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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Lots of Bad Karma

associated with mass-produced meat, eggs and dairy products.

I can tell you that lab mice are treated much more humanely than the animals shown in the video-- by federal law.


Anonymous Carol said...

Thanks for the 'Bad Karma' posting about the meat and dairy products that we eat that has a link to and the PETA ' Meat Your Meat ' video. I'm involved in NY911 Truth & do alot of leafletting for them (every Saturday afternoon at Ground Zero) and I'm also involved in the Animal Rights Movement. I try to combine the causes. In the middle of this week I'm going to the National Animal Rights Conference in Washington DC. Saturday is a big US Out of the Middle East rally in front of the White House. I'll be taking part of the day off from the conference to go to that and I'll also hand out 9/11 Truth fliers. I'll be wearing the 9/11 Truth T-shirt that I got from the Chicago Conference and tell the animal activists about 9/11 Truth.

I hope all the 9/11 truthseekers who go to your website follow the links from the 'Bad Karma' posting and watch the 'Meat Your Meat' video and go vegan.

1:01 AM  

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