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Oh-- the HORROR!!!

Of course, the traitorous media and politicians blather on and on about their gestapo-like Homeland security and expanding the bullshit war on terror and completely ignore the real issues of this story-- such as how it was obviously a set-up.

And this was noted before, but still, look at these two pics of "Mutallab" and how obvious the difference is-- and this was in an ABC News article!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You just can't get a good Doppleganger when you need one these days.

Of course, this is probably more MITOP--Made It Transparent On Purpose--that the whole thing is a lie by the American regime.

The guy reading the paper looks more like the one on the cover of the newspaper than the bottom pic. Of course, we may never see whoever is being held incommunicado either. And likely tortured now as he probably was since a child.

Anonymous Physicist

P.S. Sieg Heil

12:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the United States Jews make up 1.3 percent of the population (in 2001). But they hold a staggering 43 seats in Congress! That makes them 8 percent of America’s legislators—more than six times more abundant in the halls of Congress than in the rest of the nation. Israeli paper Haaretz said frankly that US officials must face a background check ( )of their position on Israel before being hired. Last week our president raised federal aid to Israel in 2010 by $225 million. Next year we struggling taxpayers will hand over to this tiny tyrant a gigantic $2.775 billion.

h is for ha

9:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brainless h (or worse?) trying to make this into another Jew/Zionist/Israeli bashing site.

Ignores all that has been presented here that they are just PUBLIC fodder, and to look deeper for MI6, London, Rome, SECRET SOCIETIES, etc.

7:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Probably 99% of Congress are Freemasons or CIA assets, or both.

8:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And their assigned task is to put out a public scapegoat so as not to lead back to those really in charge, nor what their goal really is.

But we see how much $ and effort they put into the scapegoat, limited hangout thing; and how well they have succeeded, even here.

8:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brainless h (or worse?) trying to make this into another Jew/Zionist/Israeli bashing site.

ya that's me - the "limited hangout (or worse?) kid"!
of course there are no zionists hiding behind the term 'jew' involved in the US govt and certainly they had nothing to do with any false flag terror events.
i must be simply trying to distract attention away from the fact that israeli zionists are salt of the earth pillars of the community.

h is for kiss my ass.

3:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

certainly every mcmedia outlet in the western world is not headed up by a zionist hiding behind the term 'jew', nor is every western banking outfit, right?
i wonder if it occurs to Anonymous @7:15 that it might be possible that the beings perhaps being quarantined here could be hiding behind the label of zionist.
oh well it doesn't matter anyway, right? israelis should get a free pass no matter how despicable their actions, simply because pointing out their very despicableness might be some kind of anti-semitist limited hangout.
right, Anonymous?

h is still for kiss my ass.

3:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Imbecile, intel filth or anti-semite, or all of the above:

It has been pointed out here many, many times that Israeli regime is filth, but are on the bottom--not the top of the ladder. They take their orders from those who have been pointed out at length.

Those who focus AD NAUSEUM, AND SOLELY, on the bottom of the ladder are either brainwashed imbeciles or intel filth themselves.

8:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


3:26 says those quarantined here are cosmic jews/zionists?!

Because it's the old--if they are evil, they must be joos/zionists.

Sieg Heil to you.

Cosmic Sieg Heil to you.

But if the quarantined ones were joos/zionists, they would have fried your ass (brain), as they know everything, and wouldn't like what you have been saying.

Since your ass hasn't been fried, your premise is lacking.

But that never stopped those who are either brainwashed to "think" the bottom is the top, or are part of a limited hangout.

8:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Imbecile, intel filth or anti-semite, or all of the above:

you should watch your mouth, because you sound petulant and even childish.
by the way, my jew wife suggests that you kiss her ass too.
moron all i did was link to an article pointing out the high percentage of jews in the US govt.
i don't think that the top is the bottom nor do i really believe that if any evil aliens are indeed quarantined here that they are jews any more than they are reptilians. hey maybe they are physicists?
anyway you can still kiss my ass.

9:16 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

This is why I went to registered commenting-- too many weird and inflammatory comments without clear attribution. It's amusing to see the back and forth, but it also gets old after a bit.

I don't think the commenter said jews/zionists WERE the quarantined ones, but that the quarantined ones were hiding behind jews/zionists.

