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Friday, August 04, 2006

More Modeling; Improved Angles

IMPORTANT UPDATE 9/9/06: I have determined this analysis was flawed, mainly due to the low resolution of the CNN video. I will perform a comprehensive re-analysis of all my Flight Simulator Modeling when I have time. For now, as far as I know, only this path analysis is wrong. However, clearly any flight simulator analysis using low resolution video, where plane parts cannot be distinguished clearly as in the CNN video, is suspect. I think my analyses of the ABC live shot and the FOX "Saltergate video" are okay, but I will check them again.

I worked on making a better match to this:

and got this:

but the "Blue plane" view of this plane position is still way off:

Oddly though, when I match to this:


the CNN view of this plane position is fairly similar to the video (the plane heading may be slightly off):

as shown here:

All in all, this suggests to me the discrepency in the videos is real. But it raises the intriguing possibility that there was some trick played with a real footage of a plane flying by the towers and disappearing behind the towers-- coupled with some video editing cutting to the explosion.

This is just a theory, I need to flesh it out more.

UPDATE: After further analysis, I consider it unlikely that a real plane was filmed passing by the towers and then this footage was merged with footage of the tower exploding-- but I can't rule out that some 2nd hit footage was created in this way.


Anonymous shep said...

interesting... in any of your models, how close do you think you've model the time til impact when trying to align the shots? so for instance, in your cnn model, would you say the plane is the same distance as the plane in the real footage. in the actual cnn footage, we can time from the frame you provide to the explosion, but in your flightsim shot, we can't tell how far the plane is away.

but the "Blue plane" view of this plane position is still way off

yea, and when i see the flightsim blueplane footage from that angle, it makes me wonder about the timing on your cnn shot. flightsim blueplane is far away so how can flightsim cnn get there at the same time (from the referenced frame) and real cnn.

wow, that sounds confusing.

10:06 PM  
Blogger Spooked said...

it get worse, Shep.

12:28 AM  
Anonymous jha said...

i like the oreo cookie box model better to be honest - ha ha - hey good job man

12:33 AM  

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