Humint Events Online: A More In-Depth Plane Path Analysis

Thursday, June 22, 2006

A More In-Depth Plane Path Analysis

Apropos of this post, I performed a more careful analysis of the plane paths for video 1 and video 2-- calculating angles carefully using the towers as a guide. The beauty of this sort of analysis is the towers serve as perfect guide markers, with their square shapes and defined alignment.

(double click to enlarge image)

The bottom line for me, is that when the camera angles are precisely positioned, the plane paths are still different-- both in terms of overall descent and in terms of angle of approach. The angle of approach difference is not huge, about 10-15 degrees, but if you have a model of a Boeing 767 and look at it head-on, a 10 degree angle difference makes a huge change in the appearance of the profile.

So I am still convinced. Unfortunately though, I doubt I will be able to convince someone who believes in the official plane fairy tale.

Importantly though, I think science is on the side of there being no plane.


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