVERY TIME.

...guess there was a ban on strobe lights on 9/11/01...

8:50 PM  
Anonymous james ha said...

wow good point rob - here in conspiracyville where i live the airliners have a powerful strobe even during the day as well -
ya, must've been a ban on strobes on that day - there's really no other explanation!

9:22 PM  
Blogger WRH said...

Hey, friend, it's time to abandon 9/11 conspiracy theories. Check out the new and improved Nyctohylophobia. Best wishes.

10:44 PM  
Anonymous james ha said...

new and improved! ha ha -
since the govt spun an elaborate fairytale about a conspiracy involving 19 llama herders from lower slobovia or somewhere similar with magic box-cutters and magic kerosene, i will be happy to abandon conspiracy theories for the truth. as soon as that truth is forthcoming.

12:42 PM  
Anonymous james ha said...

and i will point out that your new and improved Nyctohylophobia blog has not seen fit to post my polite and rational comment. was it perhaps too polite and rational?
give it up wrh - the quoting of will not answer the myriad of questions that we have.

12:48 PM  

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