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Friday, January 01, 2010

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, Episode 3 — Secret Societies Controlling the World

by The Anonymous Physicist

This TruTV show, aired on December 30, 2009 was actually quite good. While the contrived reactions and simulated situations remain laughable, the information— as far as it went—was important and reasonable. (Next week’s episode will be on Intel agencies creating Manchurian Candidates.)

Most of the show focused on the Bilderberg Group, and several people who have investigated it for years— Daniel Estulin and Jim Tucker. Estulin’s Wikipedia entry states that his grandfather was a KGB Colonel, and that he gets his information from Russian, British (MI6) and American (CIA) Intel assets. In addition to lengthy interviews with Estulin and Tucker—about their tracking the annual Bilderderger conferences, Ventura also interviewed Alex Jones, David Icke, and Rima Laibow. As was shown last week, Alex Jones once again is touted as the only person who knows where all the other conspiracy experts are. Jones is shown handing a piece of paper to Ventura on how to contact Laibow in “the mountains of Panama.” To speak on the poisoning of the food supply, Stanley Monteith, M.D. was interviewed. Monteith spoke only about aspartame. I cannot be sure if the way the show focuses on only one aspect of a problem is a deliberate form of disinformation, or if the producers think that time constraints, or other matters, necessitates this form of minimalism; but there are many other toxins in food, many of them worse than aspartame— which is indeed a dangerous excititoxin.

To its credit, the show did state that the goals of the Bildebergers, and the controlling elite, include “culling the population,” and “poisoning the food and medicines” of the masses. Variously the show claimed that 80% of us are to be killed off, or that only 500 million are to be left alive. Laibow made a seemingly dramatic small engine plane landing in an unknown Midwest airport— again all so contrived. She warned about the swine flu vaccine and its toxic adjuvant (immune “accelerator,” squalene). The mercury preservative, thimerosal was not cited.

Dr. Laibow is a psychiatrist and has been active in exposing the CODEX— the worldwide effort to ban natural health supplements. She has no Wiki entry. However her husband, former Army Major General Albert "Bert" N. Stubblebine III sure does! Elsewhere I saw that he admitted his “operational commander” was the Deputy Director of the CIA. His Wiki entry states that he is a supporter of the Stargate Program. I have revealed at this blog, that while this CIA program was officially a study of “remote viewers,” it’s very name gave away that it was about— finding a Gate back to the stars for those who control Mankind. Elsewhere on the internet, you can find many who claim that the work of Laibow and Stubblebine in the alternative health field is questionable. Certainly I could never consider trusting anyone with Stubblebine’s CV or anyone connected to him. And I have previously given my findings on Jones and Icke. Jones, BTW, did not have any specifics to add to his warning to Ventura that “they are out to kill you, Governor.” But later Ventura added, “I want to know why.” I am not certain if this was specifically singling him out, or if he is merely one of us to be culled— or both. But, of course, if the PTB wanted him dead specifically, he would be.

Curiously, Laibow stated that she has had a private patient who she implied is/was very high level royalty, and this person told her that “there is a group of seven people above the Bilderbergers who tell them what to do and really are in control of everything.” Of course, I have tried here to inform people that any person or group that is publicly acknowledged to exist, is not the person or group in ultimate control of Mankind. (This would include the nefarious Bilderbergers.) But if this high level member of “royalty” was aware of Laibow’s alleged views, why would she seek her out for anything? Of course, it could have been someone like Princess Diana who became aware of all sorts of things, and paid the ultimate price.

To sum up, this was the first episode that touched upon just how bad it is for humanity with those in power poisoning Mankind and planning on culling most of us. However the ultimate aspect of Conspiracy Fact is WHAT ARE ALL OF US GOING TO ACTUALLY DO ABOUT IT. And the “experts” Ventura/TruTV brought out such as Icke and Jones have published books and videos that have literally stated that “it’s what’s in your mind that counts.” (Jones’ video.) Or, All You need is Love— paraphrasing some of Icke’s book titles. It is clear why the PTB DID IN FACT kill Bill Cooper— he made it clear that the time to ACT was upon us.

Indeed no less than a supposed “liberal” as John Fitzgerald Kennedy was a great aficionado of Thomas Jefferson. Kennedy in welcoming 49 Nobel Laureates to the White House in 1962 said, “"I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent and of human knowledge that has ever been gathered together at the White House — with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone."

Could Kennedy— who was facing monstrous pressure from the PTB for trying to bring Peace to Mankind— have appreciated Jefferson because of his quotes and philosophy like this, “I like a little rebellion now and then. It is like a storm in the atmosphere….God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion… The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

Would not Jefferson, if he were alive today, be calling for all American patriots to partake in an armed revolt, as Jefferson did in his day, against a tyranny that was not as vicious and insidious and omnipotent as the one Americans and the world faces today from the American regime? When the founders of the American Declaration of Independence, and later its Articles of Confederation, and still later its (unfortunate) Constitution got together, they did not flinch from the realization that talking and begging for justice and change from the tyrannical regime that oppressed them had not worked. They realized that it would never work, and that they needed to lead an armed revolution. So they did not try to hoodwink the people that “thinking good thoughts” was of any value. Some of them had earlier published warnings and such to the people. Now they realized that was never going to effect change, and only an armed revolt would abolish the tyranny they were subjected to.

And to my surprise this Jesse Ventura TruTV Conspiracy Theory episode basically stated what I have here numerous times, “They are going to kill [most of] you all anyway!” The only thing missing was— “Given the previous sentence/realization, what are you going to do about it NOW, before it’s too late?”

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