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Saturday, November 18, 2006

The World Trade Center: a Brief Post-Mortem

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WTC1 (the north tower)-- completely annihilated, with amazingly little debris left

WTC2 (the south tower)-- completely annihilated, with somewhat more debris than WTC1, but still amazingly little debris.

WTC3 (the Marriot hotel)-- essentially annihilated, with some debris piled up

WTC4-- half was completely annihilated, half more or less intact

WTC5-- this building had the largest footprint of any of the WTC buildings (lower right side of the complex). It essentially remained upright but had a number of very odd holes punched in its roof

WTC6-- this building had the 2nd largest footprint of the WTC buildings. It is the one with a huge gaping hole in it's center-- though it essentially remained upright. The origin of this huge hole is not really clear; it is not clear that debris from the WTC1 demolition caused the huge straight-sided all-the-way-through-to-the-bottom hole.

WTC7-- a huge building that collapsed into an incredibly neat pile (between two non-WTC buildings on the right side of the complex).

Just as a matter of forensics here, what gets me are:

1) the huge WTC towers are blasted down to their bases-- the massive cores are GONE.

2) for some reason, WTC2 was a little messier than WTC1 and left a larger debris pile.

3) overall the debris piles from WTC1 and WTC2 are much smaller than you would expect for "normal" building collapses.

4) the odd holes in the roofs of WTC5 and WTC6

5) the lack of debris like filing cabinets and doorknobs.

6) how much of the underground structure was left intact.

I really don't think Beam Weapons as an explanation for Ground Zero are crazy at all, when you look at what happened.


Blogger BG said...


5:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and why not underground nukes?
siegel's video captured major seismic events before the collapses of the towers...or perhaps they were blown from the bottom, along with cutter charges, along with "beam" weapons...

5:30 AM  
Anonymous wftgawhth said...

Technology you don't understand and can't describe is also called magic. Saying 'beam weapon' without description or explanation other than 'some kind of' is exactly the same as saying 'magic'. Your post is factual up to the last sentence. It is a damned shame that we can't explain 3 1/2 disintegrated buildings, but we can't yet. It is an impass. Another route to discovery may be needed. It is very obvious that some kind of beam weapon did not initiate the collapse of the towers at the damaged floors. It is also obvious that WTC 7 was demolished in a conventional way. Thus, I contend that 'some kind of beam weapon' is almost meaningless and could never be a complete explanation for the destruction.

7:13 AM  
Blogger Spooked said...

The problem with mini-nukes is that there was so little damage underground, under the towers, plus mini-nukes would have caused a huge seismic signal -- and this wasn't seen.

One reason to use beam weapons was to pulverize the buildings from above to minimize the seismic shock of the falling of the buildings. This is what Wood and Reynolds talk about.

While I don't pretend to know exactly what kind of beam weapon was used, we do know this technology exists, and therefore it isn't "magic". Read the Wood and Reynolds paper.

I do think it is likely that multiple different mechanisms were used to bring down the towers-- from conventional explosives in some sections, to nano-thermite in other areas to beam weapons for removing much of the inner content of the buildings. The main iea is they wanted to minimize how much stuff fell down to minimize the shock to lower manhattan.

In terms of the political aspects of 9/11, "star wars" beam weapons also make sense with what the Bush administration was doing.

8:16 AM  
Anonymous jha said...

magic boxcutters!

1:21 PM  
Blogger David said...

You know, according to the available material on the net you can "tune" a mininuke to frequencies you want. Think of fireworks: you can make something like a flare or a firecracker.

Check out the microwave weapons guys in New Mexico. They make the beam weapons, and they use explosives to generate energy for the beams. They're not mutually exclusive.

You can have a small nuclear device which spits out an intense beam of radiation instead of going "BOOM!" An example of this would be a neutron bomb.

It wouldn't surprise me if they put a mininuke in the basement and pointed the thing up, that's why you have collumns standing around the base like a pitchfork, and you have all the stuff above 20 stories thoroughly zapped. I also think Kevin Cosgrove might have been screaming because he felt himself getting zapped with radiation.

Mininuke pointed up could create a directed energy beam.


2:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i guess i need to re-post the "finnish military expert's" links and research...i think
beam weapons/star-wars lasers were possibly used, but the Siegel video DID capture seismic events (2+ on richter scale) before collapse of WTC1, WTC2, and WTC7...
there were DEFINITELY underground explosions--people saw them, heard them, felt them...i think Cosgrove was screaming because he felt/heard the primary underground explosion, and felt the floors collapsing underneath him...he KNEW something tragic was happening...if the "lasers" came from above, cosgrove would have been killed instantly and we probably wouldn't have heard anything from him--screams, "oh god", etc...i believe WTC1 and 2 were vaporized from the ground up...the outer columns/spires were turned into mere shells...this wasn't any ordinary controlled demolition, that's for sure, covert/military goes well beyond Jones' thermite/thermate and cutter charges...

4:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One thing to keep in mind is that the Beam Weapons can pass harmlessly through people and still wreak havok on things. That's one of their attractive features--frying electronics for an EMP attack, for example. Alternatively they can cook people alive and leave the buildings undamaged (typical neutron bomb). So, I'm not entirely sure Mr. Cosgrove's murderers would have instantly killed him if he was in the path of the beam.

Also, from what little I understand of this "scalar weaponry" you can use two sources and create an interference more or less pattern where you want it. The antenna on top of the building, for example, didn't seem to turn to dust when the disintegration began.


2:48 AM  

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