Humint Events Online: GOP Vote Rigging Couldn't Stop Democrat Surge?

Friday, November 17, 2006

GOP Vote Rigging Couldn't Stop Democrat Surge?


Blogger Ningen said...

Mark Crispin Miller has endorsed this group Election Defense Alliance, so I think they are legit.

Miller wrote a great letter to Salon about their slanted coverage of this issue:

This guy is disputing the results of his election in Florida:

My fear is that the elections were not rigged this time, or not rigged enough to make a difference, because the riggers want to be able to control the 2008 elections. Democratic primaries, as well, perhaps.

Just because the Democrats won this time does not mean that the elections are not riggable, nor that the Democrats are not complicit.

SAIC, which designed security software for Diebold and did a security audit of Maryland's voting machines this past election, has strong links to the military and intelligence. Robert Gates is or was on their board, and is on the board of one of their spinoffs, VoteHere.

So I think the control is there when needed. I think the dissatisfaction with Bush was high enough in 2004 that Kerry should have won, yet he didn't. This time, it was either too obvious to rig, or a decision was made to placate the masses by a Democratic win. It's not like the Democrats are any real danger to their agenda - they're just the velvet glove for the iron fist.

It really sucks to believe this, but believe it I do.

6:07 PM  
Blogger Spooked said...

I think your analysis is spot on, Ningen.

1:42 PM  

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