Humint Events Online: The 23 Year-Old Nigerian Airliner Patsy, Part II-- Remarkable Similarities with Another 23-Year Old Patsy

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The 23 Year-Old Nigerian Airliner Patsy, Part II-- Remarkable Similarities with Another 23-Year Old Patsy

by The Anonymous Physicist

At the end of Part I below, I related that the Nigerian Intel patsy, Abdulmutallab, may well be involved (likely unknowingly) in very deep matters— matters related to the most ultimate of truths as depicted here.

I realize that some may not want to realize that some or many of the nefarious deeds perpetrated by the USA or Britain relates to such Ultimate Truths. That, of course, is something that some of my readers have overcome; others will find out “the hard way.” But the saga of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab has much in common with another 23 year-old. This is Lee Harvey Oswald, who in his own words was “just a patsy.” Mark Lane’s book, Plausible Denial, made clear that it was common knowledge at CIA Headquarters that Oswald was an agent. Likely, since he was a Marine, he was also an ONI asset. Like the young Nigerian, Oswald had publicly and loudly proclaimed for years that he was a “Marxist-Leninist.” Though videotape of him saying that on New Orleans TV showed he couldn’t help but make faces indicating that he found that repugnant, and was not a good liar.

In my sex slave chapter and article, I noted that Oswald’s mother had apparently given him over to the Intel agencies at a young age. I believe I was the first to hypothesize that LHO was a sex slave, and a courier. Oswald had encounters with the notorious pederast David Ferrie, and it is alleged that Oswald “met” with the Russian ambassador to Japan when Oswald was stationed at the Atsugi AF base. That base was involved in U-2 flights over the USSR. Oswald was building up his legend for several years, before he was used as a patsy in the Kennedy Assassination. His laughable “defection” to the USSR, his marriage to a KGB Colonel’s niece, and his “impossible release” just after Kennedy signaled that there would be no war on Vietnam all indicate that the Intel agencies of the USSR and the USA were working together. This, of course, should not be a surprise, as both are controlled by MI6, and the secret societies that control MI6 itself. Indeed I have earlier noted that Premier Khrushchev’s mistress was an MI6 female agent— likely giving him his orders.

But the life, and death, of young Lee Harvey Oswald, is ultimately related to the most ultimate of truths I have revealed here— undoubtedly without Oswald knowing such things. First Oswald was involved in maintaining the Cold War with the bogus ruse that he gave knowledge on how to shoot down the U-2 spy plane. And we had the USSR allegedly shooting down a U-2, as President Eisenhower was preparing to meet with Premier Khrushchev, in 1959. The summit was to be about ending the Cold War, before it ever got hot. Trillions of dollars and millions of lives could have been saved, if fruitful talks occurred then. Officially again the world “knows” that the Soviet Union shot down the U-2 piloted by Gary Powers, and the summit was never held. However, former Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty, the Air Force’s liaison with the CIA, revealed that Powers’ U-2 was not shot down, it had deliberately been short-fueled, and it landed intact in the USSR!

But the legend of the patsy, Oswald would be used to claim that he revealed secrets to the USSR that led to the sabotage of the summit, and the failure to end the Cold War in 1959. Just a few years later, Oswald was used again, as a patsy in the assassination of President Kennedy just a few months after Kennedy had basically DECLARED PEACE. The patsy, Oswald had been extensively used in the months leading up to the murder, to paint an elaborate picture of him as a “lone-nut Communist.” Of course, many have pointed out the absurdities of the legend. His being allowed to re-enter the US, the lack of surveillance, etc., etc. Even Fidel Castro gave a speech, the very night of the Assassination releasing all this and declaring that Oswald must have been a tool of the American intelligence agencies. Killing the Peace President assured that trillions of dollars would be used to manufacture tens of thousands of nuclear bombs and ICBMS, all for the purpose I released at this blog and in my book cited above-- Quarantine escape by the monsters that created us and have been in control of us ever since.

Now the other 23 year-old patsy, also has a loud and long legend of his publicly proclaiming his religious dogma and his hatred of the USA, and his desire to join Al Qaeda (Al-CIA-Duh.) Like Oswald, Abdulmutallab can come and go—even without a passport—and he wasn’t on the no-fly list.

An additional analogy between the two patsies is that there now appears to be (at least) two very different people in various photos alleging to be Abdulmutallab. The American Gestapo Regime, did the same thing in the matter of Oswald. In fact, the Regime continues to claim that Oswald went to Mexico City shortly before the Assassination, and was photographed outside the Russian Embassy, and is this heavier-stocked man! Indeed in my sex slave chapter and article, I detailed the research of John Armstrong, who showed how Oswald had a Doppleganger since a child!

So let me be perhaps the first to ask— Did/Does Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab have a Doppleganger? As with Saddam Hussein, will the double be executed, or thrown in jail for the rest of his life? Of course, with both these patsies, the obvious bogus nature of these photographic claims indicates again that the Gestapo Regime wants those who can think to realize that the story is bogus, and that the Regime itself is the guilty party. Thus these bogus patsies are part of what has been called the MITOP (Made It Transparent On Purpose) PsyOp.

And here by the way, is a photo of Abdulmutallab’s father, Alhaji Umaru Mutallab. Wikipedia now says that he is “one of the richest men in Africa.” I ask him, Was it worth it, you slime, to give over your son to the Gestapo agencies of England and the USA, since he was a child?

So my final assertion that he may be being used for “ultimate” reasons, in analogy to Oswald, is not so far fetched. Of course, if the analogy runs to its conclusion, he may not be long for this world. I hope for his sake that I am wrong, as he probably has led a miserable private life— likely given over to MI6 by his father at a young age. Likely he has undergone a lifetime of tortures of various kinds. Likely some of this having taken place in London.

The young Oswald was a father of two babies. That did not stop the Intel filth and secret society filth that runs this country from killing him. To her credit, his widow, Marina Oswald has declared the USA a fascist state in recent decades, and that her husband had no part in killing Kennedy.

Who will speak up for 23 year-old Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (UFA) should the American Gestapo agencies kill this latest patsy in some clever way? So this poor, tortured patsy is likely being used, as was Lee Harvey Oswald for some sinister, Ultimate, and hidden, Truth that relates to what “everything” has been about. We will watch as events unfold both with UFA’s life, and with the Uranium in Nigeria.

Ultimately we are all patsies until we revolt before it is too late. They plan to kill us all anyway. That is the real lesson to be learned from Oswald and Abdulmutallab.

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