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Friday, November 13, 2009

Nuke Aftermath at the WTC

From an interesting email:
Lots of Tritrium, compared to what should have been there, I was told was found.

I may have been told this through the victim's group, specifically David Miller.

There was also, according to David, unusual cancer clusters among the exposed population and cases of people, who were exposed there, getting muliple simultaneous cases of rare cancers - at least on par with the cancer clusters from Hiroshima\Nagasaki!

I heard similar stories, though not as dramatic, from my friend who lived on Warren St., near the events, who himself, I understand, developed a unusual blood condition.

The doctors who treat these people refused to make the scientific determination of casuality for the longest time - maybe even til now? And the money for treatment is held back. The victims group was just given the go ahead to sue - since they were blocked from this by rulings in the Court. A special edict was announced by Gov. Patterson this Sept. 29th.

The folks here in NYC who support David and others sick from exposure to the remains of the "big lie hole," I.e. "We are Change," want nothing to do with Steven Jones.


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