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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Smoke over Detroit—What May Have Really Happened

by The Anonymous Physicist

Let me here postulate what may have really happened regarding the airplane incident allegedly involving 23 year-old Nigerian patsy, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (UFA).

There is always the possibility that nothing happened. No bomb, no smoke, nothing, just as Lee Harvey Oswald was charged with shooting 3 people in 2 incidents and couldn’t have done any of it. If there was anything in this case, why are there no cell phone videos or photos of it? Of course, the regime may have confiscated any of these that show things other than what they have proclaimed occurred.

Then if there really was smoke, the following, is, IMO, the most plausible scenario. A smoke bomb was planted under UFA’s seat to go off in a very limited way. The Dutch guy—to the rescue—may even be an intel agent or asset, who shut off the smoke device as he allegedly tackled the patsy. Why else would it stop, just because UFA got tackled?! Note that the Dutchman and others say that UFA offered no resistance, and thus may have been in a hypnotic trance á la Sirhan Sirhan, and other programmed intel assets. You don’t want your designated patsy to say or do anything to interfere with your Op, as it is happening.

It was far too chancy to have a real smoke bomb planted on the patsy, as he could have simply removed it earlier because it hurt or itched or something. Indeed alleged injuries to the hypnotized patsy could merely be unneeded bandages placed on him. And if he really had the device on his body, wouldn’t the great burning pain have caused him to come out of the trance at that point, and/or to no longer act so calm? Yet the “flying Dutchman” reported that UFA’s behavior was trance-like AFTER the device had gone off, allegedly burning him in the process.

Then there is the issue that witnesses allegedly said they heard a firecracker-like sound. But smoke bombs are known to go off with an initial explosion-like sound that would have been magnified by the enclosed space. See and hear this youtube and this one.

Finally, if an explosive device going off in his underpants had the force of even a single firecracker, we know that he would have had worse injuries than the alleged burns! Many people have lost fingers or worse even from a single firecracker going off in their hands. If it were in his underpants and had a firecracker’s explosive force, he would have lost body parts—genitalia or such. So either 1. it was not on his body, 2. It was a smoke device, not an explosive device per se, or most likely 3. both.

Indeed in reviewing the laughably bogus intel hangout of “thermite did the World Trade Center”, I am surprised no one seems to be promoting thermite was in UFA’s underwear. Afterall the (nano-)thermite hangout has thermite variously exploding, having “unextinguishable fires”, smoke, etc. It can do anything when it’s needed to. Likewise here, the UFA alleged underpants device was allegedly supposed to explode but allegedly “malfunctioned,” BUT “somehow” [the main thermite hugger’s “explanatory” term for the amazing properties of thermite] warped into an effective smoke bomb. I guess the alleged material—PETN—has infinitely variable properties just like supernanothermite.

In conclusion, the most likely scenario may be that we had a hypnotized Nigerian patsy who did not have any device on his body, but that a smoke bomb in, or near, his seat was triggered by the Ameican Gestapo (intelligence) agencies. Possibly with an intel asset “hero” waiting nearby to shut it off during his “removal” of the entranced patsy. Indeed all smoke and mirrors…

The goal of all this is likely not only to enforce the destruction of privacy and constitutional rights for airline flyers, but for all Americans sooner or later. Flyers are just to be the first to surrender their freedoms to the Gestapo agencies—all Americans are expected to “dutifully” follow suit in the Amerikan Gestapo Regime’s bogus War on Terrorism, unless they revolt.

UPDATE: A related item that may be very important in the UFA matter is the following. The same attorney who has revealed that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (presumably) had a well-dressed accomplice help him board the flight in Amsterdam—without a passport—has stated that a second passenger (Indian-looking) was arrested after Northwest Flight 253 landed. And that bomb-sniffing dogs alerted authorities to this passenger’s luggage. Furthermore, after he called the US Custom’s Office liars, that office finally retracted and said they briefly did detain someone else.

Then the FBI got into it,,2933,581232,00.html and stated that another Nigerian passenger was briefly detained but only because he spent an inordinate amount of time in the bathroom. But the FBI was satisfied that he was merely ill.

Now this second passenger matter may be quite important. As I have noted here numerous times, when the American Gestapo agencies perpetrate one of their foul acts against the citizens of the USA, and the world, they always use redundancy to ensure success, as they have already made other plans assuming it did succeed. In all likelihood, one or more additional agents/assets were on board with the same, or similar, “device”—a likely smoke bomb as I have just detailed. So perhaps indeed bomb-sniffing dogs alerted authorities to this second man, and he was arrested and led away in handcuffs as the two attorneys state. When the CIA or whichever Gestapo agency subsequently showed up, their asset would have been released alas. And there is also the possibility that either the same man or a third Intel asset spent an inordinate amount of time in the bathroom— ridding his person and clothes of a smoke bomb, and related items.

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