Humint Events Online: More Proof That EMP from Nukes Caused the Inflamed Cars at The WTC

Monday, June 08, 2009

More Proof That EMP from Nukes Caused the Inflamed Cars at The WTC

by The Anonymous Physicist

Despite the ongoing, massive Intel agency efforts to push the physically impossible “thermite burns forever” scam on 9/11 truthers, we in the know about the nuking of the WTC and the China Syndrome Aftermath must continue to get the truth out. First it boggles the mind how anyone could give any credence at all to Steven Jones, when his past is known. His role in being inserted to shoot down Cold Fusion in its infancy is depicted here. Even recently the TV show “60 Minutes” interviewed top scientists who were initially skeptical, but who concluded, after actually studying the experiments, that it worked, as does the U.S. Naval Laboratory.

Now Steven Jones, PhD states that there's no evidence of nukes on 9/11. In support of that, he states that there's no evidence of EMPs (Electromagnetic Pulses produced when a nuke goes off). And in support of the latter, he simply says the only possible evidence of EMP was phone or radio problems, and that he says can be explained away without resorting to EMP.

Now the truth is that this is part of the reason that a nuclear physicist was inserted into 9/11 truth, with an impossible Limited Hangout of “thermite burns forever.” That nuclear physicist knows full well that ONLY the nuking of the WTC and the China Syndrome Aftermath fit all the evidence of what happened during and after WTC destruction. This article I wrote summarizes the evidence, and eyewitness testimony from first responders (including Ondrovic, Ruiz, Guttenberg), from my previous articles of EMP during WTC destruction. Included therein was my explanation for the half-burnt cars. I explained that the air gap in the car doors prevented the flow of current, and is the only explanation for the sharp contrast in half-burnt/half-pristine cars seen near the WTC. Also I pointed out how several first responders saw cars catch fire FOR NO APPARENT OR VISIBLE REASON. In one case, EMT Patricia Ondrovic suffered rib injuries when a car door exploded off a car that had just caught fire FOR NO APPARENT REASON near WTC6 as it, and WTC 2, were being destroyed. Paramedic Ruiz similarly reported a nearby car instantly inflamed for no apparent reason, during tower destruction. I repeat that Jones completely ignores all this evidence because, of course, the nuclear physicist knows full well that there is no other explanation-- besides EMP-- for these things! And his Intel Op-Plan is to forever yell, “Thermite burns forever” to cover-up the long half-life radioactive, fission bomb remnants in the rubble pile, that he also knows full well was the source of the great heat therein.

Now I relate how EMPs, from nukes, are known to cause such damage, as the cars catching fire. But first we must remember that the intensity and effective distance of EMP from a nuke depends on the type, yield, shielding, and altitude of the nuke exploding. I have cited that large, high altitude nukes can cause a continent-wide EMP. In this light, this Wiki piece on the American and Soviet High altitude nuclear bomb explosions of the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, is instructive. (Also remember I have detailed elsewhere the real reason for nuking the near-Earth Space that endangered all life on this Planet as it could have eradicated protective Van Allen belts that shield the Earth from dangerous forms of radiation.)

Now that Wiki piece contains the following regarding EMPs from high-altitude nukes:

1.”in July 1962 the [American] Starfish Prime test [1.4 Mt, 400 km.altitude] damaged electronics in Honolulu and New Zealand (approximately 1,300 kilometers away), fused 300 street lights on Oahu (Hawaii), set off about 100 burglar alarms, and caused the failure of a microwave repeating station on Kauai, which cut off the sturdy telephone system from the other Hawaiian islands…”

2. “A 300-Kt [Soviet] missile-warhead detonated near Dzhezkazgan at 290-km altitude. The EMP fused 570 km of overhead telephone line with a measured current of 2,500 A[mperes], started a fire that burned down the Karaganda [Kazakhstan] power plant, and shut down 1,000-km of shallow-buried power cables between Aqmola and Almaty.”

You see from the above that a power plant in Kazakhstan caught fire and burnt down-- all from EMP from a nuke 290 Km overhead. Surely, as I have stated, metallic cars catching fire within a couple of blocks of the mini- or micro-nukes going off in the towers AND WTC6 (as I have hypothesized) could only have been caused by the EMP-- especially when in several cases THERE WERE PEOPLE NEARBY THAT WERE UNAFFECTED, as they would not have been if was heat or “DEW” that caused this. Again ONLY EMPs account for the phenomena I have cited in the half burnt cars, or cars instantly and completely catching fire, some with car doors then exploding off of them.

In summary, this article cites the fires and other damage on Earth from the EMPs from high altitude nukes, to support the claim that the damaged and instantly inflamed car evidence I previously cited also could only have come from EMPs, from the exploding of mini-nukes very nearby and within the WTC buildings. The very short distance-- several blocks-- of the WTC EMP range fits the data well in comparison to the vastly larger nukes exploded at high altitude in the 1950’s and 1960’s by the USA and USSR. No other rational explanation has ever been offered for the various car phenomena I have cited and explained. No other known physical phenomena, except EMP, can account for the half-burnt/half-pristine cars, or the instantly inflamed cars not impacted by any material entities, with nearby unaffected people. As we are dealing with Intel shills from the murderous regime that perpetrated 9/11, the “theorists” from other 9/11 camps can forever be expected to either pretend this evidence does not exist, or merely claim that their hangout can explain these phenomena-- when they clearly cannot. While there are unfortunately still too many people suckered into believing the impossible thermite scam, the day will yet come-- with your help in promulgating these ideas-- where the Intel mantra, “Thermite burns forever” will be equated with “Oswald did it after all.” Both, however, remain physically impossible, and are indications of a scared regime fearful of the gallows when the people wake up and act.

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