And the ass frying comment is not really logical.

10:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about the "ass kissing" insult?

And not much difference in logic or intelligence between "aliens hiding behind Jews/zionists" and being them, frankly.

What is old and sickening here is an anti-Semite or imbecile feeling the need to post the Joo/Zionist thing after nearly every other article. And never once anything on those on the top of the ladder painting joos as scapegoats to take the blame for what they are doing.

Real old!

Thousands of years old. And similar,if not identical to what the Nazis did--saying "we have to kill them all because they control everything." All the while the Nazis were placed in power by their British masters--the whole point of pointing the finger elsewhere. And of course, anyone in control would have been able to stop themselves from being exterminated. And some 6 million obviously couldn't.

So it does get real, real old, and disgusting. Let this creature once talk about how many in Congress are Jesuits, CIA agents or assets, Freemasons, etc. As I said above, it is probably 99%.

But when faced with logic and the truth, and the prospect of trying to change, all he can say is "kiss my ass" and "my Joo wife says kiss her ass too."

12:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

no, i said kiss my ass and my jew wife's as well because you insulted me with your Imbecile, intel filth or anti-semite, or all of the above comment.
it might come as a surprise to you but not everyone is an intel filth, etc.
hey if i was a physicist i might invent a device that would reveal the existence of these invisible quarantined evil aliens - similar to the sunglasses that revealed the aliens in the movie "They Live".

my name is james ha and i reiterate:
kiss my ass and the ass of my fat jew wife as well.

2:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding our
"hey if i was a physicist i might invent a device that would reveal the existence of these invisible quarantined evil aliens - similar to the sunglasses that revealed the aliens in the movie "They Live"."

In other words, until you do create such an invention--or someone else does--we should all follow your lead that they must either be joos or hiding behind joos.

No thanks. I stand by my assertion of your actions.

And if you really had a "fat jew wife," would you be declaring her as such? Can't trust anything you say at this point.

But I do agree with you that "They Live" was a good movie, and should be seen by all.

And as I recall, there was an article published here on trying to track down those who interface with the quarantined ones. It tried to go to the top of the ladder, not the bottom ones--for public consumption AND DIVERSION.


P.S. That is a good suggestion. One thing I can think of is problematic. To track the quarantined one in charge here, one would need to make a DNA scanner. But you would have to first capture one of these fuckers. And that ain't no easy task. If you have any suggestions, please post.

Now if European "royalty" (the "bloodline") has more of their DNA, that would be a start. But I doubt any of them would cooperate. Even the Bush and Clinton filth are all descended from English king Longshanks, so some DNA there could be different from the rest of us. But getting it and getting some Bio-scientist to cooperate in testing for the differences from the rest of us is again problematic.

But there is a biological scientist here...

Ask him.

9:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Should be:

"Regarding Your"

to start the above.

9:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could this be what all the stink is about??!!

These are pretty good too:

Is that the real nature of the "bomb"?

10:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my wife is well aware that she has a fat ass and she is the first one to admit it.
every word that i have typed regarding both jews and her ass was first screened by her just to ensure that i have protected her feelings.
i am somewhat aware of the difficulties entailed in devising a device to reveal evil aliens and was simply being sarcastic when suggesting that a real physicist might do so.
i would appreciate if you would refrain from spelling the word "joos", as if i am just some redneck anti-semite. i am married to a jew who is outraged by the behaviour of israelis that hide behind the term "anti-semite".
you stop insulting me and i will stop suggesting that you kiss my ass.

11:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK RE "Jews."

And no one on this end has denied the Israeli Gestapo Regime's horrific treatment of Palestinians.

But all that is under orders from those who really control Mankind! And an incredible amount of time and effort was put into detailing that.

So it is sickening to see the JEW/Israeli/Zionist thing put out as if they were in charge of anything-- either in this country or even in their own country!!

Because it aint so.

Look for the top of the ladder, not the bottom.

Learn how many in Congress are Jesuits, Freemasons, CIA NOCs, etc. Probably 99%. And any Jews there are taking orders from these just mentioned groups. Congress of course is just a rubber stamp as with the Nazi regime. Look for the upper echelons of CIA, NSA, military, etc. for control.

Best regards to your Mrs.

6:11 AM  

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