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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Some Worthy Hercule Poirot Quotes

from "Thirteen at Dinner", by Agatha Christie, 1933

She knows. And so she answers questions in the light of her knowledge, not by reason of remembered facts. The positive witness should always be treated with suspicion, my friend. The uncertain witness, who doesn't remember, isn't sure, will think a minute-- ah! Yes, that's how it was-- is infinitely more to be depended upon!

Facts that are concealed acquire a suspicious importance. Facts that are frankly revealed tend to be regarded as less important than they really are.

(speaking to Captain Hastings) When the criminal sets out to do a crime, his first effort is to deceive. Whom does he seek to deceive? The image in his mind is that of the normal man.... You show me what the criminal wishes me to believe. It is a great gift.


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