Humint Events Online: View of the 2nd Hit from the West

Sunday, June 25, 2006

View of the 2nd Hit from the West

There is a very interesting comparison between this video (the "Japanese" one) and this "live" ("Saltergate") one I have discussed in the last couple of posts.

What I must point out is that six seconds before the hit in the "Japanese" video, the "plane" is a bit hard to see as it gets blurry in the smoke cloud. Thus, I was right that the plane should be in the frame I showed at six seconds before the hit in the "Saltergate" video-- because it was there at the analogous point in the "Japanese video. A skeptic of MY argument that the "Saltergate" video is a cheap fake could say-- the reason you don't see the plane in the frame capture from the "Saltergate" video at five seconds is simply because the plane is lost in the smoke cloud!

However, there I have two rebuttals to this:

1) the "Japanese" one is poorer quality than the "Saltergate" video, and thus whereas the "plane" gets somewhat lost in the smoke cloud six seconds before impact in the "Japanese" video, a plane should be more visible in the "Saltergate" video.

2) in the "Japanese" video, the plane can still be seen moving in the smoke cloud, as a dark smudge, even though in a frame capture you might not see the plane clearly. However, in the "Saltergate" video, there is NO movement in the smoke cloud.

Although this is not as much of a slam dunk as I had hoped-- I think the case can still be made that the "Saltergate" video is a cheap fake, and there is no real plane shown in it.


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