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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Food Thoughts

Is it really too much to ask that:

a) produce be labeled in such a way (not each item necessarily) that one can easily see where it was grown?

b) produce be labeled in such a way that one can easily see if it is genetically engineered/modified?

c) dairy products be labeled in such a way that one can easily see if it comes from genetically engineered/modified (or hormone-/antibiotic-treated) animals?

Not that I am freaked out about eating biotech food, but I'd still like to KNOW. Of course, one could simply eat organic food, and feel reasonably safe that it is not genetically modified (GM). And I guess you could assume that any non-organic food is GM-- but why can't we simply have labels???


Blogger engineer said...

which brings to mind a cogent point: if humans were collectively clever, they would have gotten a check on population at least a 100 years back. But since they did not (are not), they use the $trillions to focus on food for what is already here (plus promote population control), in lieu population control with DU and all that nasty stuff. (Really not very efficient. $10,000 for a few rounds from a gunship for a few kills, maybe. The laser guider cost billions to research plus 10 million a copy.)

People never war, only leaders do. So why do 19 Arabs (plus hundreds of supporters, people) war. It was the leader, Osama, right? No because he was a lackey of the US but mostly because the "leaders" only war for gain (power, wealth, ego), and Osama would have had nothing of this nature to gain (plus tired and sick). (Reason number 10,000 that it was not the Arabs.)

So people could finally war, for food, if not brought under control. What better time to start the focus as sooner than later?

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