Humint Events Online: Al-FBI-duh?

Friday, June 23, 2006



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ive been watching the updates on this.

real strange. It seems the FBI guy posed as an AlQueda operative ?!?!
Is this the Al-Queda link they are talking about ?
The press first reported these guys were linked to Al-queda
I think they are still reporting that.

The guys are charged with "conspiracy"
They had no cbombs, or any bomb making materials.
The FBI guy was the one that asked them if they wanted to purchase any.
that was my understanding so far, anyway.

Just in, these guys were vegetairans - so am I
They were a local community religious group,
and the girl neighbor they interviewed said they felt "SAFER" with these guys around.

sounds like someone wanted their opinion polls to go up.

if you are a veggie, and in a religious group, watch out.


Brads batcave 9-11

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