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Monday, November 20, 2006

Paper-Mache Planes?


Blogger Ningen said...

These are not comparable, spooked. The WTC towers were much heavier than the truck, and moving much faster.

2:11 PM  
Anonymous shep said...

The WTC towers were much heavier than the truck, and moving much faster

Right... and in that case, we saw the plane 'drive' thru the much heavier towers whereas here we see the much lighter truck drive thru the plane.

This only further illustrates how 'strong' those planes really are!

Does anyone have the clip where the truck starts to drive thru the plane and gets halfway inside before it disintegrates and leaves a perfect truck shaped cutout?

3:15 PM  
Blogger Ningen said...

Look where this plane hit the terminal by overshooting the runway -- the fuselage crumples back about 10 feet, with little visible damage to the terminal. I assume this plane was traveling at 100 mph or less. Query -- how much would higher speed have resulted in the fuselage crushing back further, and how much in more damage to the terminal?

Courtesy of Morgan Reynolds, here:

Here's a factor I had not considered -- both wings are a single body, not separate wings attached to the fuselage, and are the heaviest, strongest part of the craft. Dave McGowan shows this well toward the bottom of this page:

McGowan concludes that the buildings could have been pierced and would have left the shape they did, and argues that the no-plane people are contradicting themselves by arguing that the holes could not have been caused by planes in the case of the WTC towers, while arguing that the lack of a plane-shaped hole proves that the hole was not created by a plane.

I do not agree -- I still think the holes are unrealistic if one is asked to believe that the planes that punched these holes completely disappeared inside the towers.

My new understanding of the wing structure changes my common sense view of the matter, as McGowan seems correct that the engines and the wing space forms the most solid part of the plane.

The fact remains, however, that much more decleration and deformation should have been evident, based on the kinetic energy loss in the Hoo Fatt article, and there is no way these wings made it to the core columns and cut 7-20 columns in the South Tower. The left engine, if it punched through and did not hit laterally hit any of the floors, could have reached the cores, it seems to me.

4:49 PM  

